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Best area for relocation

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by David, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. David

    David Silver

    I am convinced that I must move from Northern Virginia and I am considering Northwest Florida. I vaguely remember Dr Kruse stating that the Gulf Coast from Tampa to New Orleans may offer the most benefits, from a health perspective.

    Can anyone verify that idea or at least lead me in the correct direction?

    I would also like to know what are the most attractive characteristics that I should be considering in selecting a locale. My present thinking leads me to consider Pensacola or a nearby area of the Gulf Coast. Access to saltwater for a daily swim and a large selection of seafood makes that area seem attractive. Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I think testing is crucial both on location, and via labs...

    also following your intuition is helpful as well...

    We're actually looking to a couple of places. access to water will be key
  3. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    Constant EMF exposure should be your number 1 concern. The Gulf Coast is an excellent choice for the seafood and seawater. The only drawback is the threat of hurricanes.
  4. David

    David Silver

    Yes, that is excellent advice: labs to establish the state of health and EMF meters employed at the specific site to determine what to avoid, as well as what measures can be taken to overcome minor EMF problems at an otherwise attractive place.

    The objective at this point is to put together a list of perspective locations.
  5. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Wonderful idea, David! And I have heard JK mention those areas as well...in addition to testing. There is some crater he mentioned down there that side of the ocean. If I remember right. Good luck!!!
  6. David

    David Silver

    Yeah, storms can pose terrible disruptions and cannot be taken lightly. I have lived in that area before and experienced a hurricane or two; and I experienced a terrible typhoon when stationed on Okinawa, Japan. It's easy to say from my present position, which offers a great distance in both time and miles, but I am less concerned with a weather event than I am with the constant bombardment by EMF in the Washington DC area.

    So, I totally agree that EMF is the Number One Concern.
  7. David

    David Silver

    Thanks, Hope. Yes, I know that Dr K has mentioned it, but I can't recall in what context.
  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Dr. Kruse has been mentioning 3 things lately for optimal health. Sunshine, water, & magnetism.
    Florida would have an abundance of all 3.

    After EMF concerns, I think you would want a water well or natural spring.
  9. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest


    I'd caution you - on the survivability of hurricanes here in the US b/c we don't build to the same standards as they do in Oki or Guam to survive typhoons. We haven't seen a Cat 5 make land in the US Since Andrew in 1992. I lived in Guam when Super typhoon Paka came through and set a land speed wind record of 233mph and broke the windometer in the 1st 4 hrs of that lovely storm. building standards are for withstanding both Super Typhoons (Cat 5 hurricanes) and 8.0 earthquakes. in addition to that the land we're building on in the US isn't as stable as coral reef and remnants of volcanic eruptions...

    That said - if you're far enough away from the 500 year flood plain and the flood surge - you should be good to go.

    We're considering Maine as a possibility, BC north of Vancouver, Utah, upto Yellowstone and on to Glacier national park, as well as Texas. of course we'll be testing, but we're also looking for opportunities to continue being able to pay the bills...
  10. AutoMoonMonster

    AutoMoonMonster New Member

  11. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    but Jack has said EMF in Florida is a nightmare... as is most places along the east coast. West of Destin you should be ok - but by that point you're practically in AL.

    Having been to FL, AL, MS & GA - I never felt good there - even when healthy. something made me feel restless and uncomfortable. I've been back to AL recently - and got the same vibe when I'm on the ground - its not for me.

    The places I've felt the best - Salt Lake UT, Idaho, WY, MT, Glennwood Springs CO, and Guam. I'd go back to Guam in a heart beat if I could convince DH to go...
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Gretchen - the places you talk about where you didn't like the vibe etc. .... was your DH with you? How are you going to factor that in? Isn't it extremely likely that you both would have different reactions to the same area? Tough decisions.....
  13. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    well we both like the cold :) and so do our kids we all gravitate to it... so that shouldn't be too hard. His needing 4 seasons is why we'll never re-locate to Guam...or another tropical island on a major rift zone...

