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Bio-Hacking Altitude: Ubiquination one is live

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Well, Ling et. al. showed that membranes aren't needed for to create the phenomena we call "life". I summarised one of his nano-protoplasm papers here :D -- http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/bio-hacking-eye-color.12033/page-3#post-146184

    That doesn't mean that cell membranes aren't useful as hell though ;). They are great magnetic sensors. Jack's comment here, and the rest of the posts on that page are great reads -- http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.ph...lcome-comments-here.12199/page-19#post-153408

    Cell membranes were first given a treatment in the Dec 2014 Webinar. I have some notes here -- http://tanyewwei.com/notes/jk-2014-december-webinar

    Note the discussion on Lipid Rafts and Sphingolipids. Lipid Rafts and Sphigolipids were discussed in the Tensegrity #12 thread:

    - http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.ph...ive-comments-welcome.12381/page-2#post-150218
    - http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.ph...ive-comments-welcome.12381/page-2#post-150310

    The Tensegrity #12 and #13 blogs are must reads in this regard:

    - http://jackkruse.com/tensegrity-12-quantum-cell-membrane/
    - http://jackkruse.com/tensegrity-13-quantum-fidelity-sleep/


    As for membrane fluidity, it is pretty evident at this point that lipid rafts and sphingolipids can alter both their composition and their arrangement on the cell membrane, to change their sensitivity and transmission abilities with regard to vibrations and oscillations caused by magnetic, electric, and mechanical forces.

    Changes to membrane fluidity is another effect of these lipid raft and sphingolipid changes.

    As for the exact details, I've been prodding @Jack Kruse to give it to us :p

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    DHA selects precisely wat will go into a CM based upon what it senses in quantum fashion. This is the basis of Crawford' 1999 paper on DHA quantum abilities
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  3. CindyB

    CindyB Guest

    Take "the ultimate unit of life" all the way to order. The ordering of water around a polyelectrolyte creates local stiffness. Organize a bunch of water structured polyelectrolytes to create even more stiffness. "Organizing" happens because the electron clouds along the strand of polyelectrolyte line up with "holes" in the electron clouds of other strands. Wrap the whole thing in more water structured polyelectrolytes like fascia to create a tendon spindle. Wrap a bunch of tendon spindles around the bones and you can stand up. Yes, you can remove the "membrane" from a cell and have it perform its functions but you can get even more function by having the membrane align its charge with other cells until you start getting something with 3-D shape and function.

    Another way I'm looking at it is like one of those giant net bags of helium filled balloons at a celebration. Each balloon has its own structure independent of all the other balloons. Put them all together in the big net bag and they have a new degree of structure. Push on the bag here and get a lot of balloons moving against each other in the bag far from the point of push. (Maybe a side note, but with balloons you would create static electricity on the surfaces of balloons moving against each other which also helps to create/hold structure. Would charged surfaces on cells moving against each other when pushed/squished/vibrated/oscillated generate charge similarly?) Put a bunch of net bags of balloons together and get even more structure.

    This: "In those papers he essentially states that a cell has no lipid membrane whatsoever, and that the "lipid membrane" is actually built up of this nano-protoplasm of highly ordered electrified water organized in such a manner that there are openings in it, all of varying sizes, which is ultimately what allows ions to pass in/out, as opposed to the debunked sodium pumps and all that jazz." is an excellent way of putting it. Good job.
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  4. Yeah, I've read some of his papers, particularly on the 'quantum effects' of DHA. That being said, the whole model is based upon the lipid bilayer/cell membrane. What I'm getting at is in Ling's papers on the nano-protoplasm he explicitly states the model of a cell membrane made of lipids is a false idea, and it isn't made up of lipids at all, more so multilayered water, proteins, ions, etc. In his model, there isn't DHA in the "cell membrane" because the membrane doesn't exist. This is one reason why people don't accept his ideas, because he basically claims something that is taught and is the foundation for research and products (NT Factor Energy Lipids, lipid replacement therapy, etc) is entirely false and non-applicable to medicine and nutrition. Let me make this clear, I'am not saying you are wrong or DHA is unneeded or bad, I'm just saying that the way that people like Cunnane, Crawford, Kuipers, etc. research their ideas, well, they utilize models that Budenborg de Jong, Gilbert Ling, and Gerald Pollack have argued are wrong. So, are Ling and Pollack and Jong only partially right in that the 'membrane' is different and has different functions, but it isn't only multilayered electrified water, proteins, sugars, and ions, and there are actually some lipids in there?
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  5. While looking for some answers just now, I found this: http://perfumingthemind.com/theoretical-physics-and-molecular-biology/
    "Astrophysical phenomenology meets pheromone-ology: Slugs that “eat light”
    Theoretical physics and molecular biology can be compared in the context of their explanatory power."

    Excerpt: “Subatomic particles tunnelling across gaps in the nose when aroma molecules are around may be the first step in how animals sense scent. This same tunnelling is presumed to be at work in the action of enzymes, those proteins that shuffle chemical reactions along in living things (among them, the breakdown of tadpoles’ tails as they become frogs).”

