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are your yellow tinted glasses sufficient? a simple test to find out.

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Entelechy, May 2, 2012.

  1. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I tried my first Uvex orange blublockers recently and wow they work. :) But what I was not prepared for is that they have an added benefit of enhancing the readability in low light conditions. They alter contrast in some way that makes it much easier to pick up print on a tablet or printed page. So that's a win-win for reading at night.

    Does Uvex - or any vendor - make a version of these that fit over regular reading glasses? I would like to recommend this to others who I think would benefit from it.
  2. Josh

    Josh Gold

  3. persistence

    persistence New Member

    Do you have any idea what the difference might be between the Eagle Eyes Nano Stimulight you specified and the Eagle Eyes Avian 475? I gather the 475 is a darker lens and might work in the mid-day sun better, whereas Nano Stimulight might enhance night driving and low light conditions?

    Wonder why the Eagle Eyes are so much more expensive than Uvex?
  4. persistence

    persistence New Member

    Looks like Amazon labeled this listing incorrectly. The photo is of a Eagle Eyes Nano 425 model. The title says Stimulight, but that is a different product.

    It looks like Eagle Eyes has five different Nano models, and the five different applications are given in two words each here at bottom of page:

  5. Josh

    Josh Gold

    I like the stimulight because they are a little lighter for indoors at night.
  6. Josh

    Josh Gold

    I think I have the 425's
  7. persistence

    persistence New Member

    The 425's do look like the best choice for before-bed use.

    I'm really tempted to buy all of them and try out in different conditions, maybe keep two or three after testing. I'm really not clear on which ones would be best for daytime use.
  8. Josh

    Josh Gold

    I ordered a pair of 500's to try on the computer in the day.
  9. persistence

    persistence New Member

    Do all five models block all blue light? I wonder if there is a negative side effect to circadian rhythm to block blue light from the computer during the peak light hours of the day?
  10. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    Better to be out in the sunlight during the day. Of course, since most of us can't be ... do what you can.

    I suddenly noticed the other day when travelling on the train how white many people's hands are. Now I'm very fair-skinned like most Northern Europeans, but my hands and face are fairly ruddy at the least and pretty much all year. The conclusion I draw is that many people rarely go outside at all, if their hands look so pale. (There's an interesting parallel with sitting: many of us now spend most of our waking lives in chairs, at home, at work, travelling between the two, and so on ...)

    The Caveman Doctor says he has had special blue-light bulbs fitted in the room at the hospital where he works in the day, since it's in the basement and there's no natural light. IIRC, he said it has been helping his sleep. This seems logical, since I understand that blue-light in the day should act to flush out melatonin when it's not needed, and help re-establish the proper rhythm. But I guess you wouldn't be wearing blue-blockers in the day or using f.lux then anyway.
  11. Julie5

    Julie5 New Member

    Question about the Uvex goggles. I have to wear them over my glasses, so there is a gap between the edge of the goggles and my face. Light filters in from around the goggles, but not directly on my eyes. Is that indirect light harmful? Maybe I need ski goggles? Hope not!
  12. DrAudrey

    DrAudrey New Member

    Here is a helpful link. http://www.coopersafety.com/lensguide.aspx
    Uvex Orange appears to be the best choice for evening TV viewing. >98% blue light blocked.
    Uvex Espresso may be too dark for TV or movies and is definitely too dark for driving.
  13. nancydion

    nancydion New Member

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