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Are you implementing any of Dr. Kruse's ideas with your kids?

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by trishalinn@gmail.com, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. The other thing we are doing is not "snacking" as much. School at his age is all about a snack all the time. . .seems whenever we are with friends too. . gotta feed the children every hour or they will perish! He even said this a.m. that I didn't need to pack him a snack because he would rather just go to recess faster.

    Honestly, it much easier for me! I don't pack snacks or worry about where we are going to find food.
  2. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    One of the greatest things about getting all the excess carbs out of our lives has been almost never needing to snack. I don't bother with packing snacks even for the kids now unless we're going to be out of the house for like 6 hrs with no meal.

    Yes, I feel that way about the fad thing, too, lol,, even though I know I already see some results that aree almost certainly CT related. I think I need to see some great testimonials here about healing disorders and/or performance improvement (obvious before/after stuff) first.

    But I do kno wmy kids are broken. While they haven't had three decades of screw-ups like I have, they're one more generation down the line of broken - born to one more generation of nutrient deficiency. They have issues far earlier than I did.

    I think my 5yo is one of those with borderline insulin resistance from my pregnancy diet (even though I didn't have GD, which is some sort of miracle). Three of my children have tics that get more severe with poor diet. I have a lot of questions for Dr. Kruse about how to hack our children!
  3. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

  4. omlh@todmi.com

    omlh@todmi.com New Member

    My 17-year-old refuses to join in with anything, but does at least keep quiet and eats what I provide when she's home (all my children are at boarding school, which complicates issues). My middle daughter (15) has had major, life-threatening health problems all her life, and is very happy eating a Paleo diet as she feels much healthier and most of her issues have now resolved, and she has quite independently found Dr. Kruse's blog (via MDA, which she is an avid reader of) and started to try CT at school - she started with face-dunking, and has moved onto cold showers as they have no baths, and is wanting to try full CT when she gets back home for the holidays next week. My youngest (11 years old) also has a few health problems which she finds are majorly helped with a Primal/Paleo diet, and she's totally on board for that, but has yet to take on board the idea of CT. However, I've been very mean at home and turned the heating off completely, and I've also turned the thermostat on the hot water system down, so it's not quite as easy to have a very hot bath or shower ... my OH is not impressed, and he's not on board at all!
  5. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    It definitely needs to be something they will own as teenagers. It's great about your 15 year old, and maybe her interest in this will spark the others!
  6. So, we are a little short on proper boundaries round here. My Almost 6 yr old thinks nothing of walking in while I'm taking a bath or shower or using the bathroom. "Mommy needs her privacy" doesn't always make the withdraw fast.

    So, I did my first bath yesterday - and was telling my hubby about it prior (working my nerves up), son must have listened. So he came into the bathroom. . .I was standing there in the full body compression, cold tub nearby.

    Long story short, he ended up naked in the bathroom standing in the cold tub and timing himself. He wanted to do it again later, and did, and increased his time. He then proclaimed next time he would sit down, and this morning HE was the one prompting "cold bath time!". He sat in for just a sec, and decided twice a day was needed.

    I'm just so giddy. The timing to see if he could go longer than previous really struck a chord with the boy mentality.
  7. donkjellberg

    donkjellberg Silver

    We eliminated dairy from my and my son's diet last week. His nighttime sinus congestion has been reduced about 90%. All our dairy is grass fed and raw. We consumed (kefir), cheese, and butter daily. We are only using the butter now. The chocolate whey protein in our kefir smoothies is out too.

    Finding a healthy smoothie alternative that provides probiotics and hides the taste of raw eggs is going to be challenging.
  8. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Donkjellberg, my kids have smoothies with raw eggs every morning (just yolks) and I don't find the taste hard to disguise at all. I do put a few frozen berries in there (so perhaps that's out for you?). I also use a bit of coconut milk. I just buy powdered probiotic pills and tip them in. I also add DE and coconut oil, as well as cinnamon. They drink them every morning. Not sure if that helps or not but it's a huge win for my family.
  9. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Ditto, without the berries. Cinnamon + nutmeg + vanilla = eggnog for the kids every day.
  10. Are any of Ya'lll going keto with your kids. I just can't bring myself there - he isn't going hardcore CT, where he would need it to access ancient pathway (he's almost 6). I have been letting him have a banana or rice or apple or Lara bar here or there. I remember Doc saying his daughter is. We are coming into farmers market season, so my plan is to feed him the fruits veggies that are in season. Coming around to next winter though. . .I wonder if he should go keto.

  11. I'll have to add some raw eggs to our smoothie. We've been doing coconut milk + berries + cinnamon and a little local honey. It's great because it holds together when not super chilled. I can send this to school. We also make pops out of this.
  12. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    This new for me even, so I'm making changes at a reasonable pace for my kids. I think if you can get your kids going before their habits form you will be in great shape...

