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Biotoxin Illness Thread

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Martin, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Since 24% of the population has a genetic susceptibility to react to biotoxins - Lyme, mold, certain algae - I suspect there are quite a number of folks here who can share what to do and how they're doing.

    From one of the leaders in this field, Dr Ritchie Shoemaker:

    "It all starts when a person is exposed to a biotoxin. In most people, the biotoxin is 'tagged' and identified by the body's immune system and is broken down and removed from the blood by the liver. However, some individuals do not have the immune response genes (HLA-DR genes) that are required to eventually form an antibody to a given foreign antigen. In these cases the biotoxins are not 'tagged' and remain in the body indefinitely, free to circulate and wreak havoc.

    Once present in the body, the biotoxins begin to set off a complex cascade of biochemical events. The biotoxin binds to surface receptors (Toll receptors and many more) in nearly every kind of cell in the body. This recognition and binding of the biotoxin causes a continual upregulation of multiple inflammatory pathways, including production of cytokines, split product of complement, and TGF Beta-1. Biotoxins also directly affect nerve cell function, which is one of the reasons that the symptoms and visual contrast sensitivity (VCS) test are so useful in diagnosis.

  2. Valorie33

    Valorie33 New Member

    This is scary stuff !!

    I have been working in a building with mold issues for at least 2 years, recently a new source is about 20 ft from my office space. MY HS-CRP is 6.9 now, and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a couple years ago. I am just sitting here trying to tie in the dates of the first leak and when I got so very sick.
  3. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Mine is 3.2.

    Dr Kruse says he gets antzy when it gets above 3.

    Doing HS CRP was an inexpensive ($40) wakeup call that showed me I had inflammation.

    I have to do some biotoxin clearing with cholestyramine before CT because the release of toxins from the fat would make me feel much worse than I already do. I found a great doc in Atlanta who follows Shoemaker and appointment is in 3 weeks!

  4. Snowyky

    Snowyky New Member

    Hi Martin, just left you a long reply on the lyme blog page. Good idea to start a thread over here, might get more people coming over. I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor you gave me the link too, from her website it says she only takes new lyme patients so maybe she can recommend one who works with biotoxins as well. Had an interesting talk with my primary care doc today and she won't order tests unless she diagnoses a reason to order them, wanting to lose weight and feel better isn't enough of a reason apparently. She offered me a diet pill (some kind of amphetamine) and told me to follow the typical food guide diet. She knows I'm on low carb and says there is too much meat and fat in my diet and I can never expect to lose weight doing what I'm doing, especially when I told her I don't exercise other then walking and some weight lifting because it raises the cortisol there by making things worse.

    I'm on the look out for a different doctor, hopefully the ohio doc will know of someone in my area that she can recommend.
  5. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Snowyky, sorry the doc didn't work out. I'm a little surprised she would not take on someone that she would know a lot about how to treat.

    And, sorry your PCP didn't feel the need to help, either. They're tests, people. You'd think curiosity would make them act to help their patients. Maybe PCP is yoked to The System and can't make waves.

    That's why I'm self-treating and spending my savings and IRA to get me healed. Whatever it takes.

    I am not doing well. Everything in my life is affected by this in a disturbing way.

    Going tomorrow to the lab for ACTH, HS CRP again, TGF-beta tests so I can get them back for the doc visit.

    Appointment in two weeks and counting...

  6. Can someone please tell me what type of physician to see about getting tested for biotoxins? My IM isn't familiar Shoemaker's VCS test and I've been trying to find someone here in San Diego who can perform the test on me. Also, can you tell me more about these tests: ACTH, HS CRP again, TGF-beta tests that are mentioned in this thread? Are they applicable for someone with suspected biotoxins? I had my consult with Dr K and am trying to figure out how to proceed on getting tested for biotoxins. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and leaky gut related issues. Thanks!
  7. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

  8. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Hi, I have done two and my mold doc was very interested in the results as they are a reliable indicator of your condition. I'll see if I can find you a doc in your area that does biotoxin treating.

