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Baby's Vagina's and the microbiome:

Discussion in 'Female Quantum Biology' started by Jack Kruse, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    An infant gets its innoculation my mum's vagina and bottom as they enter the world.........so what happens if they don't?

    A lot and it is not good.

    What happens if Mom puts wired toys around that baby and gives it a cell phone at 6 or an ipad to learn???

    ENVIRONMENT REALITY: This paper just proves my very controversial point. Environments drive mitochondrial energy flux and lead to disease. You cannot get well in the same environment you got ill within. It’s a stark and unpleasant message that most people don't want to ponder. In fact, as soon as Verizon/ATT/GOOGLE/MSFT upgrades their network in your area they do not need to notify anyone. As soon as the TV station install 5 G doppler radar you don’t know, but your mitochondria will. Soon you’ll be sick with a mitochondrial disease that showed up out of know where. The light they put around you is slowed down in you in different ways than sunlight is and creates a cornucopia of new free radicals that turn molecules in you into something new that cannot work in your cells. That is why bent proteins are see in brain diseases. As soon as your new neighbor moves in and is an electrical engineer or DJ and adds 12 routers from Comcast to your living area he does not tell you. But guess what..........the alien light is there affecting your mitochondria, which create that cadre of free radicals, whether you realize it or not. Quantum reality of the modern world 101 because changes really are an N =1 game. A RCT is really of little value in a mitochondrial driven world and few have woken up to that very counterintuitive reality. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-07-gut-bacteria-trigger-immune-responses.html

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  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I'm wrapping up listening to the April '15 webinar. I see similarities between your mention of viral(and bacterial) shedding on that webinar and this. Is that a fair comparison?
  3. To what extent is this intergenerational? I mean the effects of non vaginal birth? I am asking because my partner was born via C-section......but in last 5 years (shes 28) we have really fixed things up.......last March she gave birth to a healthy girl in hospital via Vaginal birth. Baby popped out after a full day of sunning the belly in the spring sun. This was also proceeded by trips to the equator/Yucatan pre conception. So mums light environment was likely better than Granny's. An perhaps her microbiome changed somewhat with all the trips south/more selective eating. BUT is there anything obvious we could do for baby's gut other than watching what mum eats, avoid nnEMF and circadian mismatch? And getting plenty of sun for mum? Ps were are in Yucatan and baby loves it here.....shes naked all day and started elimination cummmincation :) Seems her bowels dont have regular schedule though.....she just kinda poos whenever. Is this perhaps some sort of mismatch or is it normal for babies bowels to lack any sort of obvious sched?
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