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Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Jack Kruse, Dec 10, 2018.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    BEWARE OF FITBITS ESPECIALLY IN A 5G CITY = JUMP CONDUCTION RISK = heart rhythm risk = sudden death = clotting issues

    It is awfully ironic that something that a device built to monitor your heart is actually affecting it with the nnEMF it emits...

    When mitohackers have measured the Fitbit with an RF meter and ran a field strength test it was 5x the emissions of an iPhone was during a peak during a call. The Fitbits RF output was also constant - directly into the radial artery. We found really problematic changes at the superior cervical ganglion on this side of the Fitbit. This had a major effect on the brown fat and IR heat signature of the fat pad on the side of the Fitbit. This tells me the Fitbit ruins the ability of brown fat to burn fat because of the nnEMF it emits. This means a Fitbit breaks down our Carnot mechanism in the matrix. Consider the recent NTP study these results are beyond concerning. Moreover, RF radiation is actually linked to the irregular heart beat and arrhythmia...

    Fitbit Recalls Due to Rashes. Reports of Dizziness, Erratic Pulse, Nausea, Pain, Headaches clotting. Fitbits Operate Using 2.45 Ghz WiFi = melanopsin dysfunction = changes in T cells in the skin to cause allergy and many other wonderful collateral non-linear effects.

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