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Better late than never

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by vkiernan, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    April 17th

    Today is the day I put words into action by putting all of my ups/downs/insides/outsides in one place on paper. I only started my way to optimum via the Dr. K's LRx July 3rd, 2011. So, better late than never.:D One of these days soon, I will document what I believe led me to my current state of health or better yet, lack there of!

    Right now my goal is to start documenting everything my body is doing and try to find patterns so I know how to proceed. I am currently working on a lot ot things and it gets confusing if not impossible to know what is doing what. I was diagnosed with OAT (Ovarian, Adrenal, Thyroid) axis imbalance along with Candida, Leaky Gut and only God knows what else. A few years back, I have had skin cancer (squaemous cell carcinoma) and a scare with breast cancer which turned out to be ok but I had to have the calcium deposits removed (not a fun procedure). For the OAT axis imbalance, this means 1 or more are out of balance and in my case all 3 as this has been going on for a very, very, very long time. I just didn't know it as my doctors are (were) all CW doctors. For the thyroid, they actually told me to stop reading the internet. You bet I stopped - NOT! Thanks to Dr. Kruse as he is saving and hopefully extending my life.

    April 18th. Slept until 4 again. I upped my HC again yesterday back to what my doc told me take which was 12.5, 12.5 and 5(or 7.5 can't remember, darn) . I did this for 2 reasons: 1st reason was because I have been working 12 hour days to get a little caught up so I can go to CA on Saturday for 5 days for a work trip with hubby and I felt I needed the boost to keep me going. I got the boost but sleep was not good. Could have also been because I got home at 9pm and didn't really have wind down time along with the nasty bright flourescent lights at work. 2nd reason was because I wanted to test my theory that it was keeping me awake. I also want to note that I took my HC too late and I could tell. I was dragging butt for sure. Might set my phone alarm to remind me since I am so busy at work right now and forget.

    Ok, still not exactly sure as I had a more variables but I am only doing 10, 10 & 7.5 as I need my sleep tonight. l have my monthly massage tonight and am really looking forward to it. I will come home and relax for the most part afterwards and drink lots of water early and hopefully have a great nights sleep and get up and do my CT with vigor tomorrow.

    Also took 25 dhea and 50 preg. along with my normal supps.

    Hunger yesterday and the day before was very diminished. I am usually not this way so I am hoping it is a good sign from CT or LRxing. Sunday I was very hungry. On the 17th I ate 3 eggs w/ham for BAB. Ate 1/2 burger patty and small lettuce/cuke salad for lunch and dinner as I ate both at work. I couldn't eat more at lunch as I wasn't hungry and I didn't eat until 2 so I saved the rest for dinner at 6 and forced myself to eat something to help support my adrenals. I think if I waited until the next morning to eat, that would be too long. Don't know for sure but don't need to throw anything else into the mix right now. I also believe I lost a pound or something as my stomach was down and my pants were loose along with my new bra which wasn't tight like it was 3 days ago. Progress for sure. Wasn't planning on the weight/fat loss but I'll take it.

    It's 7 am and time to get my butt ready to work. Talk to you all later....
  2. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Better late than never! I agree & how appropriate! Welcome! :)
  3. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    April 19th.

    Last night was a disaster in regard to sleep. I finally fell asleep after midnight and woke at 4:30 and laid there for a long time. Finally fell back asleep for a little bit. I am exhausted. Yesterday I had fairly good focus at work and at night was wired and tired. I was a chatty Kathy at my massage and blew the whole experience. Even when I got home I couldn't take some down time as I had work stuff to finish before I leave Sat. for CA so didn't go to bed until 10. Am I on too much HC, dhea, preg.? I also find my attitude lately isn't as good with my dh but he has really not had any time for me lately either or at least that how I think I feel. So is it hormones, him, meds, supps. or????? I was doing so well over the weekend sleep wise. Wth is going on now? I just want to feel normal and sleep!!!!!

    I was hungrier yesterday but I didn't eat much for lunch or supper cuz I only had what I took to work for the day and it wasnt enough although at the time I felt full.

    Today I am taking:

    HC 12.5, 10 & 5 - backing the noon & afternoon dose

    Preg. 40 & 40

    DHEA 25

    Supps. normal

    HCL backing off to due to some acid reflux before lunch

    CT - won't have time today - dinner meeting tonight
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    good the Hawthorne effect will clearly help you.
  5. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Friday, April 20th

    Thanks Dr. K for your response. I sure hope it helps. I need to pm you and I cannot. Your box is full.

