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Autism with a side of bacon

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Christopher, May 19, 2013.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I can see myself in so much what you are sharing Christopher.. amazing stuff.. you are a skilled writer for sure. You get it out so clear and easy to read.. when I try to communicate something it is just a mess and confusing..lol Thank you so much for putting it all to paper!
  2. Christopher

    Christopher New Member

    Inger, I'm glad you can relate. My communication is messy when I first conceive it in my mind. It takes me a lot of time to choose the words I finally let out. Especially, when I'm talking to people I don't know very well. It's kind of inconvenient. I can remember for writing assignments in school, they would have a process that would start with a rough draft and have several stages of editing before the final draft. My mind just doesn't work that way. I can't just make a rough draft, I have to edit as I go. It takes me forever, lol.

    Last Sunday, I thought I might have spent too much time making my forum post, as I felt pretty wiped out after dinner. I actually felt a little bit of physical anxiety too. It seemed like something that shouldn't happen at this point, but I think there were several things that added to the cause of it. At first, it seemed like remembering my past anxiety, as well as claiming that it is cured now were the culprits. But I was also watching the documentary called Frequency: Beings of Resonance. I didn't expect it to be so scary. I mean, its all info we already have from Jack's blogs and webinars, but its just put in such a negative context with the music and all. I also had a little too much 100% cocao chocolate at dinner. I know I cant tolerate much chocolate that late in the day. My stomach, hurt, and my heart was racing. So I drank a bunch of cold spring water, and took a cool shower. I felt better, but could not stop shivering after that. I am relieved now to know that it was really the start of some kind of viral illness.

    This week has been bunk. I've had terrible upper body aches, the chills, and probably a fever (I never actually measured my temp). I had to take some time off and just take it easy. But I am thankful for the perspective this illness has given me. I always seemed to feel the best between 6 am and 6 pm, with the worst of it during the night. I am assuming that this means my cortisol is doing what its supposed to do at the right time of day. I figured it was backwards at the beginning because of the way I used to crave carbs at night. The other thing I noticed was once the chills would stop, my temperature would feel just right. I guess my temperature has been a bigger problem for me than I previously thought, but more on that later.

    So that leads me to where I think I am headed now. The relevant parts of my past are documented for the most part, so I don't need to hold those things in my mind anymore. The main thing I'm dealing with is an energy deficiency in my brain. So my main goal is to put as much energy in my brain as possible. With my anxiety at bay, I feel that I'm headed in the right direction. I've reached a kind of balance that seems to be sustainable.

    Right now, I've been playing with my diet a little bit, trying to fine tune. I'm finding that I can't just eat exactly the same every day. I've been getting better at developing a sense of how much of what I should eat and when.

    On that note, I'm going to go have some lunch.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you thought of upping C/T ..... I suspect it would make an enormous difference for you. Maybe rereading about C/t when you have a chance.........
  4. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    chris before n after.jpg

    Changes 2012 vs 2013!! :)
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    WOW..........You guys have had n amazing year ...thanks for sharing!
  6. Christopher

    Christopher New Member

    I have been thinking about really trying CT. I'm convinced that its the next step. I'm just being slow about it. I've been feeling cold alot lately and just not in the mood to make myself colder. I'm hoping the warm weather will make it easier to embrace the cold, lol. I have been noticing that I tend to feel chilly a little while after being in the sun, so I may just cut back on my sun time, or spread it out as in a couple of short times in the sun, instead of spending a whole half hour in the sun. I don't know, but I'll keep the CT in my mind, and I will eventually find a way to make it work.

    I wanted to make a list here of the things I have been doing that seem to be working. The main thing is the Leptin Rx. I just can't get enough of the BAB. I find I can eat a half pound of beef, several eggs cooked in coconut oil, a side of saurkrout, a couple ounces of chocolate (half 100% cocao, and half coconut oil), and sometimes as much as half a jar of coconut mana (or half a pound of bacon in Winter) for breakfast. I don't know where it all goes, but it sure is a good time. I tend to go to fish for lunch and dinner. Sometimes with lunch I'll have more coconut mana, or some macadamia nuts if I desire, but I find that I don't feel quite right if I eat too much fat later in the day. Usually dinner is just fish by it self now. At first I was having chocolate, mana, or bacon with every meal, but then I found that if I ate them at dinner, I would wake up in the night drenched in sweat. These are the staple foods that seem to not cause any digestive issues.