    My comment: Re: the actions of enzymes. The enzymes that enable the sea slug to respond with photosynthesis are part of a 15-step pathway to chlorophyll production that links microbes to man via hydration control in the context of membrane permeability to ions and amino acids. Membrane permeability enables the de novo creation of receptors, which are required for nutrients to enter the cell. See for review: A quantum theory for the irreplaceable role of docosahexaenoic acid in neural cell signalling throughout evolution.

    Sea slug has taken genes from algae it eats, allowing it to photosynthesize like a plant

    Excerpt: This biological adaptation is also a mechanism of rapid evolution, Pierce says. “When a successful transfer of genes between species occurs, evolution can basically happen from one generation to the next,” he notes, rather than over an evolutionary timescale of thousands of years.”

    My comment: If so, the slug that eats the sun is another example of how ecological variation leads to RNA-mediated ecological adaptations without the pseudoscientific nonsense of theoretical physicists and evolutionary biologists.

    My comment: Anesthetics act in a dose-dependent manner on a pulmonate mollusk, the great pond snail and on the behavioral responses of the common octopus Octopus vulgaris. That fact appears to link pond snails and octopuses to the conserved molecular mechanisms of consciousness in flies. See Electron spin changes during general anesthesia in Drosophila

    Taken together, the links from mollusks to octopuses and flies support the portrayal in A quantum theory for the irreplaceable role of docosahexaenoic acid in neural cell signalling throughout evolution.

    Sea slugs are mollusks, which links light-induced amino acid substitutions in plants and in algae to neural cell signaling in humans via the role of docosahexanoic acid."
  6. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Great thread:)
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  7. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    It is inaccurate to characterize Ling as not believing there is a lipid membrane layer as this article makes clear

    Also Ray Peat talks about Cell membrane and Ling

    This paper talks abou the importance of DHA for cell signalling

  8. Josh

    Josh Gold

  9. In the first cite, Ling states, "All living cells are semipermeable. Therefore if a continuous lipid layer is actually the seat of semipermeability, then all living cells must possess enough lipids in their membranes to provide a continuous layer. In truth, however, the lipid content of cell membranes varies greatly and except in myelinated nerves and human red blood cells tends to be low. To cite a few cases: the lipid content of rat muscle membrane is only 15% (65% proteins); rat liver membrane, 10% (85% proteins); and avian erythrocytes, 4% (89% proteins).21 However, even these quoted figures are higher than actual lipid content because the chemical composition of membranes is conventionally based on dry weight. The water associated with proteins and phospholipids is conventionally ignored, apparently because of the sheer technical difficulty in isolating pure wet membranes (see below). In summary, not all cells have enough lipids in their membranes to form a continuous covering layer is depicted by the lipid bilayer model. Therefore a continuous bilayer cannot be a universal component of living cell membranes."

    Second cite, from Ray Peat, PhD: I know Dr. Peat personally. A lot of people only know of Dr. Peat's work from Danny Roddy, and truthfully, Danny Roddy largely misrepresents his work. I can't stand Danny Roddy's work. Dr. Peat used to recommend a very high fat diet, contrary to what many believe, and up until just a year or two ago, ate 50-60% of his calories from fat, all year round. Now, he typically recommends only about 150-200 grams of carbs each day, and actually typically recommends "animal carbs" like milk and raw honey. He only recommends the high carb nonsense that people call him a quack for when one is in a warm environment with year round access to local fruits. That being said, Dr. Peat also thinks that the cell membrane is nonsense and that DHA is literally unneeded (which I disagree with).

    The last cite, again, discusses DHA from a different point of view than Ling/Jong/Pollack. This is what complicates everything for me.

    Fortunately, though, this kind of elucidates things for me and in a way, agrees with what I was contemplating above - "the 'membrane' is different and has different functions, but it isn't only multilayered electrified water, proteins, sugars, and ions, and there are actually some lipids in there?"

    Apparently, yes, since Ling says that there is a small amount of lipids in the membane. This appears to be especially true in myelin, and, well, we know that stuff is mighty important! So, it does seem as though DHA still plays a role, along with sulfated cholesterol.
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  10. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    Very impressive @bio-fractal-soul-self

    a) you read the 3 articles in ten mins
    b) you extracted the key pertinent information for forums mutual understanding
    c) summarized info and extended discussion
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The last paper is the most important. And then there is this fact: Why is DHA in every CM in the eukaryotic kingdom for the last 580 million years? A better question, is if the theory of evolution is about change over time controlled by natural selection and conditions of existence how is it that DHA has never been replace even once in the eukaryotic Kingdom? Remember DHA turns light into a DC electric current. Given that, here is the last question to ponder, why is it that both plants and animals use the DC electric current to heal and regenerate? What couples them together on Earth via the environment, so that evolution of plants and animals would use the same strategy, yet by different mechanisms?
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    DHA controls the DC current to control the redox state.........SIMPLE.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So what links organisms kinetically and thermodynamically? Their cell membranes are the short answer.

