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Bonnie's Journey

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Bonniebelle, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    I had my labs drawn on Tuesday and will be doing my saliva test in the next few days. It will be a few weeks before I have the results and the earliest I could get in to have an appointment with the doctor is Dec. 4....until then I will keep plugging along. Some days I start to get discouraged that my weight keeps plateauing in spite of being very low carb and staying on the protocol. How can my body not be losing weight? Then I remember that I did not get here to this point overnight. It was years in the making and it is not going to turn around overnight. It is a process and no matter how much I would prefer that I lose the weight quickly, I have to trust the process and have faith that the weight will come off in it's own time and keep following the plan and doing what I can to support this process.

    I had a good CT session this morning after my BAB and water...the water temp was a brisk 46 degrees....brrr. I stayed in for an hour which is the longest that I have been able to manage so far and this was the coldest water temp so far. I filled the tub last night and let it sit overnight and since the temperature has dropped I guess the water temperature in the tub is a little colder. I feel invigorated now but it took me a while to warm up. I can't say that I enjoy the CT sessions yet, I really really dread doing them. I have to really psyche myself up to get in. Once I'm in the cold water I tell myself that it is not so bad...I try to read, watch a webinar or do some meditation to keep my mind off the cold and how badly I want to jump out and put on some warm fuzzy pjs and dive into the covers or go sit in a sauna. Someday I hope that I will start to enjoy the CT sessions and look forward to them! Until then, I will keep at it :)

    I'm off to do grocery shopping at Earth Fare, Whole Foods and Publix and may stop by Organic Harvest as well. Each store has a little something the other stores don't have, so I am stuck going to all of them to get all the things I need. I just found out the other day that both Whole Foods and Organic Harvest have RO water!
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Bonnie .... You are doing great with C/T! Reducing inflammation. :)

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