    The other thing that has been helpful is lowering emf exposure. More on that later.
  7. Christopher

    Christopher New Member

    I've always kind of noticed that using the computer makes me feel bad. I get tired and irritable, my eyes get bloodshot, and I would often get pain in my back, and wrist. For a while I thought it was because of my posture while sitting, so I made a standing workstation. That did not make any difference. The only thing that would help would be limiting my computer time. That was hard because I get obsessive about computers, and sometimes things get so slow at work that the only thing I would have to do is play on the computer (or so I thought). Driving my car would also cause similar results. Although, changing my posture while driving did help the back pain.

    As I was getting the information from Jack's blogs, I began to limit my artificial light exposure. Previously I had changed all our lights to cool blue cfls. I have a bit of an obsession with lighting, and would agonize over getting all the lighting "just right". It never did seem right, so I was always moving lamps around and swapping bulbs of varying wattage. I thought the bluer light was relaxing for some reason, I guess I've just never cared for regular "warm" colored lights. Anyway, Jack's blogs put that to an end. I got rid of all the cool white lighting and switched to warmer lighting. It happened in phases, but now we only use amber or orange incandescent lighting after sunset. We still have regular incandescent lights (40 - 60 watt) for pre-sunset time. I should also add that everyone thinks the orange lighting is much cozier at night. I finally figured out the right lighting for relaxing, lol. I also have a pair of yellow glasses that fit over my perscription glasses. I got them years ago to cut down on glare durring nighttime lighting. So I put those on if the computer is on after sunset, or if I'm at work after sunset. My cowerkers all laugh at me. That's ok, I think they're funny too, but I can tell a difference in how I feel as soon as I put them on. I'd like to get some amber glasses, but those wont allow me to tell the difference in wire coloring at work. The yellow lenses are ok for that.

    My sleep has improved since limiting my light exposure, but still some nights seem to be better than others. I started to notice that my better mornings were related to evenings that I had not watched tv the night before. Kate and I had a habbit of watching some tv shows together to unwind before bedtime. But I was finding that I was better off skipping the tv and doing chores, even though I had the yellow glasses on either way. So the tv had to go. And the sound bar went along with it (with a wireless subwoofer). Kate thought I was going crazy, and was just punishing everyone. But the free time we have now with no tv is great. We spend alot more time actually talking to eachother, its nice. Its also nice to have the time for all the food prep and cleanup that we do now that we don't consume processed fast foods.

    Anyway, that all lead up to the EMF blogs. I made the smartphone-hemorrhoid connection here: http://jackkruse.com/forum/showthread.php?6839-My-Smartphone-Gave-Me-Hemorrhoids! So then the wifi was turned off, the cordless phones and smartphones went on ebay, and we decided to move. We were in a small second floor apartment. The size of the place was great in helping us get rid of some tings we didn't need, but it had served its purpose and it was time to move on. We found a townhome for the same price that has a full basement :D. In the new place, I have set up the computers with extentions for the keyboard, mouse, and monitor wiring. The computer towers are now five to six feet away from where we sit or stand. And of course, nothing is wireless now. I just wish I could convince all the neighbors to turn off their wifi. Oh well. We do have cell phones, but will only turn them on to make a call if absolutely necessary. I also have started turning off many of the circuit breakers at night. the only circuits left on are for the refrigerator, and furnace/AC. That means only candle light at bedtime. That's something I've always wanted since I was a child. I used to love it when the power went out, lol.

    Bennefits? No more back or wrist pain. No more bloodshot eyes if I use the computer. I do still get a little fatigued, but nothing like I used to. I still try to limit my computer usage. For reading, I'd much prefer an actual book, or at least my kindle (wireless disabled, w/ passive e-ink display).

    Things have reached a point of balance for now. I'd like to do more EMF mitigation, but that will reqire money we just don't have right now. For now, keeping up the diet is about all we can afford. I'm hoping to sqeeze out the money to at least get a tri-field meter sometime soon. But in the mean time, it looks like CT will be the next step. It sounds like CT will give the best result for a low monetary cost. I'm sure my sleep could be better. And I'm tired of having "goose bumps" on my arms all the time. CT should fix that, right?
  8. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    One thing you can do right now for less than $10 is to shield your smart meter...which you probably have.

    For $10, everyone can shield their smart meter. Get a one gallon paint can, clean it up or buy an unused one at home depot. Also buy a small role of aluminum screening and also buy two 7 inch hose clamps. Cut the bottom out of the paint can and place it over the meter. Use one of the hose clamps to secure it to the smart meter. The can is a little larger than the meter. The can will bulge a bit when secured tightly. Then cut a piece of the aluminum screening that will fit over the end of the can facing away from the wall it is mounted on. Use the other hose clamp to secure the screen material. Trim as necessary. Take the remaining screening material and mount it behind the meter on the back side of the wall the meter is attached to. This prevents the emf from the meter radiating back through the wall as the meter is omnidirectional. The meter can still transmit your electrical usage to the power company. For people with the meter mounted on a pole or elsewhare, get the aluminum screening and drape the screen over the meter and all around the back side of the pole.
  9. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Christopher. I enjoy reading what you write.
    CT will help your sleep, but you will probably have to be patient. It often makes sleep worse before it makes it better, for many of us. I think because of detox.

