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Bio-Hacking Altitude: Ubiquination one is live

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Ah yes, I remember the first year of med school when my loss of circadian rhythm had me climbing trees in the park and watching the people go by.....no altitude involved, that came later.
  2. Josh

    Josh Gold

  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

  4. That is interesting even VERY interesting. But there is also this - the problem of vaccines or at least too many of them and too soon. Quite possibly both are factors but I would guess vaccines might be more 'primary'. What I mean is the damage is done and then the child is 'finished off' by say living at altitude. But babies have lived at altitude for a long time if it was such a problem how about babies in say Nepal. Though I suppose Dr Kruse's point is we live in a different world now................especially nnEMF. But personally I think vaccines are a huge problem. I have been reading a lot about it and something tells me it's pretty major.............

    According to Harris Coulter PhD, “Crib death” was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in statistics. It started to climb in the 1950s with the spread of mass vaccinations. So much so it even acquired a new name-“SIDS,” Sudden Infant Death Syndrome of unknown origin. The medical establishment assures us that SIDS is unrelated to vaccines which begs the question; How do you know its not vaccines if it is of unknown origin? The three primary doses of DPT are given at two, four and six months of age. Eighty-five per cent of SIDS deaths occur from one to six months of age, with the peak incidence from two to four months. Another coincidence?

    In a recent study of SIDS, breathing was monitored before and after vaccination. The data clearly showed that vaccination caused an extraordinary increase in episodes where breathing either nearly ceased or stopped completely. This is why it is so important to have our babies sleep on their backs, if you plan on vaccinating. It is easier for them to breath. Another problem associated with breathing is Asthma. Vaccinated children are shown to be five times more likely to become afflicted with this serious respiratory ailment.

    Dr. William Torch of the University of Nevada School of Medicine did a study of 103 children who died of SIDS. He found that more than two-thirds had been vaccinated with DPT prior to death. Of these, 6.5% died within 12 hours; 13 % died within 24 hours; 26% died within 3 days; and 37, 61 and 70 % within 1,2,3 weeks respectively. Anything that happens to a baby after four weeks is considered God-given. The average time it takes for a vaccine to dissipate in the body is 10-12 days. Click here for Dr Buttram's explanation. Even if a baby dies immediately after a vaccination the cause of death will be labeled SIDS
  5. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Pat ,babies in Nepal are usually from Nepal. Sherpas live to a ripe old age due to a genetic mutation I believe . Not everyone has it . Does one vaccinate babies this early now ? No idea .
  6. Lahelada: In the US it is shocking how early they vaccinate, my understanding is they vacc. for Hepatitus B at one day old! A 'disease' you get from shooting drugs and prostitution (they say).............at least give the child time lol. You live in Argentina right? I don't know what they do there but how early and how often they vacc. in the US is frightening and shocking to me. I really think it is a major issue and even here when I see some young people come on the blog with all these amazing health problems I wonder................I am sure nnEMF is a big factor but is it possible vaccines are a bigger one? I don't know but my guess is it is AS big and maybe bigger. But they are all bad, 2 wrongs for sure don''t make a right

    This is an interview with Jon Rappoport who to me is a very good writer and clear thinker. I am aware some of this starts to sound a bit 'conspiracy theory' but if you think about it the same has been done re the dangers on nnEMF (Andrew Marino "Going Somewhere"). I don't go for 'conspiracies' but at the same time what would you call the downplaying of the dangers of nnEMF. The SAME can be and I believe has been done re vaccines.
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  7. Lahelada: I am fairly skeptical of the 'genetic mutation' theory. If there is one big message I get from for example "Light in Shaping Life" by Van Wijk (highly recommended by Dr Kruse) is how most of the time 'genetics' are a 'remote' factor. Most often if the genes are involved it is as a result on problems in the cell not the cause. I realize now you are maybe talking about something a bit different.................but I think of it this way (and I might be wrong) let's say an Irish baby was to be 'moved' shortly after birth to Nepal and say in the absence of all vaccines and also no nnEMF he/she would be fine. It might be an interesting test case...............
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There is no genetic advantage. It is a fallacy of modern biologic dogma. There is a DHA advantage to run your epigenetics well. Create a self culture that makes the right decisions for your biology to allow you to age with health.

