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Anyone make a body volt meter yet?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Hope, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hope

    Hope Gold

  2. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo Gold

    Hope, I have made a BV meter. Very interesting preliminary results ... plan to do my final BV analysis this weekend.

    Making the meter was easy in hindsight ... unfortunately the directions in the document you reference were not very helpful to me.
  3. endless

    endless New Member

    I already have a digital multimeter, but can't figure out if it is suitable from the instructions....can anyone tell me by looking?

    2013-04-04 16.44.53.jpg 2013-04-04 16.45.37.jpg
  4. Hope

    Hope Gold

    OH good, so it's not just me :) I was looking at them tonight.....not getting far in my mind..
  5. Hope

    Hope Gold

    i'd call the company.....looks like you go down to 200? He says go to 100.....no clue if that helps you :)
  6. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Hi endless, it doesn't look like your multimeter has a low enough sensitivity to read down to millivolts (mV). Bummer.

    There are some multimeters around that will read down in that low range we need to read the voltage thru our bods. EXTECH has a decent one, and Radio Shack does as well, and many others out there that have the sensitivity to read that low a voltage.

    I'm looking at getting the Radio Shack one, but don't have the model # in front of me now. I'll wait until the store is open and get it.
  7. endless

    endless New Member

    Oh well, I thought I'd try and save some money....this is one I use for work. I'll go get one that will work....seems to me this is a better (well, cheaper, anyway) way to test, rather than having to buy or rent a bunch of expensive meters.

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