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"Bought" a very important movie

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Stella, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Stella

    Stella New Member


    I'm posting the link to the movie "Bought." You can view it free for the next week. I urge everyone to watch it and pass it on. Then do as your conscience dictates.

    For me to post this on a public forum might be considered living dangerously but I will continue to do what is best for me and my family. My first job out of college was selling vaccines for the largest vaccine manufacturer at the time. I saw the political and industry side of things when in 1988 the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established. It was a great victory for the industry, all bought and paid for by guess who. I stand by all those who have given up careers and family to do what is right.
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  2. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

  3. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Loved the Gardasil trial where they said it had the same safety as the placebo - Gardasil has lots of aluminum but get this - the people taking the "placebo" were actually ingesting aluminum... insane.
  4. Thanks for that movie Stella. Personally I am not at all convinced vaccines are safe or even necessary. I heard this woman Janine Roberts interviewed on KPFK and was impressed by her and ordered her book called "Fear of the Invisible" about viruses and vaccines. I am looking forward to reading it, in this video I don't think she comes across so well but the message is important..................and my take is vaccines are a huge and mostly un-necessary and dangerous 'industry' by now. Scary.

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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    after ubiquination 4 we will see what you say then..............
  6. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Read "Devil in the Freezer" and some other biowarfare books as well as the history of smallpox eradication to get a glimpse of what a vaccine does when it works and what that means....
  7. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Also fascinating is how to "defeat" a vaccine by splicing genes into the virus to ramp up the immune response to a level that bypasses the effect of the vaccine. Then there is the question of whether diseases may jump back to new hosts from people as COE's have changed. They managed to infect monkeys with high doses of smallpox which no one thought was possible at all in 2002. Until then, there was certainty in the scientific community that whatever else may have harbored smallpox besides man had died out and that no other species could be infected. Of course the USSR/Russians "weaponized" and mass produced it long after they signed a treaty so one has no idea what that may mean as time wears on....It will be interesting to understand how this ties into Ubiquination...I like extreme examples as there is always something interesting to be learned on the extreme....
  8. BTA

    BTA New Member

  9. BTA

    BTA New Member

    The US Gov creates viruses & super bugs as weapons. Lyme is a classic example of weaponized germs. Just google yellow rain as another example.
  10. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Yes and the point is? I have been on both sides because I like most people still do not know how it works in medical physics and would prefer to grasp the mechanisms rather than the politics. ...
  11. BRING IT ON!!!......................LOL!!...............
  12. Josh, I know little enough about this area but I find myself interested and after I read this "Fear of the Invisible" I may take you up on the book you recommended. But instinctively I feel the like of Bill Gates etc are on the wrong track with this whole business of 'wiping out' viruses. It's a very militaristic mind set and probably doomed to fail. I read about some country Thailand maybe where they were trying to do this and the mayhem it causes is beyond description. Like the mayhem all the vaccines being 'tested' on very young and fragile children in this country I think it's a disgrace and very 'profit driven'

    I mean the sheer AMOUNT of them it's just crazy and the TIME at which the children get them...................growing up in Ireland in the 1950's I think we received just TWO at around the age of 7 and spread apart like by a year or so. Mumps and measles were something you 'caught' naturally no big deal. I think some of the anti-vaccines people are saying also vaccines do NOT confer 'immunity' in the way catching them in nature does. It would not surprise me but hey!...............no big deal that's good for 'business' two we not need 'booster shots'. I don't think Dr K agrees but I think this whole area if rife with conflicts of interest and corrupted 'science'.

    I am wondering now what Dr K is suggesting maybe that with proper Ubiquination we can sort of survive anything? Maybe so and hopefully true I mean it does strike me sometimes it's kind of amazing any of us are alive when you read about all the poisons and foreign chemicals we are exposed to. But we ARE.................alive so there is 'evidence' there but at the same time Mother Nature has limits and does break down and give in too. Especially it's a strong and sore point with me with very young and vulnerable children. They should NOT be used as 'guinea pigs' for the like of Merck, Monsanto and Psizer. Even the process of injecting them with those needles................as a child I was 'afraid' of that and I think with good reason. Aside from the pain isn't it different to be 'exposed' to a virus in the natural way to having it injected into you like that. That is another issue....................there are lots of issues............
  13. The only virus I was 'scared' of as a child was polio. I remember seeing some children with those 'iron traps' they were in. But just reading here apparently only 1 in 100 of people who contract polio get's ill (how different is that to vaccines) and MOST children establish 'natural immunity'. Here is something about it...............

    "The key is the unexpected etiology of polio. The virus is orally communicated, mostly through shit and water, and in ‘the old days’ almost all infants acquired an immunizing taint as they emerged from the womb, or soon afterwards. But then came hygiene. Soap and water, and diminishing physical contact with others in less crowded dwellings, meant that unprecedented numbers of children had no acquired immunity. Soon it became clear that the polio virus, whose mass outbreaks had once been very rare, was developing a radically new social profile. Unlike all the plagues of the past, it tended to spare the slums and strike instead at the children of the better-off suburbs, places where a new middle class had settled with low-density housing and habits of cleanliness which combined to reduce immunity. There now appeared a large and rapidly expanding pool of children and young people with no immune defenses against the disease. As a result, polio began to occur in terrifying and uncontrollable epidemics, especially during and after the 1940s. In its timing, and in its ‘class war’ selectivity, polio was the emblematic disease of the middle 20th century."
  14. Josh

    Josh Gold

    My wife had polio at age 4....she still has PTSD around being "enclosed". They burned all of her toys and clothes and locked her in a hospital ward where she drilled through the plaster walls with her fingers and saw her mother through glass only for 3 months.
  15. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Vaccines are no substitute for obeying the laws of this universe, depends upon how comfortable we are with being uncomfortable and the periodic culling of the herd...that is what pox viruses seem to have done historically in the populations of many organisms on this planet.
  16. Josh, that sounds so cruel and I would hazard a guess.............un-necessary also. But fear of disease is very strong....................
  17. BTA

    BTA New Member

    the human body deals with infectious agents - how? Evolution. People survived the Plague. Survivors developed a defensive genetic trait called hemochromatosis.

    As Jack has said before - what kills us can cure us -

    "As elements go, iron is a fickle and mischievous companion. Essential to life, yet impulsive, promiscuous, and destructive when allowed to roam unescorted, it poses a tremendous engineering challenge to human tissues.

    Iron readily exchanges electrons with other elements. Indispensable to oxygen transport and metabolism, this property may also cause disease if iron participates in unsanctioned electron exchanges that produce free radicals -- an evanescent and particularly hot-blooded family of compounds that damage cells and DNA. As a result, all organisms dependent on iron -- from primitive bacteria to mammals -- go to great lengths to safely transport and store this potentially poisonous payload."

  18. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Let us see how we all respond when the next "plague" emerges in our neighborhood....
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