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biohacking your water

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Ben1983, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. RobH

    RobH Gold

    We're getting one of these:


    We're getting the Bella Duo which is only 2 3" layers of latex, and quite a bit cheaper (and good deal on sale -- made not far from us).

    We tried one out at the local mattress store and really liked it. Very springy, very comfortable.

    Should be here later in the week. Excited. Probably won't be able to get the pets off of it to put the water on it.

  2. RobH

    RobH Gold

    Ok, I'll be able to do some errands later in the week, buy a couple of parts and post something about it. not sure it will be blog post worthy really, just a few PVC (hope that's ok...) parts from Home Depot.... I can definitely post a video of my nice vortex...

  3. Josh

    Josh Gold

  4. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Is it useful to buy a TDS-meter for checking the water quality or not worth it? Its just a simple TDS-Meter without specification of the ions.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I send my water out for quarterly testing
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  6. Videha

    Videha New Member

    Have not read the entire thread *i will tho.. *time to get my butt into bed pronto lol
    Just thought i would share my have i have done for years....after my purchase of a whole house structuring unit fell through.... i had to find a way that was affordable, i bought 2x 2litre glass flagons & found a fitting to connect the 2 bottles...at the time i had huge arm muscles ,from always swigging water out of the 2 litre bottle...
    My muscle building secret -sssshhh LOL

    I fill one bottle,connect,get a good grip,turn upside down,swivel it around & let it vortex. Fascinating to watch.I also have a laminated pic of a big happy water crystal on which i wrote the words Love & Gratitude.. just some of the 'weirdo' stuff i do that causes me to lose friends... their prob-not mine :)

    Since i am now losing my muscle mass rapidly & my strength & am feeling very weak.......unfortunately... i have had to stop. Not sure if this fits in with Dr Kruse's work, or not?

    Intuitively i know water has memory etc & it's not good for it to be going through all the energies in gungy pipes with totally unnatural angles, picking up everything from everywhere it travels. One only has to watch a raging river to get the principle.
    And i could be wrong....& i am sure jack will let me know if i am *big grin

    Perhaps others who don't have $ for all the real good stuff...may find my hack useful..
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  7. Structured water system

    I came across the following website, http://www.greenfieldnaturals.com which offers whole house system for structuring water.
    Greenfieldnaturals is the brainchild of Ben Greenfields father; does anyone have any experience with this system because based on price it would be an ideal fit.
    Your comments would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Sujoe123

    Sujoe123 New Member


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