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Are too many carbs/PUFAS or blue light a bigger risk for LR?

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by Ossa, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Ossa

    Ossa New Member

    Which is more damaging to your leptin receptors? If you have perfect solar exposure , i.e. The Masai, can you still become leptin resistant by eating a Standard American Diet?
  2. blue light
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Cytochrome damage in the mitochondria from alien light waves always trumps food as a cause of LR.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    More proof that food gurus have absolutely no clue that a broken mitochondrial engine at the cytochrome level is a far bigger deal than food macronutrients. When cytochrome one is defective diabetes is one of the diseases that manifest. Excessive blue light exposure and nnEMF can cause this effect MOST FREQUENTLY. Cytochrome 1 is made from the NAD+/NADH couple.
    NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) plays a central role in the respiratory electron transport chain by coupling the transfer of electrons stripped from carbohydrate foods. This occurs when the food electrons are passed to NADH and onto ubiquinone (CoEnQ10). This helps create the proton gradient across the mitochondrial membrane matrix necessary for ATP synthesis via the proton channel in the ATPase. Understanding the atomistic details of the electronic wiring of all Fe/S clusters in complex I have been revealed by using the tunneling current theory and computer simulations.
    It turns out both density functional theory and semiempirical electronic structure methods have been used to examine antiferromagnetically coupled spin states and corresponding tunneling wave functions to understand how variations in electrons are handled by cytochrome 1.
    Distinct electron tunneling pathways between neighboring Fe/S clusters have been identified; the pathways primarily consist of two cysteine ligands and one additional key residue.
    Internal water between protein subunits is identified as an "essential mediator" enhancing the overall electron transfer rate by almost three orders of magnitude to achieve a physiologically significant value. That water is made by cytochrome 4 = cytochrome C oxidase and it is deuterium depleted by design to allow for these key quantum interactions.
    These key cysteine residues were further characterized by sensitivity of electron transfer rates to their mutations, examined in simulations, and their conservation among complex I homologs.
    The unusual "electronic structure properties" of Fe4S4 clusters in complex I explain their remarkable efficiency of electron transfer and it is NOT THE FOOD that one eats that determine the interaction. They are just substrates in the molecular machines and not the key actors. It is about time we wake up to these realities because now researchers can examine them. In the early days of biochemistry, science was blinded to these actions, so it was natural to "GUESS" food mattered. Today, we know better but this information has yet to have a clinical impact or made the textbooks. There is nothing special about food electrons but there is something very sensitive and specific (quantized) about how cytochrome is built to work and why it makes superoxide in ways that it does. The pulse of superoxide is quenched and controlled by another chromophore protein called melanin. Melanin is a UV absorbing protein made of the aromatic amino acid tyrosine.
    It is remarkable that the most fundamental energy-generating machinery in MITOCHONDRIA is based on the WAVE properties of electrons, which allow for an efficient transport of energy-carrying particles along the chain of redox cofactors toward molecular oxygen via quantum tunneling. http://www.biochemj.org/content/425/2/327
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Today’s quantum factoid: proteins coded for DNA and RNA are crystals that pulse in sunlight and they float in liquid crystalline water made by mitochondria at cytochrome 4. Here you see another key cytochrome protein in action. They all have coherent motions but their freedom within their lattice structure does not allow total degrees of freedom. Proteins on earth coded for by DNA/RNA work best in a liquid crystal mesosphere because this aligns and focuses energy and information quanta transport and transmutation. Proteins allow for deformations because of their peptide bonds. This arrangement allows them to generate polarization wavefronts along with the simultaneous creation of proton wavefronts in conductive bands in the water around proteins. This arrangement allows for both metabolic pumping and photonic coupling of light to push the cell further from equilibrium while coupling light energy and information to biochemical pathways involving electron and proton movements. This implies that weak mechanical changes call tensegrity or pressure waves, heat, or electric charge will be easily propagated by small non-linear modulation of the proton currents in cell water. This is easier and has more fidelity when deuterium is absent in these regions. These hydrogen bonding networks link to the connective tissues via the ordering crystals in matrix water and this creates ordered dipole crystals that connect directly to the ion channels of the cell membrane. This is how light controls ion and voltage gates channels via second messengers like calcium flows. Proton conduction in water is how it is done coherently with superb fidelity.
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Every decade heteroplasmy rises on average 10% and this determines the disease phenotype we see with aging. Today's world has changed this relationship and younger people are aging in many organ systems at much higher rates. The implications for man in a tech world is daunting when you realize its non-linear effects. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0165614718301196
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Who knows what the circadian rhythm is? Essentially, it's our biologic clock that's 24 hours. 'Circa' in Latin meaning "approximately" and 'Dias' meaning "day" so approximately a day. This clock they found is approximately 24 hours, I wonder why that would be?
    Simple, it's because our body has 'tuned' to the sun, over millions of years of evolution, as its frequencies change during the day and determine the day and night cycle.
    What we need to do is to be outside during the day, spending as much of our time outside in natural light as possible. The key thing that is hard for some people is you never ever, ever want wear sunglasses as they destroy the spectrum of sunlight.
    The sun has a natural full spectrum. There's UV, infrared, green, yellow, blue etc. When you wear sunglasses you cut out certain frequencies primarily ultraviolet. Why are all parts of the ultraviolet spectrum so important?
    When ultraviolet became more present in the atmosphere 600 million years ago, life exploded in its complexity, and over time we have evolved to use the energy of sunlight in many of our biological processes.
    Ultraviolet light has huge benefits for our health and there are many places you can learn about why the sun is needed and necessary for optimal health. https://www.frontiersin.org/article...ZqQVBZFr7oS9fOoLefiuqqBPTkfaoXxPuW3ZJ0vN5VteE
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Did you know that all circadian biology links back to the tilt of the Earth? Is the tilt at the poles constant? Does the tilt of the planet somehow relate to the sun in ways we fail to account for? Did you know that tilt varies in many ways that create non-linear relationships? What might the collateral effects before our species as they vary? Do the position of the sun at the tropics and the presence of the sun to the arctic circle in ways that we have not yet connected to things that live? Is this relationship related to other living things too? Is this why trees cannot exist above a certain latitude? Is this why humans have trouble at these places? Is this why there is a spot under Antarctica that science is impotent to explain? Might the evidence be found in our brain right now? Is this why the Ancient Pathway in mammals exists? Could all this be why Jack wrote CT4 and CT 6?

