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Baby Steps

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jenelle, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Thank you, Lahelada. I am glad you haven't given up on me completely. ;)


    Okay, folks ~ I'm gonna call this next section "embarrassing confessions". Haha. I could number them.. but the number may just become embarrassing, too. So I won't go there.

    This one has been on my mind for several days: Airplane mode. I saw you all here talking about it, but I didn't understand what it really did. Also, we don't have a home phone, so I needed to be able to get calls & texts ~ right? ...Right...

    I finally did some googling and found a good article about it. Now I am happy to say that I am switching in and out of airplane mode *whenever* I can. No big deal. :)

    Another post coming... And man, this one is dumb...
  2. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    We still have a microwave. Manufactured and installed in 2003, this is above our stove and is now mostly used for the exhaust fan purpose. BUT. It does still get used on occasion. {cringe}. The kids use it to quickly warm up leftovers. I use it to warm up my cup of coffee sometimes. And what brings up this subject today is: BACON. ...See, the kids like it better when it is microwaved. And I don't enjoy cooking it on the stove and getting popped by grease. Now, I *will* and I *have* ~ but since they enjoy it more microwaved, we have continued to do that.

    We don't have bacon every day -- not even close. But I found an awesome deal on the Applegate nitrate-free last night, and decided to cook it up this morning. Enter... THE MICROWAVE. But wait! I have Scompy's meter! Yes... Yes, Jenelle... Now is the time. Let's check some stuff out.

    Now, you all can already guess what that meter did while it was running. You're not stupid -- but maybe I really am. See, I always move away from it while it is going -- you know, "just in case". But today, with meter in hand, I got to see that there is NO safe spot in my kitchen. In fact, it extends through the walls into our entryway one one side, and our laundry room on the other side. NICE.

    But wait, it gets better!

    I had to take pics to show the readings *in our favorite cooking spot* -- when the microwave is NOT running. This is where the large burner is on the front of the stove ~ so naturally, gets used the most. And it is apparently the WORST spot to stand. Over in front of the smaller burner was much better... But no. No... the worst reading has to be in the spot where we stand the most often:


    This reading is just ONE STEP backed away from it:

  3. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    And on the more sensitive setting:


    And just one tiny step back:

  4. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    You guys, it wasn't even being USED!

    This made me feel really sad. Not shocked. Actually, not in the least. Because I knew it was a risk and I don't actually live in a cave... We have used it less and less over the years and I DO put the effort in to warm things up on the stove most of the time.

    But my kids have been using it. I have even seen them open the door before it was done beeping, and I have told them -- DON'T do that!

    We've had it in this house for 13 years and it has been plugged in and *right* next to our heads while cooking. Yes ~ cooking, cooking, cooking... Being the good "Paleo" mom that I try so hard to be...

    {running around the back yard now, pulling out my hair and screaming like a maniac...} Hahahaha... Hear my maniacal laughter?! ;)

    Guess what got its plug pulled today? Guess whose kids warmed up their leftovers IN A PAN on the stove? One kid said, "What happened to the microwave?" and another kid said, "She killed it."

    Yes. Yes she did. :)

    And while she was making use of Scompy's meter, she decided to kill the ancient water cooler, too. Learn to use ice cubes, kids. We'll keep a pitcher of cold RO water in the fridge. It's a new day.
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  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Awesome, Jenelle. Doesn't realizing what you've been exposing yourself (and family) to make you angry?
    Cooking bacon slowly will stop the popping. Also when you do CT, you will find that your skin becomes less sensitive to the splatters of hot grease.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2016
  6. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

  7. endless

    endless New Member

    The kids will adjust quickly. I chucked out the microwave 20 years ago and the only thing I've missed It for is melting leg wax......lol!

