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Anyone have success overcoming chronic-broken sleep?

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Sharon Coste, Apr 21, 2022.

  1. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    Hello again! It's getting colder, and I remembered your reply last night, while I awoke cold and went to the "living room" to grab the extra blanket my grandmother knitted so many years ago. (Good news, b.t.w., I am now sleeping through the night again; I believe some sort of "stress response" was indeed the key to the weird awakenings I was going through last month. I went through a grand mal / "tonic clonic" seizure a few weeks before my original questions here, and I think I had some sort of post traumatic stress going on... although I've also had neurosurgery (2016), and electrosensitivity and light/sound sensitivity were issues for months after that, too... meaning it still could be response to some sort of material or energetic "change" nonetheless).

    Anyway, I particularly remembered:
    "So in winter I now keep a window open enough to provide ventilation and use enough covers to feel warm and snuggly."

    I know a lot of folks here are working with sleeping with less insulation or warmth, but I like this idea of opening a window and "snuggling in." I've noticed Wim Hof's followers include more females than males keeping more of their clothes on while barefoot climbing, so I'm thinking being female may necessitate more warmth, more "sense of security," or both... I am especially curious as to recommendations for warm bedding or sleeping clothes? May I ask what you use? I figure if my cats get cold, I don't mind them acting as "live hot water bottles" and joining in with my sleep-time. :)

    Once again, many thanks for everyone's genuine attention to (and help with) my questions on this site! :) :) :)[/QUOTE]
  2. I love to sleep in a super cold room and pretend we are Ole and Swen, polar explorers or ancient Paiutes, struggling to survive on the plains. Last week my wife was out of town, so I could make the room colder than usual. 0F with a brutal wind blowing right at the crown or my skull. I could feel my skull and brain getting cold! I Highly recommend a hoodie so you can pull it up when you get too cold. We use flannel sheets, a weighted blanket, 2 wool blankets, 3 bed spreads and a knit comforter. More if needed. Hot water bottles are awesome. When needed I go outside to pee in the snow barefoot. Figure it grounds me. I go back to sleep quickly in the cold. Never go to bed angry at your partner on a cold night! We wake up with a toasty fire every day while waiting for the sun to rise.
  3. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Love it! ^^^ That’s so true about not going to bed angry. Lol! I always keep our home cold in the winter... mostly because I love the power off. We both sleep amazingly well in the cold. But you men are lucky because you drop weight so easy in the cold too. My husband loses at least 30 pounds every winter just from me keeping the house cold.
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  4. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    Thank you! This kind of example was exactly the kind of reply I was hoping to get from folks here.

    I currently sleep on the floor. Considering some sort of sleeping mat or yoga mat, but hoping for something sort of "traditional" somehow. The first time I sat on a "memory foam" mattress, it scared me. "I'm sinking!" Back in the day, sinking into one's mattress was a definite sign it was wearing out and needed replacing! I actually have a foam mattress on the "guest bed," but I've only slept on that bed a few times, when injured or body-achy and it helped to not be sleeping all the way down on the floor. Beneath me is the cheap carpet that came with the place, a wool "persian" large area-rug I found at an estate sale (that's in great condition), a "pallet" of two wool blankets with a mylar "emergency" heat-reflective blanket between them. I find if I sleep in a prone position, I don't need as many covers on top, although I do have the central heat still on and I often sleep in my day clothes as long as they're comfortable enough. So, on top, I currently only use 3 heavy blankets: two crocheted acrylic afghans (heavy but full of plenty of ventilating holes) that were made by my grandmother, then one very tightly woven traditional Mexican cotton blanket (I use that as the "weight" that holds the warm afghans over me). I have down pillows at my sides (keeps the drafts at bay, and they somewhat serve as impromptu "teddy bears" for hugging) and there's a silk pillowcase beneath my face (when I sleep prone, "no pillow" is more comfortable). The house is very drafty, and I know the heat kicking on pushes the warm air out the attic and pulls the cold air in and down through the "cracks" of the house, right across the floor, gently whooshing all my warmth away from me. My first winter here, I kept the kitchen window cracked and the drafts through my bedroom window felt like living on San Francisco Bay (I used to live in Alameda) with a steady cold ocean breeze blowing at all times. I'm remembering "The Night Before Christmas" with "Mama in her kercheif and I in my cap." I'm aiming to get a really good hoodie with a hood that will actually stay on while I sleep. :)

    As I read your reply, I'm happy to see a man sleeping under so many layers. I won't feel so pathetically "like a girl" once I get enough layers of warmth to hunker into.

    Marco Pollo (or Anyone Else?), do you have mat or mattress suggestions? Thanks again!
  5. JonathanHodges

    JonathanHodges New Member

    Have you considered trying out a futon? They're often made of cotton and can be laid directly on the floor, which might be a more traditional option for you. Another option could be a camping mat, easily rolled up and stored during the day.
    Regarding staying warm, have you considered investing in a heated blanket or an electric mattress pad? These can provide consistent warmth throughout the night without additional layers. And if you're looking for additional support or comfort, you might want to check out some of the best recliners for sleeping. They can be a great option for people who struggle to find a comfortable position in a bed.
    Hope these suggestions help, and happy sleeping!
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2023
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  6. Warren Canavan

    Warren Canavan New Member

    I recently had trouble sleeping ,it was partly to do with dehydration. If your low carb, you do need more minerals.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  8. cL34rC0mm

    cL34rC0mm Exposure the Hidden Truth...

