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Body Voltage Meter experiences

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Martin, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I got my multimeter that is sensitive enough to read millivolts and set to work measuring my house, a Klein MM1000 at Home Depot for $60. A few parts from Radio Shack and some parts I had in my shop, and I was set.

    First was my computer. I have a MacBook laptop and when I tested it with it's two-prong power adapter, it read 4.27 volts when I touched the case. Kinda high, to say the least.

    I then converted the computer's power adapter to a 3-prong (has a ground prong) and when I touched the case using the same fingers and amount of skin surface area, it went down to .53. Interesting.

    I then remembered that using the battery was the best way to use one's computer and yanked out the power cord from the side of the case and the voltage shot up to 7.34! WTF?

    I've been reading but haven't found out why. Maybe it's the magenetic field that improves on battery power? I thought that went up and down with the electrical fields.

    I'm trying different configurations to see if I can get myself more familiar with the parameters, but if someone can offer some suggestions...
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Interesting, Martin. Computers vary, so perhaps that explains it. My laptop battery isn't strong enough to last more than a few minutes, so I have to keep mine attached.
    How did you convert your adapter to a grounded one? Buy a new brick?

    I grounded mine through the USB port, that works well also, according to my Trimeter.
  3. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Apple provides a grounded cord that slips onto the adapter when you remove the 2-prong module from that adapter. I'm setting up the grounded USB thingy today.

    I measured BV around my ancient breaker panel and while there is voltage there (can't remember how much, I suspect EMFs), I expected it to be higher than it was.

    I read 1.83 volts sitting in the middle of my studio (14 ft by 14 ft) and I need to check other places where I spend a lot of time. My side of the bed was nearly 2 volts while D-Dub's lower even though she's closer to the breaker panel on the other side of the wall.

    I am getting a sickening feeling that I live in an EMF nightmare. The house wiring sucks ass and so do all my outbuildings. I will need to check them for specifics, but I know how some wiring looks because of the many remodels I've done here. Too damn bad I didn't know this info when I had the walls open. I have a sub-panel I know was done wrong, and it powers most of my studio. And the three-way switches have an independent traveller wire so I can't wait to see how effed up some of the spaces around them are.

    Nearly fourteen years of my blood and tears making this farm ours, and many, many retirement dollars spent on a sow's ass? This place is beautiful with it's rolling hills, organic garden, orchard, spring water, and far from cell towers. But I really went downhill after moving here. Co-inky-dinky? Doubtful, after reading the research on the effects. There are no codes in the this county for building, and while the locals laud that as "freedom" from the gub-ment, the dumbasses don't know that some hick can wire their house with the best of intentions and they end up with a horror story.

    More later. I'm going to stick my feet in the mud and hug my chickens.
  4. Lava

    Lava Gold

    Martin ~ Do you by any chance have a link for the grounding cord for the MacBook? I searched Apple but couldn't find what you are mentioning...thanks...Happy chicken hugging.
  5. NittDan

    NittDan New Member

    More later. I'm going to stick my feet in the mud and hug my chickens

    That is illegal is some places...and lauded in others. ;)
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Oh Martin... so sorry about your house wiring. That sucks for sure. :( If I were closer I would send my brother to help you wire it right, he is an electrician and has wired this house, it has 0,2 almost everywhere (except close to electric stuff of course) so I bet he has done a good job. He's own house in Norway though, is not even grounded... it is a old wooden house. He did not think about it before I told him. Looks like they did not ground the wiring at all in old days.:confused:

    Love that you have chickens too Martin! My parents have 14 and a king. He is the sweetest gentleman, always looking for food for he's wife's. Chickens are fun. :)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
  7. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    What a picture this brings to mind :). Hang in there Martin.

    I haven't even begun to test our house environment yet. Still need to invest in a meter.
  8. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Martin, did you see the webinar thing when Michael simply twisted cords together and drastically lowered the EMF output? Maybe some of your wiring issues could be improved with something like that?

    I am sorry you have this mess to deal with, but at least you know now!
    Much love to the chickens :)
  9. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I didn't find anything either. They came with our computers but I'll bet they were tucked away in that drawer for a long time. I don't remember getting one with my new laptop late last year.
  10. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Yes, and it makes me want to build a house and do all the wiring that way plus a lot more. Yhis hose has recently been remodelled and is beautiful. I just shudder at the idea of tearing it apart again.
  11. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Do you have one in mind? A magnetic field one, in particular?

    My old multimeter crapped out, so the one I bought this week was an upgrade - one that will auto-range and read down to 1 millivolt - 0.001.

