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Bobby's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Libra_Bob, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Libra_Bob

    Libra_Bob Libra_Bob

    Hello all,

    Please see below my history, results, and most important I have some 5 or 6 questions for Dr Kruse and fellow members to provide some insight.

    Mothers History: Was healthy when young and very active other than occasional migraines. Mild Myopia with moderate Astigmatism from age 40. Lived in South and North India till the age 38 years old. Then lived in New Zealand from years 38-42. After that, been in US for past 20 years (Minnesota, Connecticut, Denver). Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at age 55 and they removed the thyroid gland and now on daily levoxyl pill. Past 5 years till now, she has been dealing with nagging shoulder blade ache, neck disc herniation's and frequent Ear infections and had a nasty bout of Vertigo which lasted about a month. Doctors have suggested PRP for her Neck and Shoulder area instead of going the surgery route.

    Grandmothers History: Dealt with severe Asthma, allergies and unfortunately was very sick with constant Lung infections and passed away at a young age of 58.

    My History with phases defined:

    Age 0- 16: [BASE] Lived in South India and North India. Fairly active in sports and studies. Had surgery for deviated nose septum. Frequently got sick with Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma. Got one Pneumonia infection as well. Got glasses at the age of 14 (low myopia rx)

    Age 16-19: [TRANSITION] Lived in NZ. Again, frequently got sick with Asthma, Bronchitis and colds.

    Age 19- 38: [TRANSITION] Lived in USA (Minnesota, Connecticut, Denver)

    Age 21: [FAILURE OF BODYS DEFENSE] Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, removal of Thyroid gland and 3 rounds of I131 radiation with months in gap based on scan results. Been on daily Synthroid pill since then. Dosage fluctuates between 120mcg-155mcg. Currently at 155mcg.

    Age 21- 23: [FAILURE OF BODYS DEFENSE] Myriad of issues due to Cancer, radiation and got diagnosed with Depression, Heartburn, IBS, ADHD etc. Dr put me on SSRI (mild dose) and tried- Adderal, Ritalin and finally landed on Concetta for ADHD. I must admit- I got laser like focus with that medicine, where I struggled with focus in my studies all the while.

    Age 23- 25: [RESILIENCE] Made radical changes – Eliminated Gluten, Diary, started working out (cardio and Weights), anti-inflammatory diet and supplements. Within 5 months- GERD gone, Asthma gone, Bronchitis gone. Haven’t had an Asthma attach since then. Skin, health everything started glowing!

    Ages 25 – 30: [Status Quo]: During this phase, everything went as normal, diet and habits relaxed a bit and if I didn’t maintain Gluten free then I would get sick often etc. Continues Working out routine. Worked regularly in front of computer 10 hours plus most weekdays, not much sunlight other than at vacations. Occasional Stiff Neck causing sometimes so much pain that would not be able to get out of bed or move an inch of my neck. Usually it will go away between 1- 6 days.

    Age 31: [Pain the ass or neck] The occasional Stiff neck now became frequent episodes and one day it was so severe, even making any movement or moving any part send excruciating pain around the neck/spine area. I was lifted by 4 people and taken to ER.

    Per the scans etc, I was very close to be operated (Neck fusion of some sort due to severe herniation and cord compression). I was given Medrol pack and viola – PAIN no more…. Just like that gone well at least for a week ! Meanwhile they did MRI and referred me to Pain specialist, PT etc. Pain specialist showed Neck herniations (C5-C6; C6-C7), weakness in triceps and pain down the arm- A candidate for Operation (ACDF or Fusion).

    I had to be careful when doing weights and could not lift heavy as the pain would immediately come back and anything overhead…So stuck to lot of bodyweight exercises and medium level weights etc.

    Age 31- 34: [More pain in the …]

    · NECK: Steadily using Meds, supplements brought the Neck herniation pain to manageable level with mare minimum dose of Gabapentin, Methocarbamol and Celebrex. Got MRI done every 3-4 years. The latest MRI shows herniation at C6-C7 seems mild and there is no cord compression.

    · Gained lot of weight, severely depressed, my testosterone results show less than 250, quality of life miserable.

    · Got diagnosed with Pre-diabetic with H1bc at 5.7. Started Metformin 500 mg once a day

    · Diet: Carb and protein heavy.

