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Biohacking my zip-code

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by OliverGruener2, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    I wanted to start this journal here with the status quo. How we live and what I am planning to do in the future.

    The Plan
    Since I - thankfully - don't have any serious diseases or illness that I know of, I focus my biohacking on things like my dry skins, headaches, dopamine levels, concentration problems, energy levels and longevity. I take my wife with me and try to help her with her problems like dopamine levels, acne, gut/digestive issues and endometriosis.

    Previous hacks
    I successfully improved her circadian rhythm in the past. Before we met she stayed up until 1 am, watched TV and had very poor sleep quality. She woke up 1-2 times per night and was otherwise a very light sleeper.
    Now, we go to bed around 10 and sleep without interruption for 7-8 hours. I am getting close to her wearing blue-blocking glasses. I am doing that for quite some time now.

    Current living situation
    We live in a big city with countless wireless networks and light pollution around us. Street lights fill the bedroom with light to such a degree that our current curtain-setup can't block everything out.
    I recently changed the LED lamps to incandescent where ever possible but some LEDs still remain.
    But there is still a lot to do and to improve.

    The Goal
    We are in the middle of buying a house far from the big city. It has around 2500 square feet of space and over 40.000 square feet of land around it. Plenty of stuff for some serious biohacking! So the goal is to move their as soon as possible. Get the garden running and setup CT and red light stations all over the house.

    I'll keep you posted and hopefully I can provide you with picture how everything is evolving once we get there!
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  2. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    So, I decided to treat this more like a regular journal and not just that kind of thing that gets updated with bigger news.

    Since we can't achieve perfection it is a journey towards it without ever reaching it. I think it is perfect not to get to perfection because we won't stop growing, learning, improving, sharing.

    I like to share my daily/weekly improvements, actions, do's and don'ts (+1s / -1s) and thoughts.



    + Wired my bluetooth keyboard
    + Installed Twilight on my wife's phone


    + Installed dminder on my phone
    + Got up, stood for 1 min on the balcony barefoot and looked towards the sun.
    + Went to near forest with my wife and dog and enjoyed nature for about 4 to 60 minutes
    + Ate wild salmon this morning
    + Met a friend for lunch yesterday (ordered organic salmon and some other sea food) and I explained the problems with nnEMFs to him. Turns out he has his router in his bedroom and now he wants to move it out there asap and he also wants me to come to his apartment to make more suggestions for improvement.
    + Sold my Apple Airpods (last week)


    + Buy a wired mouse and get rid of the bluetooth mouse

    Noticeable Issues:

    - I sometimes have strange headaches at different times and locations. I can't really pin down the source yet.
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  3. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    Before I knew any of this light and bio-physics stuff I preferred winter to summer because I could do something against the cold but not so much against the heat. I still dislike too much heat but now I miss the sun and I can't wait to have nice spring and summer weather here.

    It brightens the mood exponentially...


    + Showered cold for 1 min
    + Stepped outside on the balcony barefoot to download instructions from the sun
    + Walked the dog first thing for 30 minutes
    + Talked to a friend about attending Flowfest 2019 with @Jack Kruse , Dr. Alexander Wunsch and many more. => Making plans for the trip now.



    + Celebrate my wife's birthday with her and her parents
    + Make further improvements and my workstation and home in regards to nnEMF
    + Work on my business plan
    + Study more JK wisdom
    + Attending a get together to meditate about our inner demon (how to integrate our shadow [Carl Jung])

    Have a great day! :)
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Progress is never made by people who are content with the status quo. Disrupt the people who try to make you conform to what they think you should be. We all need to be uncaged to thrive. When you face the reality of missing out on your dreams in life, taking action is not just a choice. It becomes essential in living your fullest. Stop settling for less than you deserve my Black Swans. Reject the good and go for the great.#BlackSwanWisdom #sunrise https://www.patreon.com/posts/25430111
  5. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    My passion is learning......

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  6. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    The best thing I've ever done for my family was move out of the city, get property surrounded by trees and away from WIFI and cell towers. That alone pretty well solved everything for me.
  7. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    Awesome! Did you do some other biohacking stuff around the house to improve things further?
  8. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    + I decided to stop drinking coffee for a while after noticing that the second cup was bad for my gut

    I'll start to keep track on my improvents here....

    Day 1

    [x] Being outside for AM sunlight
    [x] No artificial sugar
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  9. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Ya absolutely. When we moved into the home, I was only just learning about circadian biology, but it was an amazing advantage that I went with my gut to move outside the city before REALLY knowing about light cycles and EMF.

    So that being said, I hardwired my house with Ethernet and shut off WIFI. I replaced all LED/fluorescent lights with red incandescent. Took out the bulbs in my fridge. Put Iris/filters on every device/screen we have Took measurements with a Cornet and my EMF is solid. Me, wife and the kids get out for sunrise every morning, no excuses. We can ground safely, and we all do CT. The kids dump cold water on themselves every night during their bath. It's great!
  10. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member


    Walked for about 60 minutes in nature this morning.

    My head hurts... it has a lot to think about these days but that can't be it.
    The average doc would give you some Aspirin. My mother took that more than once a week. I never opted in for that. I always knew that drugs couldn't be answer for headaches.

    I has severe headache episodes as a young adult. Lasting 2-3 years and nobody could tell me where they came from but I almsot never took drugs. Maybe once or twice when the pain was unbearable but that was it.
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  11. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    Because I feel like it...

    I want to thank @Jack Kruse for spreading his knowledge over the internet, giving us access to it and providing a community platform. I am very grateful for that!
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  12. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    the last couple of days have been rollercoaster like. nothing out of the ordinary but a lot of things to take care of. so I missed a couple of posts.

    I building up my am sunlight routine. Getting out the door before I catch any artificial light.

    I know I am missing a couple of things in my life like like-minded people who are into more than just food for health. So, I am taking action...


    I really enjoy it to be out ... to be with nature. I always have, not just because JK says it is the key. ;)

    It hurts a lot, deep down when I see people close to me starring a blue screen. I feel like for every person I know who lives the blue-lit life I have to learn so much more about it. Sometimes I think it would be better if had a medical degree so people would believe me.

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