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Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by healthy2015, May 12, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone
    We are going to Barbados in September looking at long term rentals hopefully moving out there, this is our first time to this island and obviously when we are out there we will be wearing as little clothing as possible to get the full effects of the sun but my concern is with the mosquito bites and the best way to prevent these as much as we can as we have a 2 year old and dengue fever and zika are quite common out there so I read.
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  2. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I look at bugs as a "tell" - if you are absorbing and emitting UV light at the pi bonding orbital, you will not be excreting excess light that tells the bugs "come forth" - I look at people who are really screwed up and blue light toxic when they are outside and the bugs just hover over them - in fact, I think it's a great way to tell how low your redox is at the moment...

    I would go with mosquito netting if I were you and were concerned... it's great you've getting out of England...

    A lot of Carrabean islands use power generators for their electricity, which is why they tend to get fat - so be carefull of where you are with respect to that...
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  3. A lot of Carrabean islands use power generators for their electricity, which is why they tend to get fat - so be carefull of where you are with respect to that...

    Penny. What is the connection between generators and fatness?

    My wife has been making bug sprays out of essential oils and planting things that repel bugs susch as lemongrass, lemon verbena, citronella, or marigolds.
    As you explore the new environment, try to keep an open mind. Not all insects are trying to kill you and by using chemicals we can expose ourselves to much great harm. We stayed in an air b&b in Colombia last year. When we checked in we were pleasantly surpised at the open architecture. Not even window screens. Then we saw multiple gnarly looking wasp hives. Our first impuse was to spray, but we didnt. In a week, we never had 1 unplesant encounter. In fact i think thry probably kept othrr bugs in check.
    Have fun!
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  4. Penny

    Penny New Member

    generators emit lots of dirty electricity which destroys your mitochondria making your brain perceive a dearth of energy (leptin death via unbound vitamin a in your fat cells) then you eat more and get fat -
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  5. Is the dirty emf being radiated from the actual generator or from dirty juice running down the powerlines into everyone's homes? Would inline filters help? Thanks
  6. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Both and I'm no expert at EMF mitigation - but you can shield the power lines in your walls and entering your house - JK had a nice podcast with I forget who - i think it was Luke Storey - on EMF mitigation -
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  7. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    You have to be careful with "natural" ingredients ,too. "Natural" is a half truth .
    Bergamot is a known photosensitiser, so is lemonene,camphor. Citrepel may be. There is noise about it,but I cannot find a study. So in effect you are shifting the composition of the sunlight spectrum by applying this. Sorry I wish I had better news.
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  8. Youre right about lemonine. My wife got a bad burn on her fingers from eating ceviche in the sun. Im not a spray fan, but usually apply it to hat, collar and socks while avoiding skin. Can be sprayed around the bed.
  9. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member


    Do not believe the lies.
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