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Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Ben1983, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Ben1983

    Ben1983 New Member

    Anyone in here living in Bali or know anyone who is? I'm thinking of moving there (it's one of a few places I'm considering) from Sydney, Australia.
  2. kovita

    kovita Gold

    I lived in Singapore, not Bali. I personally found outSE Asia is not my cup of coffee. I visited Bali and I personally did not like it much, Lombok felt wonderfull...
  3. Ben1983

    Ben1983 New Member

    What main differences did you find between Bali and Lombok?
  4. Ben1983

    Ben1983 New Member

    I'm looking for somewhere healthy to live for a year without working so I can just focus on healing. Bali is very cheap and wouldn't cost me much to save up enough to cover all expenses for a year off work.....plus it's only a 5.5 hour plane ride from Sydney.
  5. kovita

    kovita Gold

    Bali is very developed from the touristic point of view, very busy, you have to ytravel considerably to find yourself in wilderness. The good point, it is hinduistic island and you would find many people like you there. In general people are very nice and friendly. I felt particulary hassled by the neverending traffic, if you are beach person, the beaches and the ocean felt very powerless to me. Lombok is considerably less developed, easy to be in the middle of nowhere, more malaria though (I got falcifarum while living in Africa and nothing recommendable). Lombok feels magic, sea and beaches powerful, the whole island has different energy. There is some tourism but nothing comparable to Bali. People are more careful, keeping distance, but it is nothing important if you stay longterm and have time to develop relationships. The risk of dengue fever may be similar for both places, luckily I have so far no experience with dengue, but being viral, could be bigger s...t than malaria (artesunat works pretty well for malaria). I would recommend you east Africa. It is a truly magic piece of the Earth. I lived with my husband in Selous GR for a year. Lost between the wilderness. I almost died of malaria, our house burnt down to ashes, my husband was in plane accident, some pretty impossible human bastards around...too many to count...but we made some really extraordinary and unexpected friends there and would always come back despite of the disasters we lived through. It was truly healing place and life. It felt like a 'home'. I never felt anything even slightly comparable anywhere in Asia, but it may be just me, so no valid point.
  6. Ben1983

    Ben1983 New Member

    Wow that sounds like a wild ride. Were you working wherever you went or just going on various long term holidays? I'd like to be near the beach and somewhere cheap enough that I could save up a years worth of expenses to not have to work. Which country is Selous in....I couldn't find it on google
    Maps for some reason. I'm also considering Nicaragua and other countries in that area too.
  7. Ben1983

    Ben1983 New Member

    How early on after first noticing symptoms did you realise you had malaria?
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Where does Melanie live? There is a guy that lives there somewhere too - have to remember his name
    Ben1983 likes this.

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