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Beating sugar addiction, ED, CF, much more!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by MamaGrok, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    The leptin reset has been the nail in the coffin to my long, long battle to destroy sugar addiction for good.

    I had a c-section birth, normal vaccine & antibiotics as a child of the 80's, and fairly SAD (but at least somewhat homemade) diet growing up. In college, I jokingly declared myself a breadaholic, but since bread is low fat, yay for me! I also noticed that caffeine, sugar, sodas, and most meds had no effect on me, and noted addictive tendencies (I'd drink a Coke in 10 seconds flat), and was glad I never indulged in alcohol b/c of that. I was in an intense academic program, but never felt stress. I also slept way too little.

    In my 20s, I was hard-core chronic cardio, low-fat, and while I wasn't intentionally, I was practically a vegetarian, eating maybe 4oz of meat per day. I was in outstanding physical shape, ~13% body fat, able to do anything I wanted physically, and no major health problems.

    At the birth of my first child, I switched to a high-whole grain, lower sugar, no-more-Froot-Loops diet, and made an attempt at eating veggies for the first time. I also noticed an increased tendency to eat large quantities of sugar when I had it, fixate on sweets, and sneak them. I just thought it was a lack of self-control, but it was a total lack. I was also very stressed about working (I wanted to be with my babe) & extremely sleep-deprived (didn't realize I needed 9hrs of sleep per night and was falling asleep while driving and talking).

    I was taking more and more antibiotics for UTIs from about 22 to about 29, a horrible year of near-constant infections and antibiotics (I finally discovered vitamin C megadosing for infection). The sugar cravings went out of control during this time. From age 25 (birth of my second child) to 31, I battled sugar & carb binges with no success.

    At age 31 (birth of fourth child), several things happened. I had been getting more and more tired (but thought I was just lazy and busy). I switched from skim to whole dairy, and I added in fermented cod liver oil. I eliminated the many high-whole-grain, low-sugar cereals from our life. Numerous minor health problems started to go away. And for the first time, the incessant sugar/grain cravings in the morning died back
    (still had them all afternoon and night).

    At 32, I gave up grains and allowed myself unlimited natural fats.
    I was now eating a Weston Price style traditional foods diet. Within three months, numerous health problems I didn't even know I had (like chronically inflamed nasal passages - when they cleared, I gained 5 notes on my vocal range!) disappeared. (Many of these are documented on the first page of my MDA journal.) But more importantly, I was finally able to stop eating sugar.
    I had only a serving of wheat or sweet here or there for six months, when I went on vacation and things started crashing again. I gained for a year until I discovered Radiant Recovery.

    At this point, binges were maybe once a week instead of every day. They were still wreaking havoc on my health. RR says to eat 25g of protein within an hour of waking
    (sound familiar?). (Its downfall is preaching multiple servings of whole grains per meal. Notably, I never knew anyone who lost weight on RR, even while ending their sugar addictions.) I had been having just oatmeal with milk prior to RR. After a few months of this, I lost my desire for sugar almost entirely.
    I was able to go several weeks at a time without it. I was able to go sugar-free almost 100% from the time I turned 33 till the birth of my fifth child almost a year later. I was eating one serving of oatmeal and half a piece of whole sourdough bread at this time.

    Around the time I turned 34, I gave up the small amounts of grains I was having because I had GAINED weight from 1mo postpartum on. I was not about to go up from 189lb!! I had to do something drastic, so I started my primal journal at Marksdailyapple.com, and got the grains out. Immediately I started losing weight - yes, just .5 serving per day of wheat kept me from losing weight. But I still battled sugar cravings whenever I was around my vvery favorite sweets, and once I had one bite of something sweet, I'd have more and more until anything at all sweet, even nasty commercial candy, looked good and I'd go bananas on it till I felt horrible in every way.

    I continued to lose .5lb/week, on average (it was really in fits and starts), until I was 35. I was really having success on the GAPS diet by this time, keeping the sugar to maybe once per month, binges maybe once every 1-2 months, until I hosted a party where I just fell completely apart. I went on to have binges every weekend for 6 weeks, eating 100% primally and with no cravings all week only to fall apart on the weekend, and gained almost TEN FREAKING POUNDS, going from 143 to 152. I was also bingeing on anything even remotely carb-y - 24-hr fermented homemade yogurt, coconut milk, any kind of nuts, butternut squash for Heaven's sake. I was totally desperate, and didn't know what to try next. I posted this plea for help on MDA: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/forum/thread32223.html

    Just two days later, the mega-thread started.

    I doubted whether 50g could be better than 25, but gave it a shot. When I started the BAB, instantly I stopped having any desire to snack. I have not had a snack since June 2011. Instantly, I lost all desire for sweets.
    (I also had a crazy week or two of crazy die-off.) I couldn't even find the desire when I looked for it.