    Uh oh. I hope I haven't given you a reason not to jump into the water... MrPinkies will never forgive me.
    Hmm, where's that delete button...
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2013
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Great stuff Christopher ..... you and Kate have come a long way. This is an amazing journey isn't it?

    If you do C/T - wear a wool hat and gloves and socks for now ..... and compression gear.....
  11. Christopher

    Christopher New Member

    The last couple weeks have been kinda rough. I got sick again with a stomach flue for a few days, and the kids seem to have this upper respiratory thing that won't seem to go away. We are waiting for a phone call from the doctor's office today to find out if the kids tested positive for pertussis (whooping cough). And to top things off, the smart meters were installed today.

    I almost started CT, lol. Kate bought me a compression shirt. It was a mens size small, and it fit me looser than my under shirts, lol. I'll get to it eventually....when I'm done procrastinating.

    I read two books that have really challenged my self-perception and concept of reallity, Exploring Conciousness by Rita Carter, and Design In Nature by Adrian Bejan and J. Peder Zane. Since reading these books, I have been feeling a bit of anxiety and sorrow. There were certain ideas that I had about what I am, and what reallity is that just don't fit anymore. Those ideas have gone, and I am experiencing an emptiness in there abscence. It reminds me of an article: http://takehisheart.com/powerofthewilldeathofapet.htm. My conciousness is an evolving process. Who I am now, is not who I was, and not who I necessarilly will be. If there even is an "I". Deep thoughts have been running through my mind. I am humbled by the concept that everything that moves is alive. This includes technology. Just as the existence of human beings has caused many other forms of life to go extinct over the years, our technology as the newest life form is causing humans go go extinct. Its all just the flow of energy causing motion. The Constructal Law, has thus kicked my concept of reallity square in the berries. The Laws of Thermodynamics are serious business.

    I also had a wonderfull experience on one of my last days off. I spent the day doing oil changes and car washess on both of our cars. The oil change part is never really fun, just gives that sense of accomplisment. But the car wash.... I was barefoot with no shirt on, it was warm and sunny, there was water all over the place.... I felt better that evening than I have felt in a long time. I also had a computer free day at home for Father's day, as in both computers were unplugged and never turned on all day. It was great. And the grilled butter burger egg bacon lettuce wraps, mmmm....
  12. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Christopher....have you listened to the June webinar? So interesting to see how our concepts of self and reality are influenced and shaped. I too have felt that "loss" when things are shifting fast...there can be a real void in the wake of this kind of experience or thinking...However, it is in the void that all the new good stuff happens too. I have to remind myself that accepting each state and just letting it be will bring along the next stage of being.... and there lies the wonderful quality of flux. It's good to mark the changes without grabbing on to the emotions too long...hope this makes sense. You certainly make sense to me describing these how things don't "fit" anymore.

    Have a listen to the webinar...really interesting stuff.
  13. Dextery

    Dextery New Member


    It is time now to shield your new smart meter.

    I had originally posted the following here: http://jackkruse.com/forum/showthre...ideo-about-smart-meters&highlight=smart+meter

    You can shield your meter by the following cheap fix:

    For $10, everyone can shield their smart meter. Get a one gallon paint can, clean it up or buy an unused one at home depot. Also buy a small role of aluminum screening and also buy two 7 inch hose clamps. Cut the bottom out of the paint can and place it over the meter. Use one of the hose clamps to secure it to the smart meter. The can is a little larger than the meter. The can will bulge a bit when secured tightly. Then cut a piece of the aluminum screening that will fit over the end of the can facing away from the wall it is mounted on. Use the other hose clamp to secure the screen material. Trim as necessary. Take the remaining screening material and mount it behind the meter on the back side of the wall the meter is attached to. This prevents the emf from the meter radiating back through the wall as the meter is omnidirectional. The meter can still transmit your electrical usage to the power company. For people with the meter mounted on a pole or elsewhare, get the aluminum screening and drape the screen over the meter and all around the back side of the pole.
    You are now shielded 95%. I don't have an emf meter, but the youtube videos I have seen do things similar to this and they block the radiation quite well.
    I have now grounded my paint can by using an old piece of extension cord. I just inserted a bare end under one of the hose clamps and then down to a grounding strap that was placed there by the telephone company to ground their equipment. You can always use a short piece of ½ in copper pipe and pound it into the ground and attach your grounding wire to it.