    Life is a kind of prison for us when we believe the wrong things. We are connected to the universe, but we experience this world disconnected from the whole. It is an optical delusion of our conscious perception allowing us to separate space from time. This prison is unique. We can constrict our life or we can broaden its walls via our perspective. Our perspective is our conscious optical delusion of how we control the flow of light in our brain and emit those frequencies back to others to sense. As you shine your light you become your own social media company to others to share or reject broadening of tightening the walls of your prison. Day and night is part of the game of life. Your mind is a key in this game, and whatever ideas it unlocks can lead to unlimited potential. Use your mind to eavesdrop on your thoughts. As it listens, you learn and gain wisdom. Optimal is found subtracting bad old ideas from new ones that you bio hack and find work to re connect you to nature. Life has limits but your mind has none if you allow it freedom to operate.
  9. Dr Kruse: I wanted to thank you again for pointing the way with Van Wijk ("Light in Shaping Life") book. I find it quite revelatory in terms of explaining the role of 'genetics' or lack of role very often. To understand that cancer is another disease like diabetes having to do with mitochondrial dysfunction well it explains a lot. And makes the decisions of for example Angela Jolie seem really in relation to cancer really really bad. But she is 'backed' up by the 'best minds' well not IMHO.............
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  10. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    You made me look. There are 19 vaccinations starting age 5 finishing at 11 the usual measles,rubella etc . At 11 girls get HPV ....No neonatal vaccination .
    I do agree with your impression of downplaying dangers of vaccines , fluoride you name it . Glad I am not a mum.
  11. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Modern life causes us to "measure" quantum states much more often than in a more basic culture such as the Sherpas. This creates many more opportunities for the quantum to particle physics transition to work out to the survival disadvantage of the organism. "Unmeasured" DNA has many quantum state elements that are only concretized as particles/molecules/atoms when "measured" or transcribed. The number of "measurements" could I imagine be comparable to the ubiquination rate and directly drives it and vice versa. The gene itself is not the issue, it is how many times that it is transcribed/copied/measured that creates the opportunity for "errors/mutations". If I run 500 copies on a copier, there is a greater opportunity for error than if I run 5. A classic less is more situation.
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  12. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Vaccinations cause many "measurements" in our DNA and are subject to all of the environmental electromagnetic forces that affect these.
  13. Josh

    Josh Gold

    I guess the 15 feet or so I was up in the tree might have raised my dopamine levels...LOL
  14. Thanks Lahelada, but are you talking about Argentina or the US. I know for a fact they start vaccinating in the US from like one day old. MANY by age 5 already. Apparently the latest 'trend' is to vaccinate in utero, that way the child will be all ready to 'meet' the world. SICK!!
  15. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    sorry I was talking about Argentina. Terrible . Vaccination before conception will be next or booster shots for the potential progenitors.
  16. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Just wanted to say that this quantum measurement is only really harmful with done to excess in DNA, which then implies higher levels of protein turnover (high ubiquitination rates).

    Microtubules in Neurons can make these measurements all day without much cost, because all they rely on is existing proteins and water. So long as water flows are controlled, and those proteins are not degraded by external stresses, microtubules can perpetually make quantum measurements. Experienced meditators literally have twice the normal number of moments of consciousness (80-90Hz in meditators vs about 40Hz). I guess that is what is meant by gaining more perceived time per unit of universal time o_O

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  17. Josh

    Josh Gold

    So that is why we feel as though we live many lives at once....
  18. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    I actually linked to a bunch of interviews and the main 2014 paper on Orchestrated Objective Reductive -- http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/take-it-slow.9428/page-46#post-165176

    Hameroff is in Tuscon BTW, go pay him a visit ;), or attend his conference -- http://www.consciousness.arizona.edu/

    Anyway, I like his model a lot, explaining a lot of Eastern and Western meta-physical traditions in terms of testable Quantum Mechanical predictions.

