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becoming me again

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by kovita, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I'm sticking with Jansy, also. How dare he change his name like that??
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sally - I think Jansy is quite the swinger ........
  3. Hope

    Hope Gold

    What? He isn't changing his name. He is just educating us with his original pronunciation :) is all. You can imagine his name to be whatever :)

    In Albany we had a TV person named Chris Kapostaci (don't remember the actual spelling). Well when she went national, the day she announced the move to MSNBC, she said she'd change her name into Jansing...easier to pronounce. LOL.
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Other than the tests from BodyBio and their books that I posted on my other post on this thread you may want to look at this:


    Sixteenth Edition
    Copyright October, 2008



    Preferably open the document and print it out, it is better formatted.

    LAB TESTS for Dr. Stricker
    Tests that may be performed before the first visit

    The following tests MUST be performed at IGeneX Laboratories.
    No other lab is acceptable. Please call them at 1-800-832-3200
    and ask for a “blood test kit” which they will mail to you.
    Everything you need will be with the kit.
    Check off all of the tests below and then take it with you to your
    health care provider’s office for him to sign and complete the provider’s information.
    These tests must be paid for upfront by check or credit card and can later be
    submitted to your insurance under “out of network” costs.
    The tests should be drawn on Mon, Tues or Wed.

    Medicare Patients. If you have Medicare Insurance that is NOT operated by an HMO,
    then check off the following tests on the requisition form:

    Test #6050 -------- Complete Lyme Panel
    Tests # 200 , 663 and 720 -------- Babesia tests
    Tests # 285 and 280 -------- Bartonella tests
    Test # 770 -------- HME PCR
    Tests # 206 and 775 -------- Anaplasma
    Tests #965 and 998 -------- Rickettsia

    Non-Medicare patients or those whose MC is operated by an HMO, order the following tests:

    Test # 4090 -------- Basic Lyme Panel
    Test # 200 and 720 -------- Babesias
    Test # 285 -------- Bartonella
    TEST # 203 -------- Ehrlichia
    Test # 206 -------- Anaplasma

    For all the IGeneX tests you can use the ICD9 code of 088.81

    (Most health care providers have LabCorp requisition slips. Do NOT do this test at Quest!!)

    Test # 505026 -------- HNK1 (CD57) Panel -------- Use ICD9 code 088.81
    This is a “write-in test”that won’t be on the requisition form
    This is a very time-sensitive test. Please make sure they overnight it.

    (These must be done no more than 6 weeks before the first appointment)
    TSH and Free T4

    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
  5. kovita

    kovita Gold

    well, Jan, you certainly now how to keep people busy! I am now reading in paralell more than 10 books but why not I can start a few more, my mind is as clean and sharp as it could be!
    I have spent the most relaxing weekend. Went to my parent's house in tiny village on the lake shores. It was sunny, I had left the kids with my husband so the only thing I did was being outside, bathing at the freezing lake and drinking our fantastic well water. There must be something about it, specially the "it" being outdoors in the middle of the nature. I feel fantastic! I have a feeling that our outdoor Atlantic beach holiday planned for the whole month of June could my best idea in a while!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sounds like you have a great plan ...

    There you have the three legged stool all rolled up in a neat little package!

    water, grounding and sun ..... why doesn't everyone get it????
  7. kovita

    kovita Gold

    so, it looks like I finally came across a good doctor. After so many unsuccesfull visits I was alrady giving up and the luck finally showed it's face. I have decided to shut up my mouth and let the doctor say her thoughts and plans and she left me with my mouth wide opened. She basically threw on me a plan that matches my wildest secret expectations. We do a big profound blood investigations and even salivary hormons, HRV and urine hormones and metabolites. This sounds almost surreal in this country! I hope my number one shows on the results. Would you have any special recomendations in terms of testing considering most likely the origin of my problems is lyme? She let me free hand to add whatever I believe would be worth it. In general she is more inclined into low cortisol, low serotonin, low endorphins situation and she did not suggest to test MSH pointing out my physical appearance is nothing like low MSH looks like. I know low MSH is often prominent in lyme. I wanted to lay her another question. One of the problems I have is abnormal bone growth in some of the joints. I have it on one of the wrists, acromion and corracoid. Anything in particular to look for?
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That is wonderful that you have found a great partner Doc! sorry I don't know the answer to your questions - hopefully someone else will
  9. kovita