    · Location: Denver

    Age 34- 37: [Liveliest time]

    · Testosterone Therapy: Started TRT protocol of 150 mg of cypionate injection weekly and Anastrazole 1mg once per week.

    · Within 6 months- Dropped 30 lbs, became lean mean machine while doing lot of IF and Keto. My mood, quality if life, libido were off the roof. Best phase of life!!!!!

    · Location: Denver

    Age 37: [My Brain hurts]

    · TBI: Due to an unfortunate incident suffered a major concussion and was taken to ER and kept overnight. Dealt with vertigo for a month and finally Epley menouver worked to fix the vertigo.

    · TBI: For several months…Pretty much didn’t have energy for anything and would go to sleep at 9pm till 7am.

    · Neck: Status quo. Taking meds to keep pain in control. But still the thing that I can’t lift some heavy weights or do overhead bothers me and emphasizes on limitations.

    · Dr said after TBI- Literally one becomes Low dopamine….so been taking Bupropion 300mg for some extra support of dopamine.

    · Location: Denver

    Age 38 (current):

    · TBI – My energy coming back, being ore active and back to being myself –

    · Neck: Got new MRI and some visits to multiple surgeons- All of them said not a candidate for surgery, although one suggested ACDF and other Fusion. They suggested Nerve ablation or another method which just delays the surgery and its long-term effects are not good. So, went to Dr’s specialized in PRO and stem cells – They said I was a very good candidate for PRP and it will help heal instead of do more damage. So right now, I am considering this as it seems low risk per all the research and testimonials.

    · Appendicitis: Just when things were coming around, got an unexpected appendicitis call and had a surgery to have it taken out. For some reason even after a month- something seems off- My energy, Libido is again low……It could be coinciding with Winter SAD as I do get some years. So not completely sure

    · Location: Denver

    **End of history timeline **

    My observations have been that a trauma event (TBI, Surgery) hits me badly and all my markers suffer, and health suffers. Otherwise things were going smoothly or very much in control with Exercise, Meds and supplements. Of course, there much more going on as you will see with the labs etc.

    Another observation is that, every time medical field or my body failed me, only several supplements came to the rescue and really helped me get back up . Some of the ones are – Turmeric, Probiotics, Ginger, Stinging nettle, B Complex, Quercetin, High doses of Vit C, Ashwagandha, Omega 3……..So I am finding it very find to accept that supplements are worthless or that they do not help…


    Current BMI= 24 (Height = 6-foot, Weight = 175lbs)

    Allergies: Dust mites, Mold

    Allergies (food): Severely allergic to Shellfish (Anaphylactic shock) . Excessive Dairy or Gluten in the past triggers IBS episodes (with severe cramping). I do not drink coffee (immediately triggers IBS). My stomach doesn’t do well with carbonated beverages like San Pellagrino.

    RX protocol: Levoxyl (135mcg), Bioidentical Testosterone, Anastrozole (1mg) , Effexor(75mg XR), Concerta (54mg), Celebrex(200mg), Methocarbamol (750mg), Gabapentin (600mg), Metformin (500mg XR), Bupropion(300mg)

    What I am working on currently:

    Sun: Sun, sun and more sun. Nothing replaces it. During weekdays before work, try to get anywhere from 5- 30 mins first thing in the morning (7:30-8:30) and try to get out during lunchtime at work for 30 mins. Weekends try to spend 1-3 hours in the morning in the sun (7:30- 11am) and also try to watch sunsets while grounding. The duration will keep increasing as we get to summer, and I have couple of long trips to PDC during this year.

    Gadgets: Removed my Bluetooth watch, Fitbit tracker, earphones and threw them away!

    EMF at home -: I have scheduled an EMF consultant to come in and evaluate and will be doing the necessary recommendations not limited to – Kill switch, Filters, Wired ethernet, Wi-Fi off at night and any other recommendations….

    Blue lights: Ordered RAOptics glasses, started using candles at night……Use IRIS software on computer and phone. Diligently reducing my time on phone.

    Float/Isolation tank: Been doing bi weekly 90 mins tank session. Feel a lot better!


