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Awesome HDL with Paleo/CT

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Phoenix, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Phoenix

    Phoenix New Member

    My company offers free cholesterol tests once a year. Here are my results:

    Cholesterol 283 (100-199)

    HDL 89 (>50)

    Ratio 3.2

    LDL Calc 183 (0-99)

    I think the HDL is amazing. Last year it was 68. So post paleo/CT it increased by 21 points. Prior to that it only budged a little when I was exercising like crazy. Currently I walk every day, but only a few miles. Been doing Paleo for about 4 months, CT for one month.

    I eat no dairy, no nightshades, no gluten, no starchs, lots of low carb veggies (I eat more than my vegetarian husband), very little chicken, lots of grassfed beef/salmon/sardines, cook in CO.

    I'm feeling stronger too. Stairs have become a bit easier for me. I also stopped my thyroid meds when I started Paleo. They didn't seem to do anything for me anyway. I plan on having a thyroid panel done soon to see how it's behaving. Feels pretty good though. No brain fog, and more energetic.

    What do you all think of the high total cholesterol of 283? I've heard of the "fluffy" cholesterol explanation, so am hoping that's what this is. This lab report had all kinds of big red exclamation points all over it telling me I had a serious cardiovascular risk because of that number. It was forwarded to my doctor, so I'm expecting a frantic call from his nurse, telling me that they want to give me some poison (statins) to bring it down to "normal".

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Too bad you did no thave your HS CRP done at same time.....but I love those numbers. But numbers have to be put in context.
  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Phoenix, I had similar cholesterol numbers very recently. My brand new doctor, recommended on Jimmy Moore's low carb doctor list, just praised my high HDL and my low Trig. He said the LDL was probably mostly large and fluffy. He said he could see if my insurance would pay for the more expensive test to analyze LDL, but it was just an afterthought.

    Wow it is so AWESOME to have a doctor who understands!!!

    He also took an HS CRP, but it was high. However, it was lower than it was just before I started CT.
  4. Phoenix

    Phoenix New Member

    I'll see if I can have that done when I have my thyroid tested. I'm guessing it's going to be low. Inflammation in my body is way down. I can tell.
  5. Phoenix

    Phoenix New Member

    At least your HS CRP is moving in the right direction. Nice to have an intelligent doctor too! :)
  6. Your numbers are similar to my BFs. He is really proud of his HDL @ 90 and trigs @ 41. When he was bragging about them someone told him those aren't that great since you want your trigs 75-100. WTH?!?!?!? I don't think so! Way to go for having such great numbers. I hope your thyroid numbers come back good too!
  7. sisterclare

    sisterclare New Member

    I am so happy that my doctor is ordering most of the lab tests to be done next week!
  8. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Good job everyone on the good numbers! Keep up the good work---not that it's some slave work. :-D Don't you love that feeling of knowing and seeing what you're doing is actually WORKING?
  9. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    I am also looking forward to having my numbers redone. I had them done in October after two rounds of HCG and losing 50 lbs and starting the Leptin RX and actually things were worse (cholest was up 241 from 227, HDL droped 5 pts to 67, LDL raised from 133 to 155 and ratio went from 1.82 to 2.31) from year before but I am hoping that after 6 months of LRX and Paleo and CT the numbers will be better!
  10. ruby

    ruby New Member

    Since going paleo and then transitioning to "Krusing" my results, in the space of a few months, went from:

    Total cholesterol - before - 166; now - 160

    HDL - before - 69; now - 84

    LDL - before - 88; now - 49

    triglycerides - before - 44; now - 55

    VLDL - now - 27

    HDL ratio - 1.9

    weight: before - 138; now -128

    current BMI: 20.5

    Just discovered that I have borderline (hereditary?) hypertension. Any idea, in the above context, what I can do to bring my BP down?

    Dr. Jack, please give it a shot.:)
  11. bobbtts3735

    bobbtts3735 New Member

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