    On my last mold doc visit, I forgot my reading glasses - the same ones I use look at computer - and couldn't take his VCS test on his office computer. But, I was able to tell him that I'd done my online version from Shoemaker's site a week prior and he was pleased that I had done so. I showed improvement!!!

    ACTH, HS CRP, and TGF-beta tests are really good at helping to pin this illness down. HS CRP is much more general an indicator, and I'm not sure if it's directly related to mold/lyme, but it's an excellent indicator of overall health.

    My TGF-beta as of three months ago was 10,820

    C4a is another biggie.

    And aMSH as well.

    From Shoemaker's site:

    TGF Beta-1 - Transforming Growth Factor Beta-1

    Normal Range:
  9. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


  10. Hi Freshveggies and Martin,

    Thank so much for the free site and Martin for the great explanations. I will get the tests you listed done next time I go for labwork.

    Martin, I have some more questions: What were you're symptoms before and what has improved? What kind of treatment are you doing for bioxtoxins?

  11. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Thanks for posting this. I passed as far as I know. Was good to try as my old house was full of mold in the basement and I always wondered if one of us would be sick from it.
  12. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I have constant flu-like ache and fatigue that fluctuates. Don't think too sharply. All my fun things are not fun anymore. No endurance, libdo, hands and feet hurt constantly, severe cramps in legs and feet if I stretch, low blood pressure, and some other things I can't remember... oh yeah, lousy memory.

    I have not improved much since going on cholestyramine. That is the main drug for biotoxin exposure. I have had some good half-days here and there in the last three years, but something changed radically when I got sick those three years ago. I felt it.

    My consultation with Dr Kruse was a breakthru in perhaps finding an underlying condition besides mold exposure. Even though I have tested positive for a mold-susceptible gene and low aMSH, I have not seen much improvement and have wondered if something else is amiss. I did not have a clue what to test but Dr. Kruse has such a brilliant diagnosing skills, he was able to tell me what work-up to get. I should know in a few weeks if I am a brain-damaged guy. Can't wait.

  13. Among other symptoms, I also have that flu-like thing that cycles. I tested positive on the online test. I am waiting for my MSH result and plan to do the other tests that you mentioned at the end of this month. Now that I tested positive on the online test, I am trying to find a doc here in San Diego that can treat me and do the manual VCS verification.

    I am also looking into the link that chocolate posted for the Marshall Protocol (MP). I have a terrible history with reactions to prescription meds and part of the MP is to take Benicar. Have you looked at the MP--any thoughts?
  14. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I emailed my mold doc and got this lead for you. Good luck with him, he seems very knowledgable.

    Dr. Neil Hirschenbein, MD PhD I am a MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology. I also have a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I've done Integrative Medicine since 1995,& became BC both in Holistic Medicine & AntiAging Medicine. I have 3 Nutritional Certification - CCN, CNS, DANLA. I've done the Functional Medicine Course (AFMCP),DAN certified,&member of ILADS. I'm the Medical Director of The La Jolla Institute of Comprehensive Medicine, , ,. I'm interested in Chronic Diseases, Lyme, Heavy Metals, etc & have used the Byron White Formulas for the past year.

    8910 University Center Lane, #530

    San Diego, Ca., 92122

    Phone: 858-546-8055
  15. Martin

    Martin Gold

    On the MP, not too closely. I guess I was in a long bout of information overload at the time I was looking at all these people. And rife machines, herbs, spiritual work, etc. I even looked at Shoemaker's work but not closely enough until Dr Kruse wrote of him in his Lyme blog entry. That put the credibility stamp of approval on it and I went back for another look. Bingo.

    Check Kruse's blog index and look for "Hey Lyme..."
  16. Martin, Thank you so much!! I will call him.
  17. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I listened to Dr Mercola's great interview with Dr Richie Shoemaker on the subject of Biotoxin Illness and heard this about sterol use:

    DM: Do you think that part of the reason that they have this adverse reaction to that (biotoxin) exposure is the impairment of the adrenal system?