    Oh, and I cook bacon in the oven! On a cookie sheet covered in parchment, at about 350-375. It's great because you can collect and pour off all the grease and still not have a big greasy mess to clean!
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  8. LouiseAngela

    LouiseAngela Louise

    Sometimes murder is necessary. I unplugged mine but kids plugged it back. Sorry kids bin is next. Would it be unethical to sell it? I'm saving for a magnetico?
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  9. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Thanks, all ~ and yes, I have cooked it in the oven in the past -- A LOT. We will go back to that method & thanks for the reminder. We fell back into "quick" plus they prefer it less greasy. Oh well, if anyone complains -- they can just stop eating damn bacon! :) haha

    Outside MUCH of yesterday and today taking care of a huge limb that fell off my neighbor's tree while they are gone on vacation. MAN, I love this work. (I think I am secretly part dude. LOL). The kids are helping, and it is just great. I have done everything so far with my little Fiskars hand saw. I need a Stihl chainsaw. I have been asking for one for years now. ...No one is listening! ;)
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  10. LinD

    LinD New Member

    Just jumping in here after several years hiatus.... actually just distracted, plus a few other things. Plus I see Fitness@Home here.... long time friend.

    Regarding the microwave, we still have one, but I don't use it. Well, I'm currently using it to set aside a glass of reverse osmosis water that I accidentally poured in a ton of Real Salt vs sprinkles. No way was I going to waste the salt--LOL. AND I needed to keep it away from the kitties who will surely knock it off the counter or wherever I put it. Guess I could store it in a glass Ball container.... add a ton more salt and make sole---pretty close to that already!
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  11. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    I got this beauty on Amazon for my kitchen, and I am LOVING it. Not only did we have the deadly microwave in there -- but fluorescent lighting, too.. Groan. And no window! So many reasons why I hate being stuck in there...

    Anyway, I believe this is an incandescent bulb, with himilayan pink salt. I may have to get more of them!


    Since I unplugged the microwave, and have no exhaust fan unless I plug it back in -- I told my teenager, I may start doing more cooking outside. I had been thinking about this anyway. There is a lot I can do on our little George Foreman - style of grill.

    He says, "You're lucky I don't care what anyone thinks" ~ because he is thinking of going back to school for the first time in 7 years, and how different our family is from most others. I told him HE is lucky he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. I cannot imagine if we were still just part of the mainstream crowd -- which I can look back and see that we WERE, even at times when I thought we weren't. We have always been different from those around us, the families we know. I have always done a ton of research and geeked out on books and alternative ways of thinking. But we were still missing some very basic pieces to the puzzle. We were trapped in a wi-fi hellhole, not getting enough fresh air & sunshine. Certainly not grounding.

    And there is more to come! It will be very interesting to see how things play out with them all going to school.

    Out at baseball this year, multiple kids have asked my teenager if his sunglasses "are real". We are all having a good laugh with this -- coming up with things like "nope, they're imaginary" or "no, they're just pretend". ...These kids have nothing better to worry about than whether someone is wearing "real" OAKLEY sunglasses or not. ...Are you kidding me?! I find that to be so, so sad.

    And yes, I know he should not be wearing them at all. I have not had a pair in my possession since I came to this site. ;)

    I like what Jack said on Luke Storey's podcast -- you look cool with them on your head or hanging on the neck of your shirt. I haven't finished that podcast yet, but when I do ~ I will have teenager give it a listen. I think hearing it from Jack himself will hold more weight with him than just me trying to explain things with my limited understanding.
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  12. LouiseAngela

    LouiseAngela Louise

    i have Himalayan lamps I loved them but someone posted on quantum health that they release lead. Apparently it's in the literature. Not sure if true. Anyone know?
  13. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    LouiseAngela, I did some googling but all I found are the good things about Himilayan salt. I am not on facebook at all, so if it was there ~ I won't see it.

    It sure FEELS better than having the fluorescent light on all the time.
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  14. LouiseAngela

    LouiseAngela Louise

    I cannot find link. If I do I'll post it.
  15. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Just a quick post to say my 15-year-old wore his giant blue blockers to the movie theater tonight, where we ran into two other families we knew and sat with them. After the movie, one of the adults asked him "what those glasses do" and we got to plant a seed. A tiny one, no doubt ~ they are all very mainstream. But a seed, nonetheless. I am quite proud of him. :)
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  16. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    I have my Flux on at work on almost a candlelit setting during work-hours 'on purpose' to have people ask me about why my screen looks so 'strange' to them. I wear blue-blockers at work also on top of the Flux, and I have screen guards over the monitors. It's opened up many conversations in the past. Some co-workers have actually installed Flux and one guy wears blue-blockers. A few weeks ago, an IT person believed my video card was going bad and asked me about why my screen had such an orange color. I'm sure someone believes I'm crazy, but I'm very matter of fact and scientific about it to be a role-model for others.
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