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Bonnie's Journey

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Bonniebelle, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    Will repost journal later.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Welcome Bonnie! Sounds like you are doing Great!!
    Glad to have you here with us.
  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I don't think anyone eating well should need fiber, and Jack discourages calcium supps. The others should be fine if you eat plenty of seafood.

    If you can get your spring water intake up, and eat seafood daily, you might be astonished in the changes in your skin.
  4. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome and the feedback, Nonchalant!
    I'm working on increasing the seafood and the spring water ...Will give it some time to do its magic :)
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome...! You have made some many great changes... wow.

    I am not good on supplements because I mostly use none.. but if you eat lots of fish maybe you do not need the fish oil? I think the real thing is way better :)

    I think if one tries to lose weight ditching the coffee is better. The dairy too, maybe do only ghee? And I do not think we need fiber when we eat a Epi Paleo diet so do not worry about that :)

    And eating lots of seaweed / drinking soaked seaweedwater makes the skin and hair nice too
  6. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome and feedback, Inger!

    Not sure I need to be on ALL those supplements, I was on all but the bitter melon before finding this site. I added the bitter melon because of CT.

    My doc put me on the MV, fish oil, Vit D, Mg, and DHEA, I put myself on the rest, lol.

    My only real treats are coffee and the grassfed butter, but you are probably right, optimal would probably be doing without them. Giving up cheese was the hardest thing, even more so than the grains or sugar once I started eating paleo. I'm working on increasing my seafood intake and water intake! Fortunately I do love seafood!
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Bonnie and welcome! You are starting a great new journey......keep reading and asking questions.....:)

    Have you listened to Jack's podcasts?

    The webinars and followup Q&A are a invaluable resource if you can manage it....
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2013
  8. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    Hi Caroline, thanks for the welcome and feedback! I have listened to some of the podcasts but none of the webinars or Q & A. I had every intention of tuning in last night for the hormone one, but something unexpected came up and I missed it...darn it! I just sent in a request to upgrade my membership and I plan on catching as many webinars as I can. Still have so many blogs to read too! There is so much information!
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Bonnie ..... the great thing about the webinars [if you are a gold member] is that you can listen to them multiple times and the followup Q&A are live so you can ask questions on anything that you need to.

    Dr. K. is very easy to listen to and we get so much information from them ...they are invaluable - in my opinion.

    There definitely is so much information ...and it does start to come together. A year later your understanding will be so much clearer as you keep rereading and connecting dots ....and learning, learning, learning!

    Since you are a nurse - at least the terminology etc. is familiar to you ....lucky girl!

    When you are reading the blogs - don't forget to read the comments section..... Dr. K. answers all the questions there - so there is a goldmine of information.

    This is an amazing journey to optimal health if your are !00% committed and all in......
  10. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    Day 17 - Finally making some progress on the scale! After 4 days of weight at a plateau and after gaining a lb yesterday, today the scale showed a 3.4 lb. loss this morning! The weight is coming off slowly though... Total lbs lost so far since I started the Leptin Rx = 6.2 lbs. I'm trying not to be discouraged at the slow loss, I keep telling myself that the weight does not matter as much as my health does and each day I'm making choices to be a healthier me!

    I know we aren't supposed to exercise but yesterday I had so much energy and it was such a beautiful day I just had to go for a walk. I saw this beautiful eagle soaring overhead...so majestic! I walked 45 minutes and did a few minutes of HIIT sprints at the end. Had a 45 minute CT session yesterday and an earthing session. Do you think the exercise is what caused the scale to finally start moving in the right direction? Do you think I can safely add in exercise now? I'm eating more seafood, wearing my blue light blocking glasses, getting to bed earlier and waking earlier. I do earthing and meditation every day and CT most days. I'm still not up to a gallon of water yet, I really need to keep trying to increase my water intake....the most I have been able to get down is 13 glasses (104 ounces)

    So far I am noticing great improvements!

    1. Sleep is so much better and I feel rested when I wake up in the morning
    2. Energy has increased big time
    3. Mood has leveled out, I feel like I am finally at the acceptance stage of grief and I have hope in the future. Little things that set me off before don't seem to matter now.
    4. Skin tone looks better, complexion is starting to glow
    5. Carb cravings are gone
    6, Hunger is gone....I really have to make myself eat sometimes

    I have always been one to sweat a lot, so I can't use that as criteria that I am becoming Leptin sensitive, but all the other signs are there. Even though the weight loss is really slow at this point, I do feel like I'm making great progress! Still waiting for an appointment with the doctor to have updated labs done.