    Again, I went on vacation and didn't do much wrong, but it was enough to re-spark the desire. Towards the end of two weeks, I foolishly took advantage of the fact that I *could* have one bite, or even one serving, of a sweet and not go crazy. On the last day, I had a near-binge, and I proved Dr. Kruse right - I lost nearly all of the gains I had made on the LR so far (including the soft skin and shrinking waistline).

    I continued to battle binges about every 6 weeks, though never as intense as before. Still, it kept re-setting my reset. Dr. Kruse laughed at me and mocked me and I just ignored him and kept going. :) In September, I got the idea that I should increase my breakfast. I took my BAB to 65g
    . I was still hungry after a 65g protein breakfast every morning, and honestly felt I could eat it all over again, but didn't, and kept eating a full lunch and full dinner. After a month at this level, I noticed I was completely satisfied with my breakfast. Then - one day I didn't want lunch. I stopped eating lunch in November 2011 and haven't needed it in the five months since. I also marked October 30, 2011, as the last binge.

    I have not binged in five months.

    This is unprecedented. Again, the cravings are nearly non-existent. . There are things that make them speak every now and then, very rarely, but they only speak - they don't shout incessantly. I tell my body about the reasons I'm not giving in, and I have a glass of tea and they go away. Gone. Gone! No shouting cravings, no incessant cravings.

    Even my dinner is getting smaller, so small that I started decreasing my BAB. I'm now at 50g each morning, and staying full till at least 5:30 almost every night. If I get hungry a little earlier, I have a glass of water and it goes away - something that never worked before. I have a modest dinner and have no problem lasting from dinner till breakfast.

    In Dec & Jan, I had some labs done and learned that despite eating only very rare wheat for the last several years, I have antigliadin sIgA over the "positive" amount, and ANA (autoimmune) test shows me just over the positive amount there, too. I also have severe fat malabsorption. It frankly scared the crap out of me, and I went 100% gluten- and dairy-free on January 1, 2012. (I had tried many times to go long periods without wheat, but never could have enough strength of will to do it. The cravings were so nominal now that going without was now possible, easy even.) Since then, I am finally winning the battle against chronic bloating (I look only 3mo pregnant most days instead of 5-6!). Also, mid-January, my skin turned silky soft after a lifetime of sandpaper and bumps. About that time, my sleep finally returned to the heavy sleep I'd always had (I started having mild insomnia about a year earlier).

    In February, I started ThyroGold, a 100% organ & herb (no fillers) thyroid supplement. Since then, I've had gradually increases in energy. Even after going primal, my energy levels continued to plummet until I felt every day like I was running on 30 or 40 %. Now, I feel like I'm on 50% most days and 60% some others. This is the longest I've had decent energy in years.

    I'm re-gaining interest in activities I long stopped bothering with because the satisfaction to energy ratio was way skewed. Since starting CT in December (morning breakfast outside in the winter air), I went from eating in 40 degrees with a wool coat on to eating in 27 degrees with a t-shirt on, comfortably. Water CT so far is producing lots of die-off - I can't wait to see what's on the other side.

    The Leptin Reset has turned out to be the key to winning the war I have long waged against sugar addiction.
    All the steps I had success with on the way there were all components - if only I had known them all at once years ago! I now have the crucial key to being able to get healthy - for so long I wanted to eat 100% WAP or 100% GAPS or 100% primal, but *couldn't.* Now I can do whatever nourishing food protocol I need. It's only up from here.
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  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I love your story!!! its so inspiring MamaG!
  3. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    To sum up, the key has been FAT and PROTEIN and MORE FAT and PROTEIN. The 50g protein every morning is non-negotiable if you have cravings or binge eating that you cannot resist. Do whatever it takes to get to that level. And once you see the difference, if you still battle it some, increase it yet again. DO NOT LIMIT fat. Your body needs to get the nutrients it needs to heal, and fat is crucial to that. You can put on some modest limits once the cravings are gone, but if you feel them come back, step it back up again for a while. The excess weight will leave after the healing is well on its way, and your hunger will *naturally* decrease to the point that you don't have to limit anything intentionally, or very little.

    Some photo proof:

    High school graduation: 136lb

    College graduation & marriage: 132lb

    First conception: 132lb. Had baby, lost a lot of weight with CW healthy mindset.

    I was 115.5 lb when I started gaining weight as the antibiotics and sugar cravings increased when I was about 23.

