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BHRT experiences- pls share!

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by tweety, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. mafixit

    mafixit New Member

    I have had 3 ocular migraines in the past 2 years, first one in 2010. First one scared the crap out of me - thought I was having another retinal detachment. Second one was annoying, third one my attitude was 'really, another one?' and I cleaned the bathroom until it was over, since I couldn't see my computer screen while it was happening so I could not work.

    I attributed them to my detached retina issues from 2007/2008. Maybe they are related to peri-menopause along with the daily migraines and dizziness I deal with now. On the road to a consult. We'll see what we reveal.

  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    CD26 another Migraine... ughhh... woke up w/it... coffee and excedrine migraine (Target knockoff) hasn't touched it... thank god for my blue blockers or I wouldn't be able to work at all here in the office.

    definitely need more Pg. I'm interested to see what my 24hr Genova Hormone panel looks like - should get it back in the next week or so...

    going to seriously be pushing dzugan for some more pg
  3. endless

    endless New Member

    Does anyone notice higher FBG during the second half of their cycle? Mine is high and I'm trying to figure out why....I noticed it got higher exactly when I started taking my progesterone.
  4. leighrmee

    leighrmee New Member

    After trying my regular ob/gyn trying to get help for THREE years, FINALLY found the BEST doc. He was an ob/gyn for 21 and understands a woman's body and hormones. I'm on 7 mo. of treatment and could NOT be happier. He LISTENS to me and doesn't just go by labs(his are VERY extensive, btw...). He did a T pellet insertion w/ Anastrazole. I also am on 400mg DHEA and 600 mg oral progesterone/day. He will stick with you and keep tweaking until your levels AND symptoms are better! (patience of JOB with me!) Dr. Scott Shapiro of Dr. Scott's Weight Loss & Wellness, Charlotte, NC area. if anyone needs a GREAT hormone doc, I can't say enough GOOD THINGS! Looking back, I've had imbalances for probably 35 years or more. Oh, the WASTED time!
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That is so fantastic that you have found a great Doc ....thanks for sharing!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That is so fantastic that you have found a great Doc ....thanks for sharing!

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