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Bad sleep comes from bad solar redox and blue light hazard.........

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by Jack Kruse, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    and leads to massive hormone destruction due to the effects at the pituitary level and the disrupted circadian mechanism that begins with melanopsin dysfunction and leads to leptin resistance.

    A lot of the time, you don’t need to stress, worry, analyze and overthink. You need to take it one step at a time in your own transformation and let go of the bigger picture. It’s a lot more complex to attempt to solve everything all at once when what you really need to be doing is coming up with the simplest answer for the simplest part of the problem. You have to learn that sometimes learning to survive the next day is all that matters in a transformation.
    Sometimes the questions in your transformation are incredibly complicated. But only because we let them be, only because we never seem to have learned how to examine those questions at their smallest level to solve them simply.
    This is why sometimes the big questions in life appear complicated to us and yet the answers are simple. For sleep, the two metrics that matter most are observing the AM sunlight and blocking all frequencies of light from your life after sunset. It amazes me to no end how people screw this simplicity up in their lives daily no matter the circumstances.
  2. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I've got Matthew Walker's book, Why we Sleep. Very interesting book. One of the things I came away with was about the Hazda. If they survive high rates of infant mortality and make it through adolescence, a common cause of death is infection, and intestinal infection is common.

    "For example, the Hazda will face days where they obtain 1400 calories or less, and routinely eat 300 to 600 fewer daily calories than those of us in modern Western cultures. A large portion of their year is therefore spent in a state of lower-level starvation, one that can trigger well-characterised biological pathways that reduce sleep time, even though sleep need remains higher than that obtained if food were abundant."

    So starvation or semi starvation could be a variable in any repeat of the Jeff Leach studies? Eating shit off a shingle might be protective of sleep (and immune function) if their alternative is semi starvation. But for me it ties in with intermittent fasting being contra indicated when someone is leptin resistant,and why the leptin reset protocol can help sleep in more ways that just the liver clocks, and why chronic low calorie diets can be so devastating.
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  3. I'm sharing this post with my fam and friends!
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    This is a great thread .....every newbie and all of us need to read this and remind ourselves of this OFTEN!

    Just because we can't wrap our head around the science doesn't mean we can't see the sunrise and sunset ....and turn the lights and devices off at sunset!

    This is such a major step forward......
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  5. Petr Svoboda

    Petr Svoboda New Member

    I am glad to found out this.
    I have sleep problems recently. I am on euthyrox (thyroid med) 112micro g from beginng of May and my sleep is horrible these days. My blood glucose is elevated, my skin is itchying,...
    I turn off all devices in my house, try to see morning sun every day (cloudy, rainy mornings at 49latitude).
    I am thinking to leave pills in the shelf and stabilize my blood glucose with leptin reset protocol only. I hope this help me.....
    Try to find link between thyroid medication and blood glucose (liver)...Any link where to find more?THX
  6. This is so interesting. My mom has a high TSH, elevated glucose AND itchy skin! Shes on a low dose nature-thryoid med ( I think 1 grain). She cut out like all carbs and is watching the sunrise with me everyday. I think it will take longer to see results as she has started only a few months ago but she's getting frustrated with the labwork that came back today.

    Definitely eat more pasture raised liver and organ meats.
  7. 100%!!!

    After almost 1 whole year on the Jack Kruse journey I can actually ARTICULATE what this all means the way that I could not even fathom before. I understand the "big picture" in a way that I only hoped to do when I first started. So very happy to finally GET IT.
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    elevated glucose
    more or less, talking about glucose takes time, energy and attention from talking about important item which is fasting insulin.

    What is her (fasting insulin)?
    If it is more than about 5 she is already diabetic, likely have high tryglicerides
    triglycerides = fatty acids in clumps of 3 at the time
    fatty acids is my pet peve
    cell membranes are made of fatty acids
    bad membranes, bad building walls
    house with bad walls is not much of a house

    How is her weight?

    TSH is what pitutary thinks about thyroid (and other steroid hormones)(wich is not pretty, specially with age)
    with age pituitary does not work that great

    1 grain nature-thyroid
    Body makes abour 3-4 grains
    You can replace all it will not hurt, (peple without thyroid glands must do that, they do that, and it is ok)
    watch FreeT3
    and pulse
    FreeT is good when at the top of laboratory range, provided that pulse is not too high. Definitely less than 100bpm (trachycardia).

    iodine & selenium

    lots of Lugols to clear out the other halides
    do not rely much on brazilian nuts, if you do, do testing to verify.

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  9. @JanSz thanks this is helpful. I have to check with her on the most recent labs for the FT3, fasting insulin and triglycerides. Is fasting insulin rate, the A1C? I dont think its more than 5 on her last report.

    She had the radioactive thyroid pill done about 20+ years ago due to hyperthyroid, we don't know *how much* thyroid her body is producing naturally but I guess its low due to the low grain of supplemental thyroid she is on + the high TSH score. I will tell her your opinion. She feels like she should only be taking low amounts of thyroid and does not want to take more. She weighs about 110-120 lbs @ 70 yrs old. Little belly fat since doing epi-paleo. She eats a few brazil nuts a day. We also only drink Mountain Valley water in glass bottles now.

    Do you think supplemental iodine and selenium would help? I am cautious about adding this. We aren't supplementing with really anything now.
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    My favorite tests:
    fasting insulin
    fatty acids(c8-c26)

    Spectracell Micronutrient analysis



    Lugols must be supplied in great excess, I take full dropper, but two is also ok.
    Selenium, spectracell will tell you about. For years I was taking one selenium pill, then o last test I was defficient, so changed to two.
    I take selenium from lef.org but buy at amazon.

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  11. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Note of caution re your mum's history of hyperthyroid: iodine use in folk with that history is not recommended by our specialist. Can cause over active thyroid, atrial fib, and a whole lot of drama. Happened to us, wasn't much fun, 2 hospital admissions.
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  12. Thanks this is helpful! I am printing blogs and mapping out the plan with her.

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