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Boston has officially fallen - 5G warning

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jeff Power, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Jeff Power

    Jeff Power Gold Member - Light-centric

    Spent some time today with an emf expert from Arizona that just got back from appointments around the country. He told me that Boston is 5G all over and it is causing serious problems. He tested people and the voltage on their skin is alarmly high at levels he had never seen. He said the people he met with have kids aged 5-7 that are waking up every 30 minutes to an hour every night. He tested shielding gear and said the 5G rips straight through everything he tested with no shielding at all.

    He also told me that there are a few new frequencies that he tested across the country that are relatively constant that are new. Meaning they are coming from the sky and areas without cell service are covered in it. The closer he was to the East Coast the stronger the emf and it faded as he crossed the country but not completely. There is an area of West Virginia that is known for being a dead area (an emf free refuge for people who actually go there to live because of it) and it has ithe emf now too coming from the sky.

    In Arizona, where I am, there is a constant emf that started about two weeks ago. We tested it at my house and it was surely present without any other RF or electrical interference. He suspects its something military that is being tested. He said he tested this up in Northern Arizona where no emf previously existed and that it just showed up recently. Even when he was in Wyoming, in the woods with pine trees the emf was present from above.

    Interesting stuff to say the least...
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Told ya........
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  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    BerlĂ­n has declared that they have 5 active cells in the cita centre,too.
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  4. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    Is a TRiField meter model 100XE a good one? I have had one for a few years. I had to get it to prove that the electric company gave me a SMART meter when they said they didn't. They removed it and now I have to pay extra for the meter reader to come here. Strange world we are living in.
    Does anyone here know if San Francisco is 5 G ? Specifically the Marina District? Also does anyone know if Philadelphia is yet? I researched both and got nothing on San Fran from reports from the different carriers and saw that Philadelphia was not ready for it yet in one article. Is there a reliable data base for this yet? I am assuming not , just checking. I have 2 daughters one in San Fran and one in Philadelphia.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Philly and SF already are live. You don't need a database.......you need a 5 G meter to show it definitively.
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  6. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    Of course.

    They want to reduce the population to 500,000. 5G will help with this.

    The movie hunger games is not made up. That is the future. 2 classes. Ultra elite and poor slaves.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Unconventional does not mean the idea for a mito-hack cannot work. Unconventional means the prescription has not made it into conventional textbooks. This is what quantum biology is and the recent melanopsin data show us; you better pay deep attention to Black Swans as your environment is made unfavorable by the trends of modern human networking.

  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    These are the trends I have warned you all to pay attention to in Q and A's for 24 months. When predictions become reality you know the data you are following is a gold mine.......-----#Mitochondriacwisdom
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  9. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member


    Thanks for the 'boots on the ground' report from your astute EMF expert (can you mention his name or did he want to remain anonymous?)

    With regard to 5G rollout in real time in Boston-- what 5G frequencies are they using at inception? I have information that for now 5G antennas will be using 6 GHz (or less) frequency. Existing cell phone handsets do not have the technology to accept those notorious 5G millimeter waves that are probably most dangerous of all (so there would be no point in beaming mm wave forms now).

    I feel very sad for these Boston guinea pigs, but they and others elsewhere going under brutal 5G attack first can provide us a first glimpse at epidemiological data (in a few years) that will provide nearly irrefutable evidence of 5G effects on human morbidity and mortality.

    With regard to your expert's opinion that EMF shielding is of no use against 5G frequencies currently deployed-- can he elaborate on that? Perhaps mesh type shielding used in clothing and bed canopies are failing because the mesh holes are larger than newer RF waves in 5G. However, solid shielding materials like metal panels and foils should still work, or does he know something we don't (ominous)?

    With regard to a mysterious EMF radiation being measured but coming out of nowhere (up in the sky or space), that seems far-fetched with current technology unless something really nefarious has happened (like a new fleet of satellites or space/aerial vehicles that just started testing beaming noxious RF radiation, or whatever).

