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Anyone in UK sourced a Trough or Metal Tub for outdoor CT?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Sean Waters, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Many in the US use Tractor Supply ones, but I can't seem to find ANY that are suitable for CT in the UK.

    I want Metal, but I might have to go with Plastic. But even so, none of them have that classic shape that those in that states have.

    Currently using my indoor bath tub, more luxurious, but really need that Sunlight over here and behind glass window = blue light toxic while doing CT.

    I will update as I search......
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  2. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Sean,I do not know the answer to this question,but do we still want metal in a 5g environment? If zippers and jewelry are a problem already then a whole tub?
    Caveat: I'm not a member, so I might not be seeing the whole picture on that one.
  4. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Not bought it yet, but you raise a good point.......... booked a holiday to Mallorca for the next 4 days before I start my job Monday :)

    Will think about CT when I'm back!
  5. Did you get the trough in the end, Sean?
  6. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    No mate I just moved to mexico instead and used my bath tub in my Mom's house bathroom for 5 months .... CTing outside is great an all but I'll be honest I still felt phenomenal in the bathroom every AM with the candles doing 50 F for 20-30 minutes I'd be electrified for the whole day at the office
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  7. excellent well done! Thats my end goal. How do you finance your life there? Do you work online? Im in a catch 22 because I need bigger quantum yield to heal but tech screens make me worse.

    When doing CT in the bath tub, did you used to do it before you saw the sunrise, or after? (and if so, how long after?)

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