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Best places to live in Australia

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by JPB, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. JPB

    JPB New Member

    Hi all, I'm planning to move within Australia. I really only seem to get relief from my symptoms if I'm in a low Non-Native EMF area. I moved from Sydney to Wollongong about 5 months ago thinking that living in close proximity to a beach would be enough to resolve my issues. This doesn't seem to be the case, I always seem to get most relief from my symptoms when I'm in a rural area. Is the most important factor for good health these days population density in an area? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm so tired of being sick that I'm quite willing to move anywhere (within Australia) if it will give me significant relief and allow me to recover.

  2. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Hi JPB, a member of forum here moved to Agnes Water/1770 after a consultation with Jack several years ago. She has some incurable thing like Hodgkinsons.
    I went north of Cairns for a few weeks in winter & had improvement in blood tests in that time.

    You probably will have to live out of town as you know to get away from everything. We have off grid solar on our shed so that helps. Have you ever checked your dirty electricity in power points?

    Cheers, Jenny
  3. JPB

    JPB New Member

    Thanks Jenny, did you really feel a difference going north of Cairns? Yes I'm slowly starting to accept that i'll have to live in the 'thick of it' it seems. I live in a Non-native EMF hellhole at the moment, it was a little bit foolish moving here I think considering all I knew about before the move. I live in an apartment building, absolutely surrounded by other apartment buildings and a Hotel, do you think worrying about dirty electricity from my power point have an effect? Thanks
  4. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Dirty electricity could be a real issue. Bought a meter when I lived on Bribie Island & got a shock to find it was about 1650 in the kitchen & not good in other rooms. Recommended level is under 50. Take plugs & meter on holidays now. Got special plugs to go in power points - some had to have 2 in them. Of course your bedroom is main source of concern.

    It was probably about 5 years ago since I went to Cairns so can't remember much except that it was recommended to me by Paleo Josh on forum here - I saw him at Bendigo. He asked me if he could post results on here as he'd never seem such a dramatic improvement in anyone's labs in such a short time frame.

    Also geopathic stress like underground streams - had 3 under house in Bribie - so slept in different room to avoid as much as possible.
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