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Blueblockers for driving?

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by LieselK, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    So I have the amber glasses and I have the red ones- they fit over my prescription eyeglasses. I don't remember exactly what I purchased, just that they were recommended ones. But... I can't wear them and see to drive at night. I plan to get prescription glasses tinted through RA Optic- will those work for driving? What can I do until I can get those ordered?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    don't drive at night
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  3. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    More like in the morning on your way to work. These new headlights are so bright now I have to adjust my mirrors to reduce the brightness.
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  4. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    I use blue blockers to drive to work in the winter when it's pitch black out. Not ideal, but I don't want bright headlights shining in my eye.

    Soon I won't have to worry about this, because I won't be working a desk job in the city.
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  5. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    I figured you'd say that! Thankfully it isn't required often. Last night was because of kids and school... yet another reason to homeschool...
  6. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    I wear blue blockers after sunset on the road. It wasnt easy at first but after a year of doing it Im used to it. Then again if you have bad night vision I could imagine it might be pretty dangerous.
    Cheryl. likes this.
  7. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Preferably what Jack Kruse said, but otherwise I don't wear blue blockers while driving. They make me sleepy
  8. Theka

    Theka Gold

    We wear amber ones if we must drive at night......and my son wears them early bicyling to the train station. Some of the new headlights are just painful and there are no laws here about maximum brightness. We find the darker ones block too much to drive safely.
    Cheryl. likes this.
  9. Zeke

    Zeke Platinum

  10. Zeke

    Zeke Platinum

    I now wear the UBEX orange computer glasses for driving at night

    Much better for blocking headlights
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    be careful that you do not fall asleep driving!!!
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  12. Sajid Mahmood

    Sajid Mahmood R.I.P Kobe Bryant

    Daytime yellow tints from raoptics would be okay for driving too. It might not give the full protection but at least you can see everything on road quite clearly. They also wouldn’t make you feel drowsy too
    LieselK likes this.
  13. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    I just got mine in the mail on Monday!
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