    I LOVE IT that your six year old is making a game of it for the CT...using a timer like that is a great idea!
  13. tweety

    tweety New Member

    I am curious about the keto for kids too. I am working hard on eating from the local CSAs, all year round. But in the NE I am not sure how my kids will adjust. They eat alot of fruit right now, but I am working on cutting back. Potatoes too... though local grown and seasonal. They just eat soooooo much, and our family food budget is already high. If I remove these few items that help satisfy their hunger, I am not sure if I can afford to feed us all! I know alot of people experienced reduced hunger, but that has not happened in our house. And my two little ones happily out-eat my DH and I, and thats on all paleo, high fat food as it is!
  14. Caroline Cooper

    Caroline Cooper New Member

    I really haven't found the changes that difficult because my family has been using diet for many years to control health problems. My youngest daughter has been on the SCD/GAPS/modified paleo diet since she was five. She is now nine. The diet cured her asthma, hallucinations and behavioral problems. I am also on the diet. My husband and eldest daughter do not have the same problems, but for the most part, follow the diet in the household. It's just easier that way.

    I ended up removing my youngest daughter from school when she was in grade one. (When she got into the wrong foods she would become very difficult to manage.) I have never planned on home schooling but now I am. Being out of the school system really does make things easier when a child needs a special diet for health reasons. In the end it has solved many problems I would have otherwise faced.

    After I found out about Dr Kruse's work, I convinced my husband to do a household experiment. He trusts my experiments, successes and failures, because his daughter is now well. He could sense my excitement. So, we have talked to the girls and put down some ground rules for this experiment:

    1. The lights go off in the house at sundown. Actually, we turn off the breakers. The lights do not go on until daybreak. We all have headlamps for reading and moving around the house at night, if needed. We encourage the girls to only use the red LED light.

    2. We have turned down the temperature in the house to 65-68F (18-20C).

    3. We open the windows in the sleeping area during the night. (It snowed last night so its still cold around here.)

    4. We eat within an hour of rising and don't eat after 6pm to give three hours before sleeping. (My husband and the girls are have trouble with the last one.)

    Well, that is what we are trying as a family. My children just watch me ice myself down without much commit. I have put myself into ketosis but I am not planning changing the girl's diet. (Historically, the ketogenic diet was used to stop seizure disorders before we had drugs.) I am not considering doing any CT with my children though we already have a family tradition of finding wild hot springs and dumping ourselves into glacier cold streams.

    I now hold my tongue when my girls walk outside in the snow in their bare feet or wander around outside the house without a coat. (Of course, as long as there isn't a safety issue.) I have a feeling most active children would naturally move towards cold tolerance. We parents have to change our knee-jerk reactions and help this natural process along, or at least not get in the way. The biggest problem is always the pressures from larger society.
  15. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I love your protocols! And that is hardcore, turning the breakers off!

    ITA on the cold tolerance.
  16. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Amazingly, my kids haven't protested at all to the 'darkness protocol.' And we have just recently ended daylight savings, so it is dark by 6:30pm/7:00 and in a couple of months that will shift to 5:00pm. Basically, we just don't turn on any lights during the day (I figure adapting to the natural within-the-day-cycles of light and dark, cloudy/sunny, etc is also helpful (we do have a lot of windows/natural light which is important.) So as the afternoon progresses we just let it get progressively darker. Both my children are old enough to work computers (and LOVE technology) so the rule is when it becomes dusk they all go off (everyone's... mine, too), as well as turning off all mobile phones. Then we start lighting candles (we have no fireplace anymore - everyone in Christchurch lost their chimneys during our earthquakes so fireplaces are gone). I have been amazed at my children's creativity with the lack of light. They have made up new games. And we play cards or read by candle light. It is a natural wind-down for bedtime, which I no longer have to remind either of them about (ages 7 and 11). It seems like after a few hours in darkness, it just is natural to go to bed. They brush their teeth by candlelight and hop into bed. Sometimes they'll fall asleep with the bedroom candle still on (we do a nightly guided meditation), but usually just after we blow it out. And they are both naturally waking just before sunset, which is a huge change for my pre-adolescent daughter who was previously struggling to wake every morning (and was complaining of constantly being tired).
  17. BeingVenus

    BeingVenus New Member

    I starter on WAPF my last month of pregnancy and started primal when my son was about 12 weeks old so his first solids were primal foods. He's 16 months old now and still breastfeeds so I know he gets plenty of carbs from that ad I just let him eat whatever healthy foods he wants. He doesn't really seem to like processed food

    Or anything made from Grains or overly sweetened so it hasn't been a problem yet. He sticks his hands and face in my cold

    Bath when I dip during the day and I give him cool baths now. I definetely don't stick him in ice water but he is comfortable

    Sleeping in nothing but a diaper and kicks off the covers at night (we cosleep.). I just don't worry about fruit or starches and such with him yet. He never goes overboard with them and mostly prefers meat. This morning in addition to nursing he had a 3 yolk omelette cooked in pasture

    Butter, for lunch he ate an organic

    Chicken drum stick baked in ghee and curry seasoning, for dinner I'm probably making some lamb and spinach. He'll probably eat a tiny smidge of the spinach if I drench it in butter and mostly just eat the lamb and I'll give him some banana at the end.

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