    Markers: Considering my background, medical history and recent blood test results showing HIGH for these markers (BUN ratio, homocysteine, RT3, RBC, H1abc, Fasting insulin), Low for (Vit D, DHEA) and carrying APOE4 genotype…. I have 6 questions below. If Dr Kruse @Jack Kruse and members can comment, advise, provide insight it would be greatly appreciated. Again, I am a newbie trying to read the blogs, forums, listen to podcasts and Patreon content, so pardon me if some of my assumptions are incorrect and feel free to correct.

    P.S - I have attached previous years test results as well where most of these biomarkers were within normal and consistent range, so not sure the sudden drastic change across the board in results (body still recovering from surgery trauma?). Only three variables within last 6 months are: 1) Reduced Metformin to once a day instead twice 2) Appendicitis Surgery….3) nEMF, 5G, Sunlight etc

    1) Epi paleo Diet & APOE4: I have been following Epi- Paleo diet past week or so, my BAB consists of (2 Cans of Fatty fish- Wild Sardines/herring/Mackerel, along with some Avocado or Kimchi). My lunch would consist of Spinach salad and Steak/bacon. I am APOE4 type (amongst other risk factors all I hear from Doctors, new age researchers, that Saturated fat/Too much Fatty fish is not good for this E4 Genotype but more polyunsaturated fat and keeping the diet overall low fat. All this disparaging information is worrisome. Dr Jack what’s your take on this? Can I continue Epi- Paleo diet considering the APOE4 findings? My dad has a history of heart problems (He had his first heart attack at the age of 38) ……Anything specific to add/remove based on the findings of blood test results? For example, would adding seaweed help with all my previous and current health stuff?

    2) Question on CT when Omega3 ratio off: One of the biggest remedy’s along with sun. Having said that, I get brain freeze when try to drink ice cold water which definitely indicates my Omega3/6 ratio is down the drain, in that case, is it still wise to start the Face dunking protocol with bitter melon and hope to adapt and continue the rest of the CT protocol guide? Or do I pause keep eating lot of fish (DHA) and wait couple of weeks to start the protocol?

    3) Question on Water: I am residing at High altitude and its always recommended to drink lots of water, in order to not have headaches and other ill adverse issues. Now given my high BUN ratio/rest of blood test results and current location, do you recommend more water or less? I am confused here as I have also read that in order to make good water we should drink less. Which one is it based on where I am at? - What’s the range for drinking less what? not to exceed more than 2 liters or 3 liters? Currently drinking Aquaphina/ Evian water bottles as Mountain valley springs water is extremely expensive, are these still considered “good water”? Please pardon my understanding still trying to grasp all the concepts. Just a beginner.

    4) Question on PRP & Neck: Dr Jack, what’s your opinion about PRP therapy in my case where I am not a good candidate for surgery (C6-C7 Radiculopathy). I will attach my MRI results (trying to find them). Should I proceed with PRP? Anything to watch out for? Will this cause any conflict with above protocols of Sun, Light & magnetism? My motivation to fix this is so that - I am pain free, I am not limited and can lift heavy weights and stop taking the various daily meds helping control the pain [Methocarbamol (750mg once a day), Gabapentin (600mg once a day), Celebrex (200mg once a day)]

    5) Question on TRT & DHEA: Given that I am on the TRT protocol (Bioidentical Testosterone) and my DHEA blood test result showed 93, would you recommend adding that in the regime, if so, how much dose? Current libido is not that great, not sure if it’s because estrogen is 14 (low end)? Or would adding HCG protocol improve things? I would think maybe adding some DHEA and regular protocol of Sun, Epi paleo and CT would do the trick. Am I in the right direction?

    6) Question on supplements: Sunplements is the best! I have thrown away/ stopped taking most of the supplements., except Peppermint oil caps (helps with IBS), Magnesium, CBD Oil, Oregano oil And Quercetin with Vit C. Based on my blood tests and current situation are those good or should I even stop them as well?

    Further tests: Should I go ahead and ask my Dr to order the Salivary Cortisol & melatonin tests along with Lipid profile .. Will they show any missing pieces or there the current results are enough…? Any other tests would you recommend based on my history - Calcium score?

    Thanks for reading!

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  2. drezy

    drezy New Member


    Your own observations:
    Remind me of this image. Do you know the basics behind that image?


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