    Yesterday was da bomb and I about exploded. Totally exhausted from not sleeping. I was also really really stressed over some work stuff that is finally getting resolved. Also, with leaving for a few day I have a lot of work to finish so that has not helped my situation. Today is a better day. Still woke at 3 and laid there for almost 2 hours and finally fell back asleep til around 6 am.

    Don't know why I go in streaks with the sleep thing. I am not as cranky today so happy about that for sure but then again it is Friday. I am getting caught up as much as possible anyway before I leave. That helps too.

    Wish I could figure the stomach out. It has not been feeling very good and bloated today. Sour maybe plus some reflux? I don't know if I need to up the HCL or drop the HCL. When I switched HCL brands a month ago, I became constipated. Went back to old brand and still the same. Wondering if the DHEA, preg. and/or Isocort & then switching to HC did something to mess me up. Things had been working pretty good all things considered and now they aren't. Just got my mag citrate last night so we'll see if that helps.

    Saw Dr. K's response about being hungry and estrogen detox from CT'ing. I had the hungries for at least a month or more of CT'ing. Still have them on occasion but not nearly as bad. I wonder if the 2 weeks of pms and tom from hell were also part of the estrogen detox. Perhaps I made progress as I still don't have tender breasts and usually I have them from ovulation forward about 2 good weeks worth. Have not done my CT's this past week as regularly as I'd like. Will have to get them going again asap as Dr. K. also said to CT ALOT for the estrogen detox.

    Not as hungry today. Had 3 eggs and ham for BAB along with my 1 cup of bulletproof coffee. Ate a small piece of venison steak maybe 3 or 4 oz. and 1/2 can spinach for lunch and I am stuffed - happens everyday at lunch. I still think I am not digesting my food properly. Out of my cocoa/coconut bark which is my 1 enjoyment for the day. I miss it. Need to make more.

    Today I am taking:

    HC 12.5, 10 & 5 will try to continue this to see how my sleep fares and if this is a factor.

    Preg. 40 & 40

    DHEA 25

    Dim and Silymarin 1 & 2 breakfast - out of DIM for lunch, 2 sily...

    Supps. normal except for noon ones due to stomach

    HCL 3 with BAB none for lunch (sour stomach today)

    Enzymes 3 with BAB and 1 or 2 for lunch

    Mag Citrate 800 mg at bedtime

    CT - will try tonight but have to go 2nd job to catch up there too before leaving and I have to do laundry and pack once I get home. Maybe I can squeeze a short one tonight and tomorrow am. Will force it somehow as soon as I get home so I have time to warm up before bed.

    Don't know how much time the next 5 days I will have to post due to trip but will try.
  6. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    April 21st

    8pm and made it to San Fran., CA. Not done yet. Long day. Did my CT last night, hoping to do the next one in the ocean. Feeling pretty good today overall. Gotta go get on a planenow.
  7. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    April 22nd

    Just checking in for the day. Played in the ocean twice today. It was awesome and I was not cold. I actually swam in it and had a great time. People were all bundled up in there jackets sitting on the shore and I was in my swimsuit in the water. Yeeha! Another good day for me overall. Oh yah, found 7 perfect sand dollars too!!
  8. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    April 23

    woke up at 4:15 again and couldn't go back to sleep so I am exhausted. Really need a nap and dont know if it will happen.taking ask my supps like normal. Gotta go now, will check back in later.
  9. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    April 26th

    Spend the 25th traveling. Yesterday was a baaad day. Fought with dh who was a total jerk to me. I know he doesn't get what I am going thru otherwise he might be a bit more understanding. Need that appt. soon with Dr. K or I fear the worst.

    I am tired today as well as the last few. I think I shouldn't go anywhere outside the norm until I get fixed. I can't keep up the pace and it wears heavily on me but could also be part pms. This month so far is not normal. Time might tell!

    My stomach has not been good and now it seems worse. Don't know whether to take HCL or not. So, backing off to see what happens. Only took 2 this am and none for lunch. Ate an omelet for breakfast Wednesday and didn't eat the rest of the day.

    Didn't get hungry either. Thinking it is due to stomach issues. I did eat a lot of food Mon and Tues. cuz it was there (bad reason for sure). I'm thinking I have an eating problem. When it is in front of me, I eat it even if I am full. How sad is that. I had a little fruit and more salad than I would normally eat along with the protein. May have exasperated the stomach issues. Cutting way back and keeping it simple for a while.