    I've been testing and it ain't pretty. I need to ask more questions and read more, watch more to make sure what and how I"m testing is correct because I'm getting high readings and want to be accurate, of course. This is new territory for me and I want to be doubly sure before I burn this shack to the ground and rebuild (yeah, right).
  12. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Thanks, Inger. I had no idea I would enjoy my chickens so much. I had a king, but he was a small breed and could not "connect" with his girls who are much bigger. We lost him to something, perhaps old age, but he fed them and protected them like a guy a hundred times his size. Come to think of it, kinda like me!
  13. Martin

    Martin Gold

    More BVM adventures. I loves me some testing equipment!

    I made a 30 foot ground wire and went around my house measuring BV and was shocked(!) to find that my studio was so high. Over at my music/recording equipment, it was at 4.8 volts (can you say, "Michael Jackson"?) and when I turned off the power strip (I'm starting to have bad thoughts about those handy things) it dropped down to 2.7. Still lousy, but I think I know why. Our recent remodel had a sub-panel installed and when I heard Neuert say that they are often wired incorrectly, I opened the panel door and sure enough, wrong. Not sure why, as there is no provision for the configuration that Neuert speaks of - separate neutral and ground bus bars (connection strips of metal to anchor the ends of the wires), only one connection bar with all the grounds and neutral connected together. It's a new box, not sure why it didn't have one, but I suspect it can be bought and bolted in and the wires separated.

    Anyway, as I sat at my seat at the dining table, I read 3.6 volts.

    Who knew?!

    This area is fed by the aforementioned sub-panel, as is my studio, and kitchen, too. A magnetic gauss meter would prolly explode in flames if it came anywhere near this part of the house!

    Some odd things came up, though. The readings would get lower as I approached the sub-panel box and, the main box, for that matter. Certain "hot spots" would show up, like right in the middle of the dining area, and in a bath closet. I suspect lots of wiring behind walls and under floors.

    Next, I turned off the main breaker and was astonished to find around a 0.10 reading all over the house. I don't think it's power lines to the house because they are far away from where I got readings? What's that all about?

    Is it time for a mud hut?
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    mud huts can be very sensual me thinks.............you will have to give it a go and let me know......

    Are you able to do all the rewiring yourself if need be Martin? It sounds like a nightmare in your walls and floors...but I suppose if you did the remodel - you. more or less, know where everything is?

    You are a very talented guy....and it sounds like you have a new lease on life!

    How is the C/T going??????
  15. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Methinks you're nuts, but I do love your take on things!

    I could do it, but I'm not up to this big a job anymore and it would take too long. Mama would not be happy. Back in the day, I couldn't wait to tackle something like this, along with some expert guidance from sub-contractors, like I did with my restoration work back in Atlanta. My subs tried to hire me all the time, but I knew better.

  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    your subs????? have you been reading "50 shades of gray"

    you think I am nuts????? One day soon I will have to meet you in person ...... and prove to you that you are probably right!
    .......but happy! A friend just asked me how happy I am - on a scale of 1-10 ......and I said 9 ....It was a very spontaneous answer ...kinda shocked me.....

    on a serious note .....will you have to re wire the whole house? Do you think that is most of the reason for your health decline?
  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    LOL about mud huts...;) and Audrey.. I love that you are so happy now! It certainly shines through your posts....;)

    Crazy to hear what readings you get Martin. It is like in my brothers home. They had crazy high readings in their whole apartment! With the same meter that showed 0,2 almost everywhere in this house (of course not close to electric panels or such). I love that you test now, because it is so liberating to find out what could have caused fatigue and other health issues.. The worst thing is to not know, me thinks! Because then it is also hard to change stuff, when not knowing why.
    And yes, this EMF issues really is a monster because there is no way to know if you do not test.. as we cannot sense it in any ways. Scary.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2013
  18. RayB

    RayB New Member

    I am shocked and dismayed by some body voltage readings I have seen around my home. I have a Far Infrared Sauna, that fortunately I rarely use, I had a BV reading of 24volts when sitting inside with the unit on. Yikes!!! Sitting on my toaster would probably be far more beneficial.
  19. RayB

    RayB New Member

    FWIW...bus bars can be purchased and installed. A neutral bus bar is insulated (no continuity) from the metal box. A ground bus bar has continuity with the panel's housing.
  20. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    RayB, I wonder if your sauna can be grounded. My laptop was giving me higher BV readings than that, but grounding fixed it.
    I have removed a dimmer switch, and lately I have been eyeing my house thermostat. And it might be a minor thing, but when using my debit card, I've started using the stylus and buttons more, instead of tapping on the screen.
    Last edited: May 7, 2013

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