    RS: No. We see dysregulation of adrenals being under control of MSH. And as inflammation is corrected, this adrenal ACTH cortisol ratio will start to improve. We can see low ACTH-low cortisol, high ACTH-high cortisol, and in any kind of parameter in between, but it’s subject – like all the known cortin hormones – to MSH regulation. If you think you have adrenal fatigue, if you think you have adrenal problem, check MSH before you use any kind of sterol. If you suppress ACTH, you actually can take away the last anti-inflammatory pathway these patients have.

    I am thinking that if MSH is low, steroids should be avoided?

    I have not found the mechanism behind why, "If you suppress ACTH, you actually can take away the last anti-inflammatory pathway these patients have."

    What am I missing? Shoemaker does not go into details in his book, "Mold Warriors" either. I am considering asking my doc for HC or Isocort and need to educate myself more.

    I'm also considering mega-dosing omega 3 in the form of krill oil to help my low 37 (31-86 pg/ml) VEGF
    . My 03/06 ratio is 4:1 so I'm not sure if this is not warranted, but it seems like a safe shot at getting some relief.

    RS: "As we go forward in this kind of pyramid of treatment, we fix hormonal problems and autoimmune problems very early on. Then we want to increase oxygen-delivering capillary beds. Here’s where VEGF comes in. Vascular endothelial growth factor has abnormal distribution in these patients. Some it’s quite high; we worry about cancer there. Most people, it’s quite low. It’s actually protecting against cancer in some people’s opinions. But low VEGF is not letting adequate oxygen be delivered in capillary beds.

    We need to drive up VEGF to help people with brain fog, shortness of breath, and any cognitive issues as well. We can do that using either the omega-3s in very high doses, or a drug called Pioglitazone or Actos. We can’t use quite as much now that when we used to because of the question about bladder problems and all, but Actos is a good one to drive up VEGF."
  18. Can anybody tell me what the VCS test results mean. The first one is the latest test. I don't know if a higher score means that it is worse or better. I'm assuming it is worse since I have been working at my building a lot. Tonight I am ripping out the last 2 wall that have mold growth and then starting the process of cleaning everything and hopefully be able to get rid of as much as I can. I have done tons of research on eliminating the mold, what products and procedures to follow. I know I can't eliminate it 100% but I am confident I will be able to come close. I am blessed with the space that has been gutted now I just have to clean the brick, stairs, the beams and of course the ridiculous amount of tools that are there.

    Sunday, September 09, 2012

    Total VCS Score: 72, POSITIVE

    Overall Indicator Score: 28

    Left Eye

    Indicator Score: 15, NEGATIVE

    Right Eye

    Indicator Score:13 POSITIVE

    Monday, August 13, 2012

    Total VCS Score: 55, POSITIVE

    Overall Indicator Score: 20

    Left Eye

    Indicator Score: 10, POSITIVE

    Right Eye

    Indicator Score:10 POSITIVE
  19. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Hi elibby1878, thanks for posting here. I found this at http://www.chronicneurotoxins.com/

    "Upon completing the VCS test, viewers receive a message indicating that biotoxins are (positive) or are not (negative) likely to be involved in their illness. The criteria for getting a "positive" VCS result is set high to avoid false positive results. This occasionally results in a false negative result; some cases of chronic-biotoxin induced illness may pass the VCS test a some times. VCS can be measured during treatment to monitor recovery."

    I am under the care of a mold doc so I have not bothered to learn to interpret the numbers in the score, just whether it was positive or negative. Like you, I'd be willing to guess with a higher overall score you are becoming more loaded up and it's showing in the numbers. Do you have a doc in mind? What part of the country are you in? I can possibly hook you up with a good doc.

    Check out Mycometrics, Dr Shoemaker's choice for mold testing. Pricey, but it is the best. Your health is worth it!

    Have you had gene haplotype tested? A first choice for anyone wondering if they have a mold/Lyme/biotoxin illness going on. Remember, 25% of the population is susceptible, so stop wondering and get the HLA DRB DRBQ test from Labcorp # 012542. I got mine for $260 at a local lab that does self-pay for a reduced rate. Busted my case wide open! I never looked back from there as I had a place to start moving on getting well.

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