    HC continuing with 12.5, 10 & 5. Upped for a few days while in CA due to the time change and really tired. But dropped it back down yesterday.

    I did sleep 7 hours fairly straight thru except where dh wakes me and rolls me over. I did fall right back asleep though so that was positive. Probably cuz I was in my own bed.

    HCL 2 with BAB and 3 enzymes

    Preg. out of my normal preg from doc, so using some I had which is 100 mg first thing in the am instead of 30 or 40 that I was taking am and noon per my doc. Need to order some as I don't see her for a few weeks.

    Supps all the same

    DHEA 25 mg
  10. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    April 27th

    Today was a much better day for me and it was probably due to getting some sleep. Strangely, I slept fairly well last night. DH tossed and turned and flipped me a few times but I actually fell right back asleep and didn't get out of bed until 6:15 after crawling into bed at 9:30. No mental issues today either although I do have a headache this evening. Should be pms but nothing so far.

    I just want to mention that I hurt both my feet walking barefoot in the sand at the ocean on Sunday. The pain is straight down from the outside of my ankles to the bottom of my feet. They still hurt today so I am assuming it is not muscle soreness but a sort of strain. I have struggled all week trying to walk. It has been that bad.

    Did my CT this evening after not having done it the last 4 days. It was very tough but after reading CT 11 I felt compelled and really forced myself to do it. I only lasted 30 minutes but at least the water was around 53. I will do it again tomorrow and Sunday no matter what. The weather is supposed to be crappy so I have no excuse and also since my feet hurt so bad I can't really do anything else anyway.

    Still eating fairly light. Hungry for supper early though. Stomach is feeling a tad better this afternoon. Still kinda nauseated this morning a bit. Didn't take any betaine HCL today, just enzymes.

    HC 12.5, 10 & 7.5 (upped 3rd dose to see if it messes with my sleep, probably shouldn't change it yet but curious)

    Preg. 100 mg am

    Dhea 25 mg am

    Supps all the same d3, k2, c, DIM, silymarin & mag (at night)s

    Thinking about adding Maca again as Dr. K. says it increases progesterone and I know I need it. Might work this time cuz I think I dumped a bunch of estrogen due to CT a few weeks ago.
  11. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    This post is why I believe I am in the situation I am today. A lot of this overlapped.

    Brief history, started out as a shy girl with 2 sisters and 4 brothers all living at home in a 2 bedroom house with parents who's jobs had them gone a lot. There wasn't much discipline happening either. Older sister sort of raised us. Not good. Mom was a great cook and we ate well; well at least taste wise. We always had ice cream or cookies or anything all sugary and yummy. Needless to say, baaad food. Mom didn't know and neither did we that we were killing ourselves slowly. I ate like this my whole life until the Atkin's Diet around 33 yrs old or so in 1996.

    I eventually got married to a very strict catholic in which I turned catholic at 19 (1982) to marry him. Had 3 beautiful babes all weighing 9 ish lbs. I gained and lost 30 with the first 2 and gained 50 with the last and couldn't lose it all until many many years later going on the atkins diet as noted above. Don't know what changed between baby #2 and #3 but something did. I was grateful for Dr. Atkins as his protocol at the time worked great for me. I know better now but the weight did come off. As for the ex husband, he was tough on us all in many ways. He was also the type of person who's glass was only half full. Never any praise for any one of us. Vacation, what's that. Can't ever spend any money you know either.

    In 1992, my youngest was 4 and I decided I had better go to school to get a job when he would go off to kindergarten since I was a stay-at-home mom. We needed the cash. This was the start of my additional stress (married to the wrong man). Fast forward 1 year, I graduated and got a job. Decided after a couple of years that I needed more schooling due to my job. So, fought with the hubby to go back to school. After he said no repeatedly, I just did what I needed to do and went back. So, working a full-time job with 3 little kids and a husband and taking 3 classes a semester was taking it's toll. Somehow I managed to do this for many years until obtaining my associates in Accounting and graduating in 1998 with a 3.96/4.0 gpa. Stayed with the same company and moved up until a better job came along Dec. 1999. The company I had been working for since day 1 was going thru rough times (I knew this when taking the job) and eventually went under after many changes thruout the years. About a year after I left, they were gone so ultimately it was a good decision to change jobs when I did.