    kovita Gold

    time for some updates, me thinks. I noticed lately something is changing with my body. to give you the correct background, i am former profi athlete (400n hurdles) and i always kept a good amount of muscles, specially on my legs. 2 pregnancies, long breatsfeedings and my lyme diggested al kst all my muscles and left me with very low weight (4-5 kg below my norm). i do not have access to dexa but the old fashioned conductivity measurement of fat was on 20 few months back, this was a lot for me and curiously I looked much slimmer than ever before. I quite all exercising in October and was just refeeding using epipaleo till the January when i started with HIIT, yoga, but limiting my exercising to intensive max15 min a day, walking a lot, relaxing. lot, cT and all other lifestyle choices as per jk. Now the thing is My weight is up 4 kg and ther are really nig muscles on my legs and butt again, some more muscles on. y arms and belly and (you will not believe it) my breasts are growing back! i am shocked and not sure what to make out of it.
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Sounds great, Kovita! :)
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    WOOHOO!!! more pics of your gorgeous family please......
  12. Jude

    Jude Gold

    That's great Kovita...
  13. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Nice, Kovita! I credit CT for a lot of the improvements in your muscles.
  14. kovita

    kovita Gold

    just back from review of labs with my doc. Some good news, some reasonable news and some bad news. I will scan it and post it tomorrow since I would love to see any inpu. The biggies in my eyes are massive th1 shift, elevated urea and kreatinin and terrible hrv at night (seems like i do no regenerate at all). I am crashed, my N=1 is clearly cytotoxic autoimmunity. With the shade of my younger brothers departure due to the lupus nephritis nehind me, I have to digest it. It will be rough, but having in mind that my thoughts converts in my labs, I have to work it out.
  15. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Kovita…JK recent discussions about becoming healthy despite lousy redox potential (i.e. Jeremy) is truly the voice of realism and optimism combined….there is a way and I'm sure you will find it.
  16. kovita

    kovita Gold

    thanks, SeeHorse, it was maybe the best blog i ever red. Totally out of the box and incredibly inspiring. I just hoped to see better labs, but at least I seem to have a good doc now. I have soent last 6 months sitally dedicated to get me to better present, I hoped my current present would be already better. My doc is positive since me hormones are not complete trash. There are some big mysteries in my labs such as steadily declining vit d despite of the fact i have spent the whole winter outdoors and tAking cod liver oil. I am juggling with the idea the vitamin a and k2 made me to start using it, i think i had very low vit a levels for most of my life. The redox reading through jk eyes is trash. I think it is time to prepare the evacuation from the city.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am trying to remember - you said you lived on a game reserve at one point? And you were very healthy? Lots more sunshine?
  18. kovita

    kovita Gold

    yeah, Caroline, ti live in city center now. I know emf is big here. we are looking at our options, but the situation is complicated now. i cannot just go and live in the wild, i have a family.
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Kids love the wild!!!
    I just remembered you saying how super healthy you were during that period ...... Didn't you say you went from being sick to feeling great? and then when you left your health deteriorated one again?
    kovita likes this.
  20. kovita

    kovita Gold

    my labs, I did not succeed to upload pdf due to the size as per error received so i am uploading pictures. not the most handy, but for now the only way it works from me. I would be glad for any input. HRV was disaster. very good day and terrible night (no drop in heart beat during the night weak parasympathetic). The best parasympathetic activity during the whole 24 hours was my meditation when the pulse dropped, sympathetic almost zero, high parasympathetic. My slepp sucks big time. Melatonin is schockingly low, but i fall aslepp essily in the night, my doc thinks there may be shift. More labs follow in the next posts. I welcome any comments and thoughts and looking forward to them! Please write whatever comes to your mind, sometimes the most valuable things comen the form of first thoughts.

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