    G'day Sharon Coste - Have you discovered "Earthing/Grounding"? It is a life-saver on many different levels. Sleep becomes enjoyable and lengthy. Pain/inflammation is relieved. I would recommend you check out Earthing.com and see their grounding sheets for your bed. We humans are all electrical beings. Being grounded more during the day/night will make all the difference.

    Also, CHANGE your view of light. Sunlight is your savior. Get up, get barefoot on the ground (damp grass, damp sandy beach or damp dirt) and see the sunrise each morning like the Sphinx, get maximum exposure to AM sunlight (7am-11am). AVOID ALL LIGHT AFTER SUNSET. If you must use any light source use ONLY red light or candlelight briefly. AVOID ALL artificial blue light emitting from mobile phones, computer screens, tablets, LED TV screens, indoor lights and outdoor lights. Get yourself some blue light blocking glasses. Recommend: VivaRays.com best deal for the three lens (yellow, orange and red lens). The use of the orange and red lens in the evening relaxes you and puts you in the sleep mode (mimics the camp fire light).

    You can get three good apps for your mobile phone, and computer:
    (1) dminder - for determining your sunlight exposure on a daily basis anywhere on the earth (see Apple store or Play store for android)
    (2) IRIS - for phone and computer to alter the temperature of the light you look at in Kelvin. Best blue light filtering software.
    (see IrisTech.co or Play store for android)
    (3) Also a third app called Circadian for setting your daily rhythms to light and dark cycles and sleep. (also found at Apple store or Play store)

    In the end, all the recommendations Dr. Jack Kruse makes are real world testing strategies that can help you in your life journey to becoming a Black Swan Mitochondriac.

  9. caroline

    caroline New Member

    could we have a human pic please........
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  10. cL34rC0mm

    cL34rC0mm Exposure the Hidden Truth...

  11. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    Thank you. I was under the impression that "high carb" stripped away minerals.
  12. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    Thank you for replying. Dehydration seems to screw up pretty much absolutely everything!
  13. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    Thank you. I managed to make it through the worst of winter, and, I guess, got used to cooler temps since everything I said in the beginning of this thread really hasn't bothered me in what feels like a long time.
    --A hot water bottle has a "home" in my bathroom now, and a Mr. Coffee is in the hallway to quickly heat water for the bottle.
    --I also found popping 50mg of niacin could "take off a chill" in minutes! So that's a bedside-bottle now.
    --I also tried using Uriel's rose-copper ointment https://shopuriel.com/product/rose-copper-ointment/) one night. It worked well, but I decided to keep down estrogenic effects from rose oil and keep my feet petroleum-free after that.
    --I replaced one of the afghans with 1 wool throw-blanket and I kept a poly-fleece throw to wrap around my head if I got too cold.
    --I did take out the mylar blanket; it wasn't making a difference, it made one wool blanket slide off the one beneath it, and I was concerned about the aluminized plastic rubbing/shedding bits of both aluminum and "microplastic" into my environment. I used it to cover my bedroom window (so there's a cheap set of blinds first, then two mylar emergency blankets folded to cover the window-space and taped into place with transparent packaging tape. Then I leaned some leftover soffeting-wood (from a former never-finished project) across that. At night I can't see any trace of artificial light. I know I must get some, because I CAN see morning daylight peep through cracks (SUN is so much more powerful than the streetlights, and I'm happy to praise this fact every morning). But I love that it looks absolutely no different when I take off my blue-blockers and look around my sleeping space!! (I use a little battery-operated red headlamp to see where I'm going; the red headlamp "normally" hangs over my ever-open bedroom-closet-door).

    When it comes to recliners, I had thought about that already. Back in 2009, I had a recliner set up "just so" with a cervical pillow (anyone remember those?) under my neck and a luxurious feather-stuffed triangular "knee pillow" and a cold-weather cotton flannel-inside, and cotton canvas outside, sleeping bag. Sleeping there was heaven at the time. The recliner belonged to my ex, so he eventually came back for it. The cervical pillow wore thin, and I assumed they were easy to find since I bought one from a barrel-display at a typical drug store back in 1992 after having bought my first one after hurting my neck in the California earthquake of 1989... so I unknowingly threw it away (sigh...). The beautifully wonderful knee pillow I gave to a later (now ex) boyfriend who'd really liked it, and he admitted he left it in the back of his pickup truck too long, and it ended up ruined. All that to say, I'm a fan of sleeping rather "upright." sleep-upright-buddhist2.png sleep upright - buddhist1.png

    Another thought regarding recliners. Once upon a time, I saw a video done by Patrick van der Burght (of Geovital and Health Stronghold) that took an EMF-meter to various recliners that have electronic controls. The results were extremely concerning. My grandfather suffered a stroke that ended up leading to his death the very same night... and he was sleeping in one of those "vibrating recliners" every night. He was even in that recliner when the stroke occurred.

    Oh, I found it. The key words were "massage chair," not "recliner." I know you didn't mention "massage chairs," but mitochondriacs might be interested (a.k.a. appalled) at the readings:
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2023 at 6:28 PM
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