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April's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by April, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. April

    April New Member

    Thank you Dr Kruse, staff, and "starfish" for your continued health advice.

    My journey to optimal health by using light, water, and magnetism began in March 2019. My anxiety was high, my sleep sucked, and my brain fog had become so bad my patients (I am an Optometrist) were beginning to notice and comment. I had gone to a Holistic Dr in 2018 who checked my saliva and bloodwork and told me my cortisol was too high in the morning(6.43H AM, 1.80H noon, 0.23H evening, 0.29H night) and that my hormones where not good. I will try to upload my labs from my phone as my scanner has broken. He suggested I take 5mg DHEA orally per day and possibly begin testosterone cream once I stopped breastfeeding.

    I have been getting outside for almost every sunrise since March 2019, spending my lunch break outside in a bikini for vitamin D. I stopped wearing contact lenses and began wearing blue tech glasses indoors. I increased my seafood intake and began drinking mountain valley spring water. We got Moca adapters to free our house from wifi. I reduced light at night. I stopped supplementing oral vit D. By the end of the summer I was very tan and my anxiety was greatly improved. Bloodwork showed that my vit D level actually decreased(5/2018 vit D 51, 8/2019 vit D 40), I'm guessing because I was previously supplementing. My hormones didn't look like they had improved either. I would like to figure out how to order my own bloodwork to compare again but we are in the middle of lockdown due to COVID 19 currently, so that will have to wait.

    This February, 2020 we were able to move onto the beach. Now it is possible for me to enjoy every sunrise and sunset. I bought a 20 gauss megnetico, which has improved my sleep. I get to down to the water almost every day. I've been doing what I call "gentle CT" in the sound (the water is probably between 70-80 degrees right now) 10min a day. We try to only use blacklights and red lights after sunset. Otherwise, we have incandescent bulbs. I have read "Going somewhere" and "Light in Shaping Life". I'm working on "The body electric" and "Cosmosapians". I have also read some blogs and listened to podcasts and trying to listen to some of the Webinars. My reading and listening time is generally pretty sparse as I have a 2 and 5yr old. I am only supplementing with magnesium at night.

    Any advice on which Blogs/Webinars/books to get through 1st would be great. Any advise to improve my journey to improved health would also be great.
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  2. April

    April New Member

    2018 bloodwork

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  3. April

    April New Member

    2019 bloodwork

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  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome, April! :)
    You moved to the beach just at the right moment :) :)

    What blogs to read.. hmm. Maybe pick the ones that have something to do with your issues? Like the hormone blogpost etc? There is an index at the home page of this forum, you can check out :)
    Sounds great what you have changed and are doing. Healing is not a quick thing so it is good to reminder one self this is a lifestyle change and the body will heal on its own pace.
    Yeah a bummer with the lockdown - I wanted to do some bloodwork too but I am postponing it. What to do :)
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi April. You are doing great things for yourself and your family!

    you can order a saliva/ hormone test on line.btw.

    where do you live?
  6. April

    April New Member

    I am fortunate to live here on Pensacola Beach. I can’t imagine a better place to be at this time.
  7. April

    April New Member

    I have been continuing on my path. I still haven't gotten any more labs to check for improvement. I felt like my sleep wasn't as good as it should be, so I started the mitochondrial Rx. I'm taking 1000mg mag L threonate, 100mg coq 10 ubiquinone, 500mg acetyl l carnitine in the morning, 500mg mag orotate, 500mg taurine, 5000mg D ribose in the afternoon, 500mg trans resveratrol, 280mg mag malate at night. I also take 5mg DHEA oral and 15mg topical on face, arms, and back in the morning and sometimes I take vit K2 5mg in afternoon. My sleep seems to be better.
  8. April

    April New Member

    My husband didn’t want to shuck as many oysters as I want to eat and I haven’t gotten any better at shucking despite trying since February...so I got an oyster shucking machine! I’m so happy with it. Now I can eat as many oysters as I want! I finally got my bloodwork ordered. Hopefully I will find that my hard work is paying off in my lab results.
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  9. April

    April New Member

    Pensacola bay oysters! And a happy spider man.

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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You are 40 minutes from me now.
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    An oyster shucking machine??? Wow... what does that look like? How much does it cost?
    That would be a cool thing to have :) :) :)
  12. April

    April New Member

    $140 on Amazon and worth every penny! Here is a pic of my oyster shucking station (just used). My 6 & 2yr old love to help me shuck them. Sometimes I can even talk them into eating one.

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  13. April

    April New Member

    Thank you Jack, you are changing my life in a big way. I feel I have finally found the road to optimal. Please let me know if you ever want to visit in Pensacola. I will be attending a conference in Sandestin in July 23-25. If you are around I’ll try and talk you into signing my book!
  14. April

    April New Member

    I got my labs back already! I think the trend is good. I was expecting better, but I guess everyone wants immediate results. This is after living on the beach and using magnetico for about 4 months. I also started my version of the mitochondrial Rx about 1mo ago to improve my sleep. My BUN/creatinine has gone from 28 to 22, and now to 16. My unsupplemented vit D is 47.6. Hoping that will go up through the summer. My DHEA is better but of course I am supplementing that. My testosterone is improving and my pG/E2 ratio is improved.

    I’m not sure how long to do mitochondrial Rx. I may go for another month and see how I feel when I stop. The DHEA I may reduce to 10mg/day and test in 3mo.

    Any advice is welcome!

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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    pG/E2 and other Steroid Hormone Panel items
    you may better evaluate using
    low Na & K (possibly due to the type of food you eat).
    Do not change diet, but supplement????

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2020

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