    Fast forward to 2000, my oldest brother was diagnosed with lung cancer. This moved to his brain and killed him the next year or so. Fast forward another year, my Mom had been ill for a very long time with heart disease, diabetes and congestive heart failure on and off. She had her carrotids cleaned out and eventually also had bypass surgery. One time she got so sick and ended up in the hospital with something that led to kidney failure. This meant she had to have dialysis and eventually she just couldn't have it anymore and she died in 2002. During this time, I ended up leaving my husband for about 6 months. Things were not good and he felt he had nothing to work on and seeing a counselor was not going to help.

    Back to the new job; it was good until my current boss left in 2001 and I got a new boss. We clashed big time. This was a huge stressor on me and he remained my boss until 2008. During this time, I ended up leaving my husband again for 2 years and finally divorcing in 2006. My kids were mad at me and even came to my work one day to chew me out. Ouch! Never want to go thru that again.

    I eventually met a new man and ended up working for him part time doing his bookkeeping (married him in 2009). I was still working fulltime at my other job as well. After a bit, they switched software packages and I ended up working a lot of nights until 10 pm or later from starting at 8 am. I had to figure out the accounting portion and how this was going to work with the new software. Brain and energy overload. This was everwhelming and I finally crashed. That was probably the last thing to lead to my adrenal fatigue. I remember going on a Hawaiian cruise in 2007 and fell asleep during a luau in the front row. I was always falling asleep. I would sit on the couch in the evening and just fall asleep. If we drove somewhere, I would fall asleep; just couldn't stay away for anything. Even in work meetings if they turned down the lights, I would fall asleep. I didn't know what was wrong with me at time but had a clue shortly down the road. I ended up going to acupuncture for a lot of stomach issues after talking with a friend who led me to her and she led me to a nutritionist who told me I had adrenal fatigue. She put me on this crazy high protein, low carb diet that I couldn't continue on and I stopped the diet and blew it off (wish I wouldn't have). This was early 2009.

    There you have it, Adrenal fatigue in the making. The above are the "highlights" that I believe caused a big part of my health issues along with my really crappy diet. Who knew sugar and high 06's could kill you or at least make you very sick. I just thought I might get fat. Even though I had been low carb for years (ever since following Atkins), I believe the damage was already done. I also believe I have had estrogen dominance most of my life as well due to really bad TOM's forever. It is too bad I didn't take that nutritionist more serious and have this really looked into. I might have been better years ago. Funny how Dr. K came into the picture when he did.
  12. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    [​IMG][/url] [/IMG*]

    Here goes trying to attach my ocean swim. It is a bad pic but none-the-less a pic for memories.
  13. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Yeh, successful or at least for me as I can see it. Wonder how to show the pic all the time. Back to the drawing board.

    OK, can't make it work to show it as I don't know how to upload the pic to the forum it seems.

    April 28th & 29th, Saturday & Sunday

    Saturday was a good day overall and I am sleeping and feeling better. DH is still waking me but I can go right back to sleep and I am NOT, I repeat NOT, staying awake in the middle of the night. Man this is great! I am so pleased and hoping it continues. I even took a 2 hr nap yesterday morning. Totally unheard of. No mental issues yesterday or today. Yippee!

    Thinking about getting my CT over for today. Will have to go quickly though as BAB won't last forever. Yesterday's CT was better than the day before but I still cannot go longer than 40 min. max. I am putting the arms in and the watering the girls with a cup. I know this impacts it. If I bundle up the upper half I can go longer. So, what is better - longer or more skin exposed to CT?

    Started a new thread today about digestion and the stomach gurgles. This happens to me when I CT and when I eat. Wondering if it is good, bad or otherwise.

    My ankles are finally starting to feel a little better. Have to wear 1 pair of shoes that keeps them in the right position though.

    So it is now 4:30 pm and I need to report that I am hungry today. Hungry for BAB, lunch and dinner. One of those days I guess. I also did my CT this morning with arms and girls included. Couldn't last more than 30 min. Booh. Really wanted to but was shivering too much. Really have the girgles all day long.

    Sat and Sun supps:

    HC 12.5, 10 & 7.5

    DHEA 25 mg and Preg. 100 mg in the early am

    Armour 2 gr. took in early am instead of 9:30 am. Will try that for awhile as it is easier to remember to take.

    L-glutamine - read yesterday that I should be taking this on a empty stomach so will try before BAB and after lunch.