    WE have been to Glacier National Park, and Idaho. the question is where do we end up where we can make a living and limit our emf exposure, while living near a rip in the earths crust or the ocean

    my labs go to crap in summer - most likely field driven - but I can only do hot and humid if I live on an island (think Guam) Okinawa was great, but I had some sever allergies - and migraines there - and If I think about it - there's a heck of a lot more EMF getting pumped out of Oki and into Oki - so that might actually be what was going on - only i didn't recognize it.

    When you look at the places where I do best - I need a massive rip in the crust - think edge of yellowstone or the marianas trench. the PNW has the potential to work... as does salt lake, straight north on up to Glacier National Park (yellowstone is directly inbtwn them... obviously SLC is probably the worst in that straight line not counting Idaho falls.

    DH doesn't want TX but is willing to consider it, as they don't have enough of civil engineers to handle the development - but that in its self could be a detriment in the long run...
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Lots of tough calls ..... so much to think about....... are you making progress with work? I am so lucky :)
  15. RickD

    RickD New Member

    Looking through my labs the last several years they always looked the best when we lived in Hood River, Oregon which is 50 miles East of Portland. The area sits between two volcanos, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, which might create some geologic issues, but it has plenty of great water and sunshine. A secondary benefit is Portland has an abundance of NDs and alternative health providers.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    oregon was a decent place......lots of holes in the ground to access the field because of the volcano's and the lightening strikes........y'all will find out why that is important soon enough.
  17. To bring back this topic, I have a question - is Poland a good location to live, based on any criteria (EMFs and magnetism primarily). I've been taking the whole 'field' idea seriously as of late in my quest to heal myself. In my honest opinion, I think air should be added to the list (sunshine, water, magnetism), since we are aerobic organisms and anyhow many people breath poorly as it is.

    The reason I ask this is, my fiance has family out in Poland. We may be able to live with them for free if we were to move out there (or at least very cheaply). I'm worried because of my current HPPD symptoms, but I've got ways to keep that under control; and if I were to relocate to a better 'field', it may help me further. I know that I would be within long walking/hiking/short driving distance to a nice beach, but I'm not sure about the magnetism aspect of Poland. From my knowledge of my fiances family out there, it doesn't seem like everyone has 2-3 or more computers/laptops in a home in addition to smartphones and ipads. For instance, my fiances cocia (if that's how you spell it, it means grandma) calls off of a land line phone rather than cell phone, and her siblings/nephews can only communicate through skype off of a older desktop computer.

    Education is paid for by the government out there, as well. I would be able to go to the same college as my fiances sister who got her PhD through their state funded school systems, and hopefully go through the route of medical practice. I was also thinking.... IF (and only if) Poland is good in terms of EMFs and magnetism, we would be able to create the ultimate bedroom in a basement and keep it pretty much freezing - cold and dark, only used for sleep and sex; get one of those Japanese organic floor mattresses so we're even closer to the ground (although already underground) and throw a Magnetico under there - we'd have ourselves the ultimate place to sleep.

    Any input?
  18. Hope someone can help me out a bit more here, so far this is what I've found, but I'm not so keen yet on EMFs and different current densities/power outputs/etc.:
    http://ec.europa.eu/health/electromagnetic_fields/docs/emf_comparision_policies_en.pdf there is a chart that shows the power of different EMFs allowed in some EU countries, it seems as though Poland has regulations that make the allowed maximum output/exposure lower than even the EU recommends. I'm going to keep digging though. This might be a viable option in the next year or so.
  19. LBK

    LBK Gold

    Good to know. We have considered moving to Oregon if my husband ever gets to retire. We live in San Marcos Texas, now. A fault line runs through here, so maybe not too bad to live here.
  20. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Is there a site where you can see if where one lives is low in EMF's? I am having a hard time finding one.

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