    Second conception: 122lb

    Third conception: 138lb

    Fourth conception: 144lb

    Fifth conception: 156-160lb (this was after "the best ten pounds I ever gained," which was what happened when I had started nourishing my body with protein and fat, but hadn't yet had enough healing to turn off the cravings. After this, I've done nothing but lose)

    After fifth baby, I lost ten pounds at birth to get to 189. I lost a few over the next few days to get to 185. I lost nothing more. Two months post-partum, I went from 185 to 189 and panicked. I dropped wheat stat. This is what I looked like then:


    172 by summer:


    Started losing the horrible weight on my face, and was 158 by November 2010:


    (The first pic is the before, taken in December 2009):
  4. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    (There's a four-pic limit per post)

    More from November - my first pair of goal pants at about 154?


    Face continued to thin (I had never had a fat face before this last weight gain from 150-160 and I was FREAKED out by it), December 2010, I think:


    Here you can see what I looked like when not holding in the bloating:

  5. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    So then I started the six week ten pound gain, and then started the leptin reset and had the fun of taking six months to lose what it took six weeks to gain!

    October, at 150 (and puffy face again):


    (I refused to let pics be taken of me while above 155lb, so very few of my fattest stage, and again, wanted nothing to do with pics after gaining that ten pounds, so this is just about all there is.)

    Finally, I was able to do the 'after' picture from Nov 2010 (154?) in January 2012 (142lb):


    Finally, I was able to try on my high school cheerleading uniform again (for a fun father-son football game):

  6. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Finally, I was able to wear the size 7 jeans and tiny tee I had last worn in 2004:


    Finally, I was able to buy and wear cute clothes again (I never let myself buy clothes while fat. I only wore hand-me-downs and maternity clothes. I just could not accept that as a permanent state, or 'reward' myself for being there.):

    [​IMG] (this was actually Dec 2011)

    Finally, I was able to let my husband take pictures of me again!


    (Love this picture, but even here, you can see the "3 months pregnant" bloating going on.)
  7. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Finally I was able to go outside and climb things again!


    A before/after with the same purple shirt (first is during the month where I increased from 50 to 65g BAB and was just two weeks away from my last binge, and 150lb. second is today, at 140lb)

  8. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    And FINALLY, I can see my muscles again!! I built them 15-20 years ago, and entirely stopped working out 6 years ago. I've done nothing but maintain with cast iron and toddlers since then. :D But now the fat has fallen off and I can see what's been hiding under there all these years (I can also see my top two ab muscles when the bloating goes down, but you ain't gettin' a picture of that one!).

    The pic is really blurry, but you can see the curve from underarm to arm crook (and then a deltoid!):

  9. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member


    Fat. Protein. Rinse. Repeat. (All. Day. Long.)
  10. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    What a journey you have had - you're an inspiration to keep at it. Thanks for taking the time to chronicle and post what you've gone through. You are doing amazingly well!
  11. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    One word: AMAZING!
  12. Marsha

    Marsha New Member

    Thank you very much, MG! Just what I needed this afternoon...gotta up that protein/fat in BAB.

    So disappointed that I'm much rounder than when I started the LRX -not even my "big" clothes fit! Must start my journal so I can really hold myself accountable -waiting for my lab results, maybe not such a good reason to wait.

    Love your new Picts!
  13. Lexi

    Lexi New Member

    MG: that is really fantastic!

    i can see the sugar monster creeping back in despite doing the reset, just from a few "bites" here and there.... it just doesn't work. you can't fool your biochemistry!

    back on track! and without the eggs for me now too.
  14. Vicster

    Vicster New Member

    Thanks for posting your journey MamaGrok! It gives us all inspiration and hope!
  15. PrimalPam

    PrimalPam Silver

    Thank you for showing your fabulous progress! I've followed you over at MDA and you're amazing!!
  16. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your success!
  17. rbu5@sssnet.com

    rbu5@sssnet.com New Member

    Awesome, just awesome MG!

    And you are adorable!
  18. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    You are such a determined woman, what an inspiration!
  19. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, all! I didn't want to take the time to write it all out, but what kind of starfish is that?! Dr. Kruse and others have thrown me back into the sea; I would be a selfish narcissist to refuse to share what has helped me in my path.

    Ain't it true? Two very important lessons I've learned:

    • "Just one bite" is a TOTAL LIE until you have healed from all neolithic disease, and been there a long time.
      It's probably impossible to avoid "just one bite" until you've gotten far enough into the reset (the benefits of the protein & fat increases), but you just keep on trying as hard as you can, dusting yourself off when you fall, and doing it all over again. One day, it's the last time. Then the healing can take off.

    To quote Churchill:
    Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.

    Never. Fall down, get up. Fall down, get up. Going back is not an option.
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  20. L8F

    L8F New Member

    Holy crap!!! Great job on the story and photos. You have made such progress. Amazing that you stuck it out, strong willpower. Worth it!

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