    Last night I listened to a great class on intentions and affirmations that a friend of mine led! My new affirmation is " I radiate health and vitality. I naturally release excess weight."
  11. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    Yay! I have an appointment to have lab work done next Tuesday. This appointment will be for the blood work and they will give me the saliva kit that day, so I can do the saliva testing the next day and mail it. They said it takes about 2 weeks for them to get all the results back, so will not be able to have an appointment with the doctor until all results are back. Will post the lab results once I get them.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are doing so great... Has your body comp changed?
  13. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    @Caroline - my BMI has dropped a little since my weight has dropped, and according to the body fat scale I use, the percentage of fat has dropped and percentage of water/hydration has gone up. I don't know how accurate these scales are though. Clothes are maybe fitting a slight bit different and my waist and hip measurements have decreased by 1.5 inches each...so yes, I guess that means body composition is changing for the better even though I am not seeing huge downward movement on the weight loss :) I'm trying to be patient and view the journey as the process and not get so hung up on the destination! I am not the most patient person though, lol!
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Bonnie.....my body is still changing - almost 2 years in.....it is quite remarkable actually. I would not even have hoped(at my age) for what I am winding up with.....I am loving every single second of this journey ....in so many ways.

    You are seeing so many positive things happening....always remember - it took a long time to get to the broken state you are in - so it will take time - but it is so worth it ...I promise. You do have to stay committed and 100% all in.
    If you slip up for whatever reason - put it behind you right away ....you don't want anything to derail you from this optimal journey of a lifetime. We only get one crack at this .... No do overs.... Why not be the best version of yourself?
  15. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    @caroline, thanks for the encouragement! I'm in this for the long haul...every day is a step closer! That is great that you are seeing so many wonderful changes after doing this for almost 2 years! I think it helps when we actually learn to love the journey :)

    Regarding your comment about being a nurse helping with the medical lingo (just saw that comment, sorry)....yes it helps, but I still need to look up things though and Dr. Kruse makes my head spin a lot, lol! I think I will start reading his blogs with my medical dictionary and anatomy and physiology books handy, haha!

    I did join as a gold member last night and have already caught some of the webinars (Sleep Rx, Mitochondria Energy Rx, Quantum Sleep, Weight Loss in Women)..so interesting and so much to absorb, but it really does help to pull everything together. I still have so many blogs and webinars to read, I will be busy for quite a while!

    Thanks again for your encouragement!
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    my absolute pleasure Bonnie! Just so you know - the reading never stops...LOL. I never feel caught up ...not even close! :)

    The webinars and followup QA are pure gold. I always think of this as an investment in my health and future ...small price to pay....

    Dr. K. is giving us 110% ...I want to do the same....

    We are acquiring so much amazing knowledge... You are right - we need to be in this for the long haul - nothing else makes sense - to me anyway! I am loving the journey and so glad that you are too.....:)
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2013
  17. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    Day 21 - Weight is plateaued again, but I'm continuing to follow the Leptin Rx/Epi Paleo and adding in things whenever I can. I'm not discouraged about the slow weight loss because I realize that I did not get this way overnight and I won't fix it overnight. Each day is a new opportunity for learning and growth and I can honestly say that I am enjoying this process! I'm working on the EMF/artificial light situation currently. I asked hubby to take the T.V., DVD player, and cable box out of our bedroom and we did that yesterday. I have removed all electronics from the bedroom now. I'm still trying to get hubby to let me shut off the bedroom circuit breakers at night, but he is not open to that right now. He is more supportive of the changes I'm making than I thought he would be, but he still thinks I'm nuts about this EMF stuff and artificial light. I'm hoping that the further I get into this, he will understand how important this is once he sees improvement in my own health and life.

    He (my husband) had a heart attack in 2009 and is on a boatload of cardiac meds, including a statin. I had been trying to get him to stop taking the statin and to see an anti-aging doctor about his Testosterone level and other lab markers even before finding this site and so far he hasn't, but at least he is open to having discussions about it. I asked him to view The Doctor's Hormone Replacement webinar and so far he hasn't done so, but he promised that he would. I have been urging him to take Co-Q-10 and Vit. D for quite a while now and he just ignores me usually, but yesterday he went out and bought both Co-Q-10 (ubiquinol) and Vit. D3 for himself and our son. That was a big improvement! I think it is definitely going to be baby steps with him for sure, but at least he is listening now.