    On the topic of many lives, I couldn't help but think of the theory of multiple parallel Universes. I intuitively felt this idea to be false, or at least not concrete, and the Hameroff model gives me a good basis to say why there is likely only one concrete Universe that we can inhabit (constrained by Natural laws of Physics).

    The key point there is that Proto-Consciousness is an inevitable emergent phenomena of mass (not matter, because matter has no energy intrinsically, but E=mc^2, and mass always has energy).

    All mass is then bound by the time-invariant (symmetrical) laws of Quantum Mechanics, and thus can "see back into the future" through the linked set of topological states that any object with mass is invariably linked to.

    This is perfectly compatible with the conventional standard model predictions that rely on CPT invariance, and as I describe in the linked post in my log, I think the missing key is the Gravitational term. Quoting from my post:

    I happen to think that τ≈ħ/EG actually doesn't just imply that Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR) creates consciousness, but it also creates time itself. This process happens everywhere in the Universe, but it just so happens that microtubules allow for a speeding up of time T by increasing the denominator EG (gravitational self energy -- which Dr Kruse has given many examples which affect this, like pressure, density, external magnetism, cold, etc ...).

    Note: the important structures here are the microtubules, not necessary a brain. Consciousness occurs everywhere in the body, since there are microtubule-like structures everywhere (though I still think tubulin is the perfect structure, allowing consciousness to be concentrated in the brain).
    This note on gravity is also where I see the biggest flaw in the paper -- the assumption that gravity is constant, for example, a quote:

    Ec=Gm2/ac, where G is the gravitational constant, m is the carbon nuclear mass, and ac is the carbon nucleus sphere radius equal to 2.5 Fermi distances. We calculated that roughly 2×1010 tubulins displaced in coherent superposition for 25 ms will, on this basis, self-collapse in that time period, and elicit Orch OR. For a τ of 500 ms, ∼10^9tubulins would be required.
    Big G is not constant, and can be modified by the body to allow for more favourable quantum computation. This means that Hameroff's model is even more correct BTW.​

    I need to work out the math one of these days (or someone better at Math can do it for me), but I think if there were a derived, non-axiomatic definition for EG, then this model fits all the math of the standard model, with "multiple universes" simply being potential superpositions given the current quantised state of the object. These multiple universes are just possibilities, which "collapse" under EMF observation to become congruent with a notion of "Universal Truth".


    Proto-Consciousness as being a first-class derivative of mass also explains the whole idea of Oneness and being Connected to the Universe. It also makes the point that separation is necessary, and true oneness is un-desirable.

    I forget the exact Japanese quote now, but it was in 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' that Katsuragi Misato said something along the lines of:

    Being an adult is about moving apart and coming close again ... repeating that cycle again and again​

    Sounds like free radicals as messenger particles ;), and more fundamentally, it alludes to the nature of Quantum Entanglement, whereby objects with mass come close together to allow for Quantum Mechanical laws to unfold, and then go their separate ways, whilst being entangled, and then signalling back to each other when quantised measurement is made in the future, in a new location far far away.

    Eastern philosophy kinda relays this same sort of thought process, whereby there is an eternal force of Oneness, but where it is the job of the individual actors to suffer both sorrow and happiness in the concrete world in order to create time and complexity.

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  19. Yes Josh - but also maybe less exotic effects like mercury causing brain cells death or alumin
    And not to mention less 'exotic' effects like neuron death from mercury or a constantly revved up immune system from aluminum..............and...............and..............and..............and also to the fact they don't seem to even work. Dr Kruse has mentioned most of the 'measles cases' in the Disneyland 'outbreak' were already vaccinated. I may be wrong but I suspect we are witnessing the mass poisoning of a whole (lost) generation.
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  20. Josh

    Josh Gold

    electromagnetic effects are not "exotic", they are foundational....

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