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Aussies and the donut hole!

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by caroline, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Benjamin Stone

    Benjamin Stone New Member

    WRT consumption levels of water, I drink 250-500ml max. This is following instinct and natural thirst. If I think I am thirsty, I wait for 15 minutes, and if still thirsty, then I drink. On days with no exercise or heat, one cup is all I can stand. Note I make lots of metabolic water from my hi fat consumption (keto carnivore).
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  2. Earth Monkey

    Earth Monkey Photo at a blue party, pre-blueblockers

    Only admitting B;ack Swans? ;) Plenty of them here in Western Australia, so many that they're the state emblem. :)

    WA coat of arms;

    City of perth coat or arms

    WA flag

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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I was just able to pin this thread .....I didn't know I could do that!

    now all us Aussies have a permanent home here!

    Questions? Answers? what do you want to talk about????

    Dr. K. has given us so much great info in this thread.......
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  4. TrishRan

    TrishRan Gold

    Caroline ..... how do you "pin" the thread ?
  5. Jackie Nelson

    Jackie Nelson New Member

    Am assuming that if Australia is bad because of the donut hole then New Zealand must be even worse since it looks like we are
    more directly under the hole. Have been here 7 years and cancer is off the charts. People everywhere look unwell but I have no
    idea whether this is a good reason to move. I eat carnivore, high fat, walk barefoot in the wet morning grass, swim and walk on
    the beach, sun my belly, attempt to block EMF's and feel pretty darn good and energetic for an old lady ... no place is perfect, so maybe I'll stay put.
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  6. NDC74

    NDC74 New Member

    Hi Caroline,
    I moved to Oz 2016 and a newbie in this forum. Kindly share with me the link of that Blog that covered in detail what to do if you live in OZ. Many thanks in advance.
  7. NDC74

    NDC74 New Member

    G’day, Nick.
    Thanks for sharing your experience in Magnetico. What is the thickness of your matress? The reason I asked is that my matress is 30 cm thick and according to Magnetico, the strength of the magnet will be about 20% less. Im not sure now if that will still be effective.
  8. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Audrey & I were wondering what sort of lights Aussies are using in there houses when you need something for dull days etc??
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    did you listen to the recent podcast with Cyndie O"Meara from Brisbane?
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  10. FreeRangeKiwi

    FreeRangeKiwi Ready. Fire. Aim.

    Deuterium depletion and water quality is key in this environment. Suggest you add cold water swimming to your arsenal. Where in the country are you? I'm in Dunedin.
  11. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

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  12. KrystleSky

    KrystleSky New Member

    That cancer map is fascinating! It's interesting seeing the regions most affected by melanoma. I thought Queensland might have a lower density but there's lots of red up the Qld coast.
  13. KrystleSky

    KrystleSky New Member

    Can I ask what people are relying on for seafood in Aus? Especially if they aren't near the coast. I'm finding the local supermarkets are largely farmed fish, there's some prepacked Tasmanian salman, thawed prawns and the like. Not really sure what the best options are...
  14. Mel Bee

    Mel Bee New Member

    I came across wild caught alaskan sockeye salmon from John West in Coles recently. It looks to be ok, beautiful red colour and was delicious. It isn't stocked at my local supermarket so next time I come across it again I am going to get a good supply and freeze. I think it might be a relatively new product.
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  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    we get fresh prawns a lot.....we live in a huge fishing area so it is easier - but so expensive
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  16. NDC74

    NDC74 New Member

    I live in Blacktown area. On weekends, I buy oysters from Parklea, on weekdays I buy oysters and mussels at Costco Marsden Park. I also buy canned oysters at Woolies.
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  17. TrishRan

    TrishRan Gold

    Costco stocks Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon in cryvac'd single peices in a bag of 1.3kg for $ 53
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Dr Laszlo Boros on Deuterium Depletion for Optimal Health
    posted 5 weeks ago
    today is 6/26/2019


    • The danger of Australian drinking water
    • time 56:00 do not drink water over 135ppm
    • Australian water is not fit for human consumption 54:30
    • Produce your own deuterium depleted water (in matrix)
    • listen to your ADH, drink only when really thirsty
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  19. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Bit far away for you maybe, but there is a fisherman's co-op at Jerseyville, very reasonably priced. Caroline also told me about Woollies own brand mackerel.
    Cheap as & high in DHA
  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Mackerel (and other fish) are used by fisherman for bait.
    When I was fishing I would buy in marina store, pallets of mackerels for practically pennies.
    May be worth checking.

    When we would come back with say tuna, we would clean them out.
    Take only meat discard the rest.
    Lots of Asian ladies would pick up the heads and bones that otherwise would be dumped out for crabs to eat.

    For someone living near marina this may be free resource.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
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