    Our 26 year old son lives in another town 2 hours away, but he is trying to adopt some of the things I'm doing with my diet. I gave him a crockpot and some cookware the last time he came home for a visit and he is trying to cook more meals at home instead of getting fast food and is trying to cut out grains and dairy and eat more seafood and drink more water. That is really a big step for him!

    I passed on what I am learning to my younger sisters, both of whom are suffering from chronic health issues and they are trying to change their diet and adopting some of the circadian cycle interventions. Tomorrow I am driving to Montgomery for my lab work and that is where my dad lives. He is open to hearing about some of the changes I'm making and wants to know more about it when I am in town tomorrow! It is going to be hard to get my dad to give up starchy carbs and grains, so any advice on how to get him onboard would be great.

    So far my 17 year old daughter is rebelling against any changes in her diet and artificial light. She laughs at me and thinks I am nuts and will not eat anything I make, except I did get her to eat some sauteed kale, some mashed cauliflower and cauli-rice and she did say those weren't bad. Still hoping that I can make an impact on her at some point before she leaves home. It looks like she will be my biggest challenge in getting my whole family onboard with these changes. Any advice on how to help get a teenager open to change in diet and lifestyle would also be greatly appreciated!

    I continue to feel so much better and am optimistic that the further I get into this, the better I will feel!
  18. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I sympathise with you about your daughter's reluctance to embrace the diet. I have two children, now in their 20s and 30s, both of whom have had weight issues, as we all have had really. My son took himself off to Slimming World and eventually lost his weight but he struggles with it going up and down. My daughter only once lost weight and although she doesn't know I know, she was taking a product called Alli in the UK, the one that whizzes fat through your system! Since I have moved forward in my dietary knowledge and learned to embrace fat etc. I have tried to pass this knowledge on to my children. My daughter just brushes it aside by saying she likes carbs. She uses butter thank goodness but still buys semi-skimmed milk and eats sweetened cereals. She has a sweet tooth as I do but indulges hers far more. It saddens me to see a pretty girl slowly expanding but she no longer lives at home and isn't into cooking so buys ready meals. She is aware and does look out for what's in them but she isn't to particular. I keep sending my son all the updates on eating butter etc. but he's been so indoctrinated by the Slimming World method that he can't bring himself to embrace full fat anything. He doesn't eat much bread but he loves pasta and as he lives alone, he finds those kind of quick meals useful. He does love cooking though and likes Asian food but always has rice or noodles. I can't imagine either of them would be turning off the lights or unplugging their TVs! Or my OH for that matter. At least he doesn't mind sharing my earthing sheet :)

    I'm pleased your OH is making small changes to help you, I am working on the basis that when I make a definite real start with the leptin reset I'll end up looking so good that he'll want to follow lol.
  19. Bonniebelle

    Bonniebelle New Member

    @sooperb- Thanks for your feed back! It is challenging isn't it? I guess all we can really do when dealing with our grown children is to keep planting the seeds and hope that they will blossom at some point :)

    My son could stand to lose some weight, so at least he is trying to change his diet and walk to class instead of driving now. He has gone back to college and I know it is a challenge to find healthy nutrition when off at college.

    My daughter is thin, and right now doesn't have a weight problem at all. She is currently a "Cast Of, Model" for Hollister and wears a size 0-2...But I know how quickly things can go south, so I would really like to influence her before her lifestyle and environment impact her health.

    Good luck with your family and with your own journey! Aren't we fortunate to have found this community and this knowledge? I am grateful to have found this site! Thanks again for your feedback!
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You guys are great, caring Moms ..... hardest job in the world I think ..:)

    Remember - Dr. K. always says - you can only fix yourself. All you can do is be there for your family and hope they eventually come around.

    It is most important to fix yourself first - and then you can help others in your family. Dr. K. was telling us lately that he was five years into this before his wife jumped on board.

    That is why he always says he is just the Dude with the flashlight ...... he can't fix anyone - not even his own family....

    "When we get sick and tired of being sick and tired " .... that says it all really...

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