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BPI TINTED glasses

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Mover, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Mover

    Mover New Member

    Hello Everyone. The members on this forum including of course Dr.Kruse have been amazingly helpful and responsive and I have learned a great deal. Thank you.

    I have a question regarding BPI tinting. I recently bought a pair of decent frames and had the eyeglass store tint them using the Uvex lens as a guide. They did not come out as well as seen by the attached photo. I am guessing the BPI on the Uvex are BPI 500? I think mine ended up being closer to BPI 540. They allow quite a bit of light to be transmitted so that I can be at work during the during the day and night under LED lighting. Dept Store type lighting. Wondering if these would work as well. Also, during the day, daylight is being transmitted through the large windows, but the windows are tinted to block UV light i suppose. Wonderng if I should be wearing my glasses while the outdoor light is coming in through the tinted glass. The Area where i work is still heavily iluminated by LED overhead lighting. BTW, my glasses are above the UVEX glasses in the image attached. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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  2. KalosKaiAgathos

    KalosKaiAgathos New Member

    Uvex = 500nm indeed. Your BPI tinted glasses look 500nm to me as well, but the material seems to be thinner.

    BPI 540 or 550 look darker than the your BPI tinted glasses.

    Windows block a lot of UVA, and all UVB.
  3. Mover

    Mover New Member

    Thank you so much for your reply. So you feel, my lens will block as much or close to the 500? Learning quite bit here.
  4. KalosKaiAgathos

    KalosKaiAgathos New Member

    I cannot be 100% certain through a picture, but yes, by the looks of it, your lens seems to block up to 500nm.
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  5. KalosKaiAgathos

    KalosKaiAgathos New Member

    My female intuition is rarely incorrect...
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  6. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

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