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ASI, and salivary cortisol things

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Ok,

    in getting my hit list together on "what's next", big at the top is the ASI/salivary cortisol stuff.

    My question for you folks that have done it - is are there any big changes in your life that you've made since getting sub-optimal results that made it worth it?

    I'm all for having the info, but what actions would one take if it were good vs bad?

    For me, I'm already living as epi-paleo, circadian focused as I can. Is there some other magic that one would do to fix a bad asi?
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Cavemam, how is it bad? Low in the morning? High all day?

  3. Dunno! I'm trying to triage what tests to do next! I have no sleep/energy issues - and frankly, don't think it's "that bad". But, then I started to think - ok, lets assume it IS bad. .then what would I do different in my day to day life.
  4. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    I'm going to try to get this done with new doctor in December but after reading so many posts I would love to see what is "optimal" readings. Most people who post their results are in range but not "optimal'? What is the best morning, noon, evening readings to have?
  5. MsYo

    MsYo Silver

    I had an ASI test done in late April but I didn't get the results until a couple of weeks ago. I am taking a new test in a couple of weeks to have a comparison. My Cortisol spiked in the afternoon likely due to stress. I did not have melantonin results and my DHEA did not appear optimal (increased dosage) I am working diligently to reset my circadian clock as well as reduce stress. I am researching TM techniques and I have purchased Phosphatidylserine to help with the afternoon cortisol spike.
  6. After getting my results last year and finding out they were all in the low part of the ranges I made some changes. Only walked for exercise (no more boot camp workouts), this was when I stopped eating gluten, made sure i was in bed by 10pm and slept at least 8 hours, meditate, try to remove as much stress as possible, and also took some supplements from my doc for adrenals. Then I started taking my T3 early in the morning a couple of hours before waking and BAM! with all that my adrenals (except my high morning reading) are practically perfect.

    I think it is wise to know what is going on. Sometimes you may not feel a dysfunction and it's best to catch it before it goes worse. To me the ASI test is a biggie!

  7. Hmmmm. These are all changes I've already made. Was your HS-CRP high? Mine is not, I've already re-engineered my life to be very low stress, very happy inducing and no longer boot camping it etc. I just don't know that there is anything ELSE I can do that this test would prompt.

  8. hehehe, the worst thing I do for my health now is read this damn website!

  9. My hs-CRP is in the 2 range so it's high. But I'm going into menopause and have Hashis so that is kinda expected even though I am doing everything to lower it. Another thing to consider is stress is not always an outside force. What if something is going on inside your body that is causing internal stress and you didn't know about it but it is affecting you? Just a thought... I was on thyroid meds and that had stopped the fatigue. I didn't know I had an adrenal issue and if you asked me I would have told you I didn't. I got up at 5:30am every morning, felt great, rarely drank coffee, etc. The test is what warned me I had an adrenal problem. For me this test was invaluable but may not be for you. Everyone is different.

  10. So let's say I do it, and find out it's an issue - what would I do (take?) that I'm not already? Is this used WITH the thyroid panel to decide if you want to treat with t3 etc?
  11. It is connected to thyroid where usually one gland goes whacky then the other. IIRC, the thyroid usually goes first. I don't know if you would take anything or just become more aware of things around you and make some subtle changes. Being more mindful in everyday life can be very helpful especially in adrenal distress.

    So what is keeping you from getting the information? Are you reluctant to get any testing? Why is this different from say a thyroid test that shows everything is normal except your FT3 is slightly low? Do you want to take something for that? Maybe not. But it may make you aware of other changes such as maybe I should eat shellfish 3x/day to get that iodine in my system to help raise the FT3 production. Awareness creates thoughts that will help you make the most appropriate choices....again, mindfulness.

    I hope I'm not sounding argumentative but that is surely not my intent. My intent is just to make you think deeper about this test. This is just one piece of the pie. I view this test as another diagnostic on the road to optimal. Obviously I'm a believer!
  12. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    This really is a big piece of the puzzle. It tells you if you are on track or not. If one of them is out of rhythm, then you need to dig a little deeper to find out why. But, you said you feel well. Maybe wait for your gut test to come back and see how it fairs. Ins. usually doesn't pay for this one as far as I know.
  13. The ASI test you can get for $129 (IIRC) through STTM (stopthethyroidmadness) and mymedlab. It's done through ZRT. I just did it and you also get DHEA-s. I don't know if you can do an add-on of melatonin though to the special STTM kit.
  14. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I think you ask a great question - would your lifestyle change based on the results of the test? Are you already doing everything advisable to live optimally? If you wouldn't do anything different, then it seems to me it's not an essential test. It could still be useful as a baseline for comparison down the road. Or, it could be useful for peace of mind if you are a worrier. But honestly, if you feel you wouldn't make any changes regardless of the outcome, then why bother?

    It was useful in my case because it confirmed the adrenal fatigue and made me realize I had to stop all exercise. That was really, really hard to let go of and I wouldn't have done it without the test results and a lot of reading & getting doctors' opinions.
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    ASI changes the most when you have an unstable thyroid situation of a really screwed up gut. I love following it with a salivary melatonin for people with BG 11 issues.......I also like trending IGF-1 to get insights into what people are really doing over what they think they are doing.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I thought I was relatively okay until I had a consult with Doctor K. the other day. I couldn't have been more wrong! He said he hadn't seen a hormone panel that bad in a long time. The one thing he said - actually more than once - mostly because I kept saying I don't feel that bad at all - was .... You [me] have been living in bad for so long you [me] don't know the difference. and now as I keep re- listening to the consult - I realize how very right he is and I can't understand why I didn't see this for myself. I kinda think when you grow up in an abusive environment - your reality and perception is different and you just push thru. My 2 cents worth anyway. Love to know your thoughts.
  17. CarolMorris

    CarolMorris New Member

    I haven't done the ASI yet(that's next) I did the Diurnal 4X cortisol..morn, noon, 5pm and bedtime. I was sure it would come back high in the evening and bedtime because my sleep was so bad...it came back exactly the opposite, high in the am and noon, I was shocked.

    Jack's educational prescription was a fun one! First in am..sun..second...sex/orgasm...third BAB.sooo...sometimes a bad test has a great solution!

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