    These are some of the videos:


    The last video shows a man doing muscle testing to demonstrate how debilitating the RF from a smart meter is. For those of you who have been treated by a kinesologist, muscle testing is a way the practitioner can idenitify weak parts of the body and directs them to where a spine adjustment should be made. And he demonstrates how very important it is to shield the back side of the meter. He also uses a salt lamp and/or salt crystals to block the emf. Not so sure about that method but it seems to work.

    Shield your meter so that the RF does not tear your cells apart.
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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I use to sing about that void. It is very familiar to me too Christopher. I am not scared of it anymore, it has something beautiful to it too. I just wanted to let you know.

    You should wash your cars more often :) nice stuff!
  15. Christopher

    Christopher New Member

    I know the void brings good things, freedom in particular. As parts of the old "me" die, I feel sorrow because of the loss. But, it is necessary for the new "me" to begin. Its a process I'm familar with. The period of mourning is a little tough. I know its been taking its toll on Kate. And the new "me" will also bring more changes. It seems the more I try to learn, the faster the changes come. These changes can be frightening. But, it seems the more risk, the greater the potential reward. When life starts to feel overwelming, the new plan is to get the whole family in the car and go to one of the local parks. I do love being outside in the summertime. We all went to the track at a local school the otherday. It was a good way to relieve some stress. I was amazed at Ryan's ability to run, and run, and then keep running some more. I think he ran like two miles, lol. I did some sprinting and walking barefoot in the grass of the infield.

    Yes, I've watched the June webinar. It kinda explains why I've always been drawn to marijuana. I've had hit or miss experiences while "high", but I've always liked the feeling of the day after effect. I often wished I could just get the day after effect without the intense experience of the "high" itself. Kat's afraid, I'm going to get into "drugs" again, but I've been thinking more of getting into meditaiton. My mind is in to fragile of a state right now for anything too intense. I'm not sure yet quite how I want to recreate my view of reality. I may just have to take a break and let my mind settle a little before taking another dive into my search for ultimate truth. Also I'm not sure how much of my depression is based on my thoughts vs. my environment. Time will tell. I'm quite familiar with cognitive behavioral therapy, and mixing that with meditation/midfullness, should help the thought side, and my local environment can be improved in some ways, but I know the EMF, RF in particular, is going to continue to increase around the world, despite my efforts.

    Dexter, don't worry, I will probably get some kind of shielding up this week for the smart meter. I eventually plan on making a faraday cage for our sleeping area. Still not sure, if that will be upstairs or in the basement. I need to do some testing.

    As far as CT, I have a compression shirt that fits now. So that's one step down. Its been warm outside, and I've been feeling healthy again. I think I'm almost ready to give it a proper try.
  16. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Haha!! Christopher, you tease like Jack does. :D

    The faraday cage should probably not be on the second floor.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Well the last two blog's should be burned into your mind........when you have a neocortical disease you need to realize that pregnenolone is a neurosteroid that affect the CNS. Pregnenolone was originally only thought to be made in the adrenal glands but now we know it is made most predominately in the brain. This is why the current blog, QB 10 is a huge factor. Most neurodegeneration and spectrum disorders are associated with low pregnenolone levels peripherally and in the brain........but here is a pearl for you to know.........pregnenolone also increases brain acetylcholine levels.......this is why the brain in AD has low Acetylecholine, cholesterol and low pregnenolone levels.......the reason should be intuitive now......it is because of an alter Vitamin A signal and a low free T3 level because the body energy's status is poor. This is why we refer to AD as type three DM now. This answer here is a big insight to why AD and other brain disorders are exploding........in the modern world.
  18. Christopher

    Christopher New Member

    Time for an update. I didn't realize it has been so long. I kept waiting to post again because I was going through a lot of changes. Physically, I have been feeling good since the beginning of summer. Mentally, I have completely re-aranged my entire belief system. I mean like completely rebuilt from the ground up. I'll try not to get to caught up on the details, as I have learned that some things are just for me, and don't apply to others in the same way. I've made some discoveries about my self that have been truly liberating. I find the impact of a change in thinking can be just as drastic as a change of diet and lifestyle.

    Today on facebook, I saw Kruse posted one of my first posts on the forum. Anxiety gone because of the leptin rx. It was a nice reminder of where I came from, and how thankful I am to be where I am today.
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Continue.........endure. Do not quit.
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hey Christopher!! How lovely to hear from you ..... it sounds like you are doing great. You have always been a man on a mission :)

    How are Kate and the Kids? Kate is long overdue with an update!

    You guys are an inspiration to all of us .... thankyou...

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