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B2b haplotype and latitude recommendation

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Kiersten Jarvis Webert, May 1, 2019.

  1. Hi Dr. Jack,

    I have a B2b haplotype and we are planning a move with our kids. It's a bit confusing to me because the initial B haplotype originated in Asia but our subtype originated right on the equator (B2b - Cayapa, Pomo, Xavante, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina). Currently we are leaning towards a less populated, natural coastal area in Costa Rica for a few reasons but we are still researching.

    I have a history of migraines (almost gone - only with hormone fluxuations now), depression (gone with sun exposure), and difficulty keeping my hands and feet warm (getting better). My 2 children (now 21 and 19) have a non-nuclear genetic form of autism (we have done a whole genome sequence at the mayo which is normal). I know my redox was horrible in my 20s - we lived in MN, they were born in Feb., I avoided the sun for fear of skin cancer and didn't eat any seafood for fear of mercury...

    Thanks for any input,

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