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Biotoxin Illness Thread

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Martin, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. persistence

    persistence New Member

    Can you summarize the exact test you were doing? You would eat exactly how much - and of which - sulfur food? How many hours after that would you test? Did you have high sulfate and low sulfite?

    Sulfite is toxic but sulfate should be good for liver function. Why did you perceive high sulfate in absence of high sulfite to be bad?

    What I have read is that a sulfur food sensitivity may reflect a heavy metal issue, since these foods contain single-thiols, which lightly bind to heavy metals like mercury and move them around the tissues, where they then reabsorb and introduce new symptoms.
  2. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I'm very interested in intravenous ozone, but have not tried it yet. I assume they are withdrawing blood, then mixing in the ozone externally to the body, then re-transfusing the blood?

    What are your perceived effects from the ozone, and how long does this last?
  3. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I got the info from a chart in Shoemaker's book, "Surviving Mold" that has all the haplotypes listed. It may be online somewhere?
  4. Martin

    Martin Gold

  5. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I got sulfate test strips from Quantofix in USA, but they are manufactured in Germany by Macherey-Nagel. Urinate on a strip, wait two minutes, compare with chart on container. Consistency helps establish accuracy - do it first thing in morning. Sulfur foods include eggs, broccoli, cabbage, pork, various amounts. After a few months of avoiding sulfurous foods (all while continuing to follow light, emf avoidance, and mindfulness,etc.,) the level went down to around 400 from a consistent high of 1,600. So I went back to eating sulphur foods and now I occasionally test and the levels have remained around 400. Yay! I loves me some pork and broccoli.
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  6. Bill1

    Bill1 New Member

  7. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I have Shoemaker's DVDs and presentations as PDF files. Can you give me the filename of the file - or alternately instructions on locating - the document that gives a breakdown of the percent of the population that has each haplotype?

    I saw a discussion online that questioned Shoemaker's claim that only 24% of the population has one of the mold or lyme susceptible haplotypes. In fact one of the posters is saying that the "dreaded" haplotypes alone are nearly 30% of the population, not the <5% that is commonly claimed:

    Some very good scientists in that thread are really not kind in their opinion of Shoemaker's work on HLA....
  8. prime1

    prime1 New Member


    Sunlight may have an ability to kill mold - however mold isn't the problem. What it produces is the problem - called Mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are resistant to UV light. Can't radicate the mycotoxins with sunlight. I"m going to dig deeper into this :confused:

  9. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Are you sure about that? Most of my reading has said the opposite...
  10. prime1

    prime1 New Member

  11. Mito1

    Mito1 New Member

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