    Supps. D3, Bcomplex, DIM, Silymarin, Kyolic garlic - adding back in for Candida, got a sniffly nose - detox or Candida?

    2 HCL and 2 enzymes - testing the HCL as I am still not sure if I need it or not, posted a new thread trying to make head or tails of it.
  14. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    April 30th, Monday

    Wow! Another great night of sleep. OMG, this is so great and I still can't believe it. Even DH slept much better last night which of course helped me sleep. I feel human when I wake up now. Still no pms. Don't know what's up. Enjoying it though.;)

    I have a really long day today. Need to go to 2nd job tonight and run checks and statements. First I have to clean a/r up. This will take me all night. Might have to put checks off until tomorrow. I don't want anymore stress than I have. I am taking good food with me too. I made some rockin' swiss steak and can't wait to eat it. That will make my night much better for sure. DH can eat whatever he wants. I'm sure it will be the pizza joint next door.

    As for CT'ing today, I don't believe there will be any time today. Tomorrow for sure. Talk about health benefits, CT has to be the gold mine. Something is definitely changing in me and I love it. I still cannot go long but I'm ok cuz I keep on a goin' anyway.

    We had a simple dinner with friends last night and we laughed a lot. I think everyone there needed the good laughs and was enjoyed by all.

    I had a few heart palps last night. Not sure what that was about. See what tonight brings. I did have some bark with lunch and maybe it was too much caffeine or my thyroid is turning on and I don't need as much anymore. Probably too soon but I'm a hopin' anyway!

    Just finished my BAB and had a little reflux going on. 3 HCL was probably too much. No more today at all. Just enzymes. Also feeling like heart palps again, something strange feeling for sure. I do drink a cup a coffee with my BAB. Maybe I can't handle the caffeine at all anymore. I load up with coconut oil 3 or 4T plus butter in my coffee and BAB. Darn, I love my morning coffee.

    HC 12.5, 10 & 7.5

    DHEA 25 mg and Preg. 100 mg in the early am

    Armour 2 gr. took in early am instead of 9:30 am.

    L-glutamine (leaky gut), Silymarin (detox), DIM (estrogen dom.) and Kyolic garlic (Candida)

    D3, Bcomplex, and C (been taking all along, forgot to note)

    3 HCL and 2 enzymes w/BAB - testing the HCL as I am still not sure if I need it or not
  15. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    May 1st, Tuesday

    Yeehah, slept again. Yes, I am on a roll. Feeling pretty good for the most part. Still not a beep today and no signs of pms. Loose stools yesterday and more so today. I did take 3 HCL yesterday so I think I really don't need anymore. Although, I like the get rid of stuff aspect cuz this isn't normal for me. I think some things are finally working and I am very happy about that.

    Still a little hungry today. Wanted lunch by 11:30 but waited until noon. I go from really hungry to really full within 10 minutes. Maybe someday I just won't be as hungry and won't want to "eat now." Oh well, just doing what my body tells me to.

    Will do my CT this evening. Got home at 9:30 last night and it was bedtime so no CT yesterday.

    HC 12.5, 10 & 7.5

    DHEA 25 mg and Preg. 100 mg in the early am - I think the preg. is making me have heart palps. Won't take it tomorrow and see.

    Armour 2 gr. took in early am instead of 9:30 am.

    L-glutamine (leaky gut), Silymarin (detox), DIM (estrogen dom.) and Kyolic garlic (Candida)

    D3, Bcomplex, and C (been taking all along, forgot to note)

    no HCL and 2 enzymes w/BAB, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon and supper - no more hcl for awhile - loose stools are telling me something.

    Did my CT tonight and could only go 30 min. at 53. Left the girls and arms out and it didn't make a difference in regard to length. I was also very hungry for supper. Could barely wait until time to eat.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    youre coming around......
  17. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Thanks. I do believe so. Changes are happening and they are all good. I even took good food to work last night so I wouldn't have to eat crap food. Loved it!
  18. This is awesome! I'm so glad for you, and you give me hopes! :)
  19. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    It always seems like such a long road back but in reality it was long road getting where you are. I certainly do empathize with you and how all that stress has all but done you in. But we both know you're now in the right place at the right time and it looks like you're doing GREAT! So good on you! :)
  20. Birdy

    Birdy New Member

    Oh, sleep is golden. My neighbor seems to have started an import/export business involving semi's arriving late at night and staying until midnight, so I was really groggy this morning!!!!

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