  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What would most guess is under Antarctica close to our south pole? The linear thinker would be lead to quickly respond to the answer was a geothermal volcano. But a Black Swan would never assume this because it is too linear and easy. Nature never uses Occam's razor in her recipes. There is nothing parsimonious about the photoelectric effect or the mass equivalence equation, is there? So what would be your guess is causing this "odd phenomenon" under our Southern Continent?

    Human thinking is fools gold. It falls prey to linear thinking and relationships far too often. For example, we've long assumed in our solar system that planets are formed outside stars in planetary discs “for the ‘obvious’ reason linked to our observations as humans – that’s where we find them.” in our telescopes. But then we forget about the similar relationship of creation found in our own species. Namely, we humans, equally ‘obviously,’ are outside our mothers as we live our lives – yet we did not start there!

    We never stop to see this blind spot of linear thinking. We observe the beginning of human life all the time as an internal process that becomes external. With planets since humans did not observe their creation, we assume how they are today are best explained by their current position.

    I do not think it is a geothermal unit at all. I think it is an electromagnetic effect tied to why the Earth's tilt varies between 22 and 24.4-degree tilt and that this hot pocket varies as the tilt and the electromagnetic relationship of the sun the Earth varies. https://www.livescience.com/64116-east-antarctica-hot-spot.html
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Today's insight on dietary issues for the Black Swan: For many or most people, a healthy low-carb diet will probably produce many health benefits and improve many health conditions if consumed in place of the standard American diet. The real Black Swan question under dispute in science is whether low-carb diets have a metabolic advantage vs. high-carb diets. My position has always been this is hogwash. The diet does not matter much when you understand how critical the engines within mitochondria are. It turns out that when cytochrome 1 is damaged, has high heteroplasmy rate, or its cysteine residues are damaged, or those residues are not surrounded by matrix derived water, then and only then does it appear that glucose and insulin are toxic. Appearances are deceiving to those who do not understand the details of the atomic latticework inside of the cytochrome complexes. Today's dietary half-truths are a leprosy of unreality disfiguring every human creature who believes it.
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  12. Ossa

    Ossa New Member

    @Dr. Kruse

    Thank you!

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