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Black Light Suggestions for my Gym Studio

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Jason Yun, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Is that just for gym subscription paying members?

    As it is, because I'm not able to do CT beyond cold showers until March, I'm getting out and walking more every day, and if I'm short of time I walk to the sports field 5 minutes away and use their 4 pieces of outside exercise equipment in a programme I've cobbled together myself, but never 2 days in a row. Its not ideal. :rolleyes: If I could join such a weekend hike, I'd happily pay a fee, and I'd be there … I don't want to use an indoor gym, or do any indoor exercise, and wouldn't hire a personal trainer who spouted the calories in calories out, eat less exercise more mantra. If such a hike was on offer, say at the invitation of a gym goer relative, friend or work colleague, its a sociable way to get some outdoor exercise. Full fee paying members might enjoy the opportunity to spend time with non gym goer friends and family at the weekend. Them not paying acknowledges their existing contribution, whilst as a non member paying even a modest amount, I would be acknowledging time and professional expertise. Do it for nothing and it attracts people who want something for nothing is my experience. Its another income stream, however small, and if the business model evolved into more that I wanted to tap into, I would already be in the loop.

    If I was newbie to what Jack is teaching, if the hike leader was knowledgeable about circadian rhythm etc, and gave a couple of gems of information at each hike (see the sunrise, no sunglasses etc, and explained simply why) I'd be wanting to know more ….Apart from the hikes, I would even be tempted to approach them at a hike and ask to arrange to go into the gym just for a fitness assessment and educational consult (based on the principles Jack teaches). I'd hope to get my own n=1 prescription for the first 6 weeks, with a short phone call if I didn't make the next hike, to check how I was doing, and at the end of the 6 weeks have a reassessment and another educational consult to see how I was improving, and the next steps to take.

    If it works my results would be sending more people their way, zero advertising fees. As yet I'm in the market for something different that no-one is offering.

    I live in hope. :D
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  2. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    That’s pretty much where I’m going for now. I have had gym members bring friends. I am very lucky I’ve been doing this as long as I have I can be very selective on who I work with. I am constantly educating and pushing the outdoors. People are getting frustrated working out more then ever and people are getting sicker. Individuals will start to seek something different a more authentic human experience. I sense a shift in the industry. An industry to behonest is only in existence because of our modern world we have created for ourselfs. If we lived an outdoor lifewhere we had to hunt gather or grow and prepare our own food. There would be no need for gyms other then individuals with high level performancegoals.

    Your right on the money with your thought process.

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