    Can other forum participants verify this mysterious 'out of nowhere' radiation in their neck of the woods? I haven't detected anything extraordinary yet with my RF meter (but I currently live in a major metropolitan area with a 24/7 blanket of electrosmog, so that complicates measuring this new source).
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  10. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    I can't personally verify it is occurring locally here, but here's a podcast episode where Dr. Kruse explains/predicts it: https://www.evanbrand.com/blog/269-dr-jack-kruse-on-5g-emf-and-moving-south
  11. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    How do you know this? I'll be there tomorrow. What will be the evidence? I do not have a 5G meter of course, I hear they are extremely expensive but I have yet to research it. Is this a military application to test it before it goes to public access? The have the navel ship yard there.
  12. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Well, I may be wrong about believing 5G mm wave networks coming later on. Now it is sooner, because wireless companies are starting to offer mobile devices that will work with it.

    For example, AT&T has been rolling out 5G 'Evolution' networks (using legacy LTE networks) until now. But that has changed.

    According to Digital Trends 7/18:

    "In order for users to take advantage of 5G, AT&T also has plans on offering devices built specifically for the network. The carrier plans on adding more 5G-capable mobile devices and smartphones in early 2019 and beyond.

    "The new network will be based on the industry standard approved by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) just a few weeks ago, which basically encompasses the use of low-frequency spectrum (600Hz and 700Hz), mid-frequency spectrum (3.5GHz), and high-frequency spectrum (50GHz). When used together, these different spectrums should help deliver a much faster experience."

    Updated July 20: AT&T announces three new cities that will get 5G by the end of 2018.

    Question to ponder: Are all these major wireless companies going their separate ways in rolling out these networks?

    Each one might have a proprietary infrastructure in a major urban area, thus multiplying the number of transmitters/antennas radiating a given area (imagine your neighborhood thoroughly fried by separately owned and operated 5G antennas from AT&T, Sprint, Mobile One, etc.) That thought makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
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  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I like the way you think.

    Pardon my French, Everyone want's to f*ck the hot chick.

    No single provider wants to R&D too much and will instead preferentially be inclined to acquire smaller companies that pioneer this technology(shareholder pressure). All major providers will act this way and most will end up having beta and one will having VHS(based on your profile image you'll get that analogy).
  14. Dewey C. Layman Jr.

    Dewey C. Layman Jr. New Member

    Jack has also mentioned in a previous podcast that past all of this mess we will hit a water and food crisis that nobody is talking about. So "nature is going to take out quite a few humans". It has been said that this is tied only to money, but maybe government realizes these issues we are heading to and are acting to trim the population before we get to a water and food issue? It seems as though everything is getting worse though and all at the same time. Its not just 5G. New cars are going to be using radar 6GHz. 5G from the ground, over 100GHz coming from above at some point in the future. People are skeptical about them being able to accomplish this from satellites but it is a done deal. They know they can do it. We got Artemis p-Cell wireless technology. We got the phones coming out that are 5G capable. Not to mention the electricity issue thats a worse problem than 5G and its been around for way longer. The list goes on. Add that in with everything being sold because every product on the market seems to be laced with metals. I think its ridiculous to think that this is only money. Everything in the modern world seems designed to take us out from every angle. Thoughts off the top of my head.
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  15. Dewey C. Layman Jr.

    Dewey C. Layman Jr. New Member

    As Jack has said, the government is interested in this kind of science because they want to know how to mitigate their risk. So which population of 100,000 is going to win. Its corporations, government, etc vs mitochondriacs.
  16. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    Sounds ominous, and could be terrifying for one who is thinking they are just a physical body having a physical phenomenal experience and nothing else.
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  17. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Way worse. Most people don't understand physical/physics/quantum-bio physics.
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  18. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

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  19. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Dr Kruse has mentioned a relationship between smart meters etc. and outbreaks of fires. I believe this is also related to electrical jump conduction, which he believes will become a nightmare in a 5G world with its smaller but ubiquitous mini-antennas with higher frequency band radiation cropping up close and personal to people on utility poles, light poles, and buildings.
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  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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