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ATPases per Human Body?

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Scompy, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold


    If we generally have 40+ trillion cells in the human body...
    And we have hundreds to thousands of mitochondria per cell...
    And each mitochondrion has an average # of <insert ATPases>?

    Anyone want to guess how many ATP Synthases we have per mitochondrion?

    Then, let's calculate how many ATPases there are in an average human body.

    Each ATPase rotor spins around 1,500 times per second.
  2. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    I do not know, but this made me research ATPases and I have found there are many different types of this enzyme or nano machine...

    V types (vacuole membrane), F types (inner mitochondrial),

    There are also P types - some of which produce Gastric acid by pumping H+ into the stomach acid. For anyone with "low stomach acid" taking Betaine HCL etc. Look no further than the Deuterium / Light story...

    If you cannot run these motors fast with pure H+ via Exclusion Zone water from Sunlight or Cold, then you will have a slower deuterium filled pump mechanism, meaning less H+ (Low stomach acid) or slower build up of acid = reflux or indigestion. This is one Food Guru problem that has never been understood or solved. Common in northern latitudes... I wonder why...

    It makes sense to me personally, because if I ate breakfast in India and felt full or bloated, if I went outside and allowed the morning light to hit my eyes I would notice my mouth begin to salivate and my gastric juices flow. I would actually then begin to digest my food and feel better. I thought it was lights action on my hormones via the eye/pituitary, therefore activating my gastric cells acid production... but it is actually Light hitting the T.I's of the Gastric cells and changing the water to EZ to run those ATPases faster and pump more H+ and exclude Deuterium. This is after Light hits our eyes Blood cells and is stored via the charge and light information stored in the hemoglobin and water and that is carried to our stomach/gut cells in rapid time...

    It may even be less physical than we think, hard to explain, but maybe the water/blood hit by light in the eye doesn't have to actually make its way to the gut but maybe light is passed along through the network of water in blood to reach our whole body. Really trying to put my quantum goggles on for this kinda thing because I don't believe in the biological perception anymore. I know that from Mae Wan Ho's book, you have cascade reactions which can mean Light hitting a rod cell causes unbelievably fast transmission to our brain. But you also have Quantum mechanics in Light in Shaping Life, which shows how electrons move through plants during photosynthesis, and how they can navigate and disappear across many steps and be in 2 places at once... This is where it gets blurry for me, but I can imagine a connection between Eye and Gastric ATPase pumping H+ faster than waiting for blood to be carried round.

    Sorry for the ramble Scompy! Totally unrelated, but felt like I needed to put this here!
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  3. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

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