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August 2016 Webinar

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by PaulG, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    Help me better understand significance of Fraunhofer Lines

    • How much variation is there in the lines width/depth per day, per season, per generation? How related to Chronobiology?
    • Are the missing frequencies always missing?
    • What during about K-T event? and other extinction events?
    • How are they affected by our atmosphere? Ozone, O2, CO2 levels? and the implications of this??
    • Artificial light does not contain Fraunhofer lines - how significant is that?
    • Are they affected by nnEMF?
    • Do birds for example read this barcode for purposes of migration/navigation?
    • Hotter temperature=spectral lines more spread out and less well defined, Colder=smaller and more well defined, explains why CT is more effective in colder latitudes.
    • Fraunhofer originally counted 574 thin black lines but modern astronomers have discovered tens of thousands.

    In Time 17 you said "All molecules have their own spectrum of vibrational energies. Everything protein in life is a vibration, a color, a frequency. If the molecule's spectrum contain a frequency matching that of the water coherent domain, it would get attracted to the coherent domain, and become a guest participant in the coherent domain's coherent oscillation, and settle on the coherent domain's surface. Furthermore, the coherent domain's excitation energy would become available to the guest molecules as activation enery for chemical reactions to take place."

    So, this is what Ling was missing but I am wondering what is the significance of the missing frequencies? How does the eye quantise something that is missing? If there is a dark line this means the energy gap is greater and spectral line dispersion explains why periodic table is quantised.
    Are they like the black notes on a piano? Spectra Lines=Rossetta code.

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  2. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    Jack said

    "Spector-chrome is based upon the optical density changes that happen with
    hydrated ions and proteins. The addition of specific light frequencies is based upon the work or G. Dinshah and his son Darius Dinshah. Their empiric findings on light were then categorized but not based upon the laws of light or of QED. This is where I am headed. This does not mean that what they did was not important or impressive. Their research ended in a comprehensive study of the effects of 12 very specific color filters on the human biological organism. I will remind you that each element from the periodic table is organized in quantized fashion, like oxygen and hydrogen, and each has a dominant spectral wave (color/frequency), and a corresponding action on the body because frequencies control atoms in a quantized fashion. There is clearly a hidden “Rosetta code of frequency” that light uses to control hydrated proteins for living cells to keep them as far from equilibrium as possible. This quantum link has transfixed me for a decade now. These spectral lines of atoms correspond to similar to the Fraunhofer emission lines in the solar spectrum. By applying the spectral waves of elements directly to the body, I believe we can control substrate biochemistry in distinct ways that offer control that life requires to keep us far from equilibrium. I call this a quantum radar system that allows for coherence and entanglement. Color therapy has shown many therapeutic results but no one has developed the precise quantized code life uses because there is a lot more qualities to light than just color. We have many clues these days because of newer data. Over a period of time therapeutic consistencies were noted and recorded in a 1500 page authoritative treatise on color therapy, the Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia. Spectro-Chrome color filters go over a light source. The light behind the filters, I think is hugely important to success of failure of the therapy. These filters are broad band filters and not mono-chromatic colors because the emissions of ionized elements in the solar spectrum are in fact a broad band fingerprints. I have a sense that the source of light must be unpolarized and we can use light at special anatomical sites to access imperfect black box radiator sites in the body. Humans have one perfect black box radiator and many sites where imperfect black box radiators can be taken advantage of. The only perfect BB radiator is the pupil at the edge of the iris. It is here where we can effect the central retinal pathways directly. It turns out meridians in acupuncture are another rudimentary way for light to enter our body but most modern humans put tarps over these areas. The best way to add light energy and data is where blood comes to the surface to allow light to interact with it. I took advantage of these findings to actually co-invent Quantlet to take advantage of these abilities. You can watch the video’s we do at http://www.thequantlet.com. There is some research that was being done in Italy and France that I reviewed years ago on the iris of the eye that really got my attention about the pupil. Here is where I locked into the eye. After reading that I found Dr. John Ott’s work. I found a few MD’s were applying pulsed and colored light to the iris/pupil and into the retina in Europe. The iris and retina are essentially extensions of the brain – and noting various responses in the iris as related to the Autonomic Nervous System, specifically the PVN in the brainstem. This is when I began to realize adrenal fatigue was acute to chronic electromagnetic punishment of vibrations to the PVN in the brainstem that stopped fat burning in the mitochondria in the grey matter neurons from altered light frequencies delivered to the eye from our environment. There were also certain implications from Ott’s early work that the whole body might be accessed via the visual system both positively and negatively. This was great information for a clinician to take advantage of. I wanted to experiment on myself and I did. My June 2016 webinar gets into this hacks in some detail. To do this type of citizen science, I needed to build a device that could deliver pulsed and colored light to the iris/pupil via optic fiber which would not be damaging to the eye and would change and transform what my mitochondria could do. Laser light is monochromatic but our cell surfaces did not evolve with monochromatic light. The interesting part of this story is that all stressed cells release monochromatic ELF-UV. This light creates some advantages inside a cell but it has other effects outside the cell. The body must also “scatter” and polarize light to make it incoherent from the ELF-UV light. This is called the “Monte Carlo Effect” and it happens in most biological systems. For example: the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) pathway is critically important to growth, survival, proliferation, and differentiation of all mammalian cells. Membrane-bound EGFRs can bind diffusing extracellular ligand molecules, dimerize, autophosphorylate their tyrosine residues. Tyrosine is an aromatic amino acid that absorbs all frequencies of UV light. Considering that stressed cells make ELF-UV begins to make sense because it can subsequently trigger a host of intracytoplasmic and intranuclear signaling network modules that use calcium as a secondary messenger system to amplify the effect of electromagnetic radiation from the environment. Every one's energy can be transmuted or transformed to create specific frequency vibrations that work optically optimally in different tissues to determine specific tissue level physiology.