    This is why the 3rd article is critical.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Here is a breadcrumb from a future webinar.

    Atoms are engines of creation because they absorb and radiate all types of energy. The SCN is an atomic clock made up of atoms and fed a diet of sunlight. Mitochondria are collection of a special group of atoms that form an atomic antenna for light, water, and magnetism. This antenna sends its information to and fro the nucleus and brain in parallel over water and microtubule networks. The SCN timing speed has to be ahead of the organ clock that these mitochondria are found in. Each tissue’s mitochondria are connected to the SCN by a harmonized frequency band that establishes the limit and adjacent interference. The SCN is the biologic atomic clock that controls the program that directs electrons and protons in mitochondria which for a heads up display in the grid cells in your brain . That “visual and geographic picture” is then developed in water and in microtubules, to create memory hydrogen bonds of water illuminated by specific frequencies of light. With water, these programs are stored in the hydrogen bonding network, and with light they are stored in holograms in the microtubules of grid cell using polarized light.


    The key is their organization to take advantage of the thermodynamics of the environment they are found in. The physics of organisms can enrich biologic understanding when we marry its ability to carry both information and energy to and fro coherently. The cell membrane is a non-equilibrium structure with an enormous electrical potential gradient across it. It also has atoms in it, that allow for it to act like a topologic insulator. This gradient makes it ideal to carry both information and energy to the rest of the cells in tissues to share it and remember what the information says and where the energy came from.

  15. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    I have never quite fully understood the mechanism behind the healing DC current :confused:. My understanding has always been that:

    (a) the DC current electrifies proteins, to keep them hydrophilic and thus keep the EZ of water around those proteins very large and capable of providing the energy that life requires.

    (b) the DC current generates a greater magnetic field at the site where it occurs, allowing for greater delivery of substrate used for regeneration. The best example would be attracting the paramagnetic hemoglobin molecule to help deliver oxygen (electrons) to the target tissue

    All eukaryotes basically generate the DC current using the double membrane of mitochondria, and push it through the medium that is water.

  16. http://phys.org/news184423418.html#nRlv

    "This and other recent discoveries have captured the attention of researchers for several reasons," says Scholes. "First, it means that quantum mechanical probability laws can prevail over the classical laws of kinetics in this complex biological system, even at normal temperatures. The energy can thereby flow efficiently by—counter intuitively—traversing several alternative paths through the antenna proteins simultaneously. It also raises some other potentially fascinating questions, such as, have these organisms developed quantum-mechanical strategies for light-harvesting to gain an evolutionary advantage? It suggests that algae knew about quantum mechanics nearly two billion years before humans," says Scholes."
  17. Why it seems that C02 isn't bad and is important just like O2, even in the face of EMF: http://www.pnas.org/content/112/8/2337.abstract
    Efficient solar-to-fuels production from a hybrid microbial–water-splitting catalyst system
    Photovoltaic cells have considerable potential to satisfy future renewable-energy needs, but efficient and scalable methods of storing the intermittent electricity they produce are required for the large-scale implementation of solar energy. Current solar-to-fuels storage cycles based on water splitting produce hydrogen and oxygen, which are attractive fuels in principle but confront practical limitations from the current energy infrastructure that is based on liquid fuels. In this work, we report the development of a scalable, integrated bioelectrochemical system in which the bacterium Ralstonia eutropha is used to efficiently convert CO2, along with H2 and O2 produced from water splitting, into biomass and fusel alcohols. Water-splitting catalysis was performed using catalysts that are made of earth-abundant metals and enable low overpotential water splitting. In this integrated setup, equivalent solar-to-biomass yields of up to 3.2% of the thermodynamic maximum exceed that of most terrestrial plants. Moreover, engineering of R. eutrophaenabled production of the fusel alcohol isopropanol at up to 216 mg/L, the highest bioelectrochemical fuel yield yet reported by >300%. This work demonstrates that catalysts of biotic and abiotic origin can be interfaced to achieve challenging chemical energy-to-fuels transformations.
  18. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Hmm, it occurred to me that DHA's electric interactions with lipid rafts and charge separated water introduce the same plasma mechanics and self-contriction Birkeland currents within the "plasma membrane".

    The observed "more ordered" lipid rafts on the "plasma membrane" under high pressure or low temps (high magnetism) basically representing more aligned birkeland filaments (since the superconducting water plasma runs parallel to the rafts). More aligned filaments generally lead to a stiffer structure.

    :p Emergent order at work! Put DHA with lipid rafts and water, feed it with either electric or light input (DHA can accept both), and you get a functional cell membrane that acts as if it were a physical lipid bilayer, while being sensitive to EM and Electric interactions (gravity is just electric ;)).


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  19. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    The issue with CO2 + EMF needs to be viewed in the specific context.

    We are saying that CO2 in the water within our bodies, increases acidification of said water, and reduces the ability of water to charge separate. Marry this with the calcium effluxing effects of nn-EMF, and you've got a problem.


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