    Why doesn't the Sun emit these missing colors? Or, if the Sun does emit these colors, what happens to the light before it reaches Earth? The answer lies at the surface of the Sun. I have a deep sense what we believe about this part of the Sun will change with the Safire project.

    When we look at a picture of the Sun, the surface that we see is called the photosphere. The photosphere is a region, several hundred kilometers thick, in which the Sun changes from opaque to transparent. SO what did evolution do with this transition of light from the sun?

    Cells are transparent for one reason. The optics of sunlight. Stars that emit UV light clear space........star clouds or nebula were opaque and they begin to clear when starlight illuminates these gases clouds. All stressed cells emit uncolored ELF-UV. All transparent substances show some dispersion in the visible spectrum, and, if uncolored, have a higher index of refraction for purple (UV) then the red light. This difference implies that higher visible frequencies are slowed down more by the medium than are the red frequencies. This explains why cells are designed to release UV light, it also explains why they EZ has a higher refraction index than bulk water, and why red light penetrates tissues 10-30 cm’s to work directly on the ATPase to run it as a quantum torque nanomachine. As light is slowed down it can be transformed to other forms of matter with mass because energy and mass are equivalent in Einstein’s equation. The key to their transformation is found within the size and shape changes the energy undergoes.

    Evolution touches us via the photoelectric effect while we are connect to Mother Nature’s tuning fork called the magnetic field. The magnetic field tunes the tuning fork buried in your thalamus to improve sensory relays of the Earth and sun and unify them with the 5 senses we have developed. One is a bolt of lightening to our sensory station in the thalamus and the other a careless whisper to the magnetic dipoles in our thalamic cells. Without both present, water becomes a useless quantum fluid. With both present water becomes the perfect quantum fluid that opens the door to just about any possibility. This is why water surrounds every protein in our body and why the brain sits in a sea of CSF. Water is where we store those touchstone waves of energy from nature.

    -Sense of touch uses energy.
    -Light energy can be transmuted to sound waves by atoms that are paramagnetic and magnetic in water
    -Energy use increases metabolism.
    -Increased sensory input increases sense of touch.
    -Increased sense of touch increases energy use.
    -Increased touch stimulation increases metabolism.
    What am I missing?

    Sunlight…It is unpolarized and becomes polarized once absorbed and stopped by our tissues that act like a dark mode plasma........Polarized light can be bent by a magnetic field as proven by Farady long ago.......This means light is drawn inherently toward mitochondria.......Why would nature use this? Because she can! …The polarized sun light builds the exclusion zone around mitochondria and the light from the surface is drawn to it because all spinning ATPase head induce magnetic flux.........in this way sunlight uses water coherent domains (EZ) to shrinks your respiratory proteins to make your Nissan Sentra a Ferrari with conscious awareness. It is where inanimate atoms become "conscious" by being programmed by solar light acting under the laws of physics and nature. It is no mystery when you see it laid out.

    The Fraunhofer line-depth principle enables the simultaneous measurement of solar-excited fluorescence and CO2 assimilation rate in individual leaves, but also at larger scales in plants. Since photosynthesis is the basis of all food webs on Earth, Fraunhofer line depth principles are the key link to the quantum yield for all living things. Thus, it may contribute significantly to field studies of the relationship of fluorescence to photosynthesis.

    Now we know that each absorption line is caused by a transition of an electron between energy levels in an atom. Each element has a distinct pattern of absorption lines. Once the pattern of the lines of a particular element have been observed in the laboratory, it is possible to determine whether those elements exist elsewhere in the universe simply by pattern matching the absorption lines.

    In my brain muscle mitochondrial bio-hack I spoke of in June 2016 webinar, when I worked outside within the solar spectrum between approximately 390 and 660 nm (3900 - 6600 Angstroms) physics has identify some of the strongest Fraunhofer lines in the purple range. It turns out in the solar spectrum the two most powerful Fraunhofer lines are purple lines, just barely into the H-K UV bands that our eyes barely see, but that our skin definitely senses. These two purple Fraunhofer lines represent ionized calcium atoms. Now go back and listen to the webinar again. Do you find it ironic, they these purple lines they link to calcium atoms? This implies within solar light, some purple atomic light from the solar plasma is glow mode and traversed 93 million miles to get to your eye and skin to affect calcium flows in your dark mode plasma cells? Might this coincidence of nature explains why all mitochondria need calcium to influx into the mitochondrial matrix in the living state to generate a perfect vibrating frequency in mitochondria to fat burn........?? That my friends is action at a very spooky distance and shows you how the sun and your mitochondria are linked by nature."
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  3. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    I'm thinking of redshift/blueshift here corresponding with increasing and decreasing distances from the sun as the seasons change. My thinking on this may change if I ever get around to eading "Seeing Red" by Halton Arp

    Only to the extent that the substances absorbing those frequencies is always present - although, as JK mentioned above, the Safire project will be huge

    Maybe you answered your own question here since K-T events are accompanied by cold climes

    IM feeling a bit of synchronicity with this subject since lately I've been revisiting the subjects of the Thunderbolts and Safire projects along with Proto-Saturn. Seems like we are on the road to discovering the reality of primordial existence.
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