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Anyone have success overcoming chronic-broken sleep?

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Sharon Coste, Apr 21, 2022.

  1. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Anxiety and sleep problems was not enough to motivate me to make lasting changes.

    Once I got symptoms resembling diabetes I got frightened and started taking it more seriously.

    I was on seroquel. When seroquel removed my anxiety I started to overeat lost any self control. And with an already messed up metabolism the overeating was gonna lead me straight to diabetes.

    So I made "snake juice", fasted 48 hours and switched to low carb/keto one meal a day, that remedied my metabolism and I was able to keep taking seroquel without experiencing the ravenous hunger that made me overeat.

    This was not the first time I tried fasting and keto, the first time I tried fasting and keto I failed miserably and it took me a year to figure it out and muster up some courage to try again.

    On whole food low-carb/keto. I still had anxiety and had to stay on seroquel for sleep. My metabolism was much in much better shape, but not my mental state.

    One year earlier I was dealing with the same issue when taking seroquel, got some diabetes like symptoms. And at that time I tried dealing with the blood sugar problems by eating tons of leafy greens, I would make giant salads and stuff myself. But it didn't work so I had to stop taking seroquel, to avoid developing diabetes. And after eating all the salads leafy greens for a couple months was the only time I ended up in a psych ward.

    Only when I removed the last bits of plant matter from my diet and ate high fat carnivore is when everything changed.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2022
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If we put a rat in a cage and give it 2 water bottles. One is just water and one is water laced with heroin or cocaine. The rat will almost always prefer the drugged water and almost always kill itself in a couple of weeks. That is our current theory of addiction. Is it right? Might a tighter connection with our environment that leads to entanglement or connection be the missing piece to the addiction equation? Is this radical thinking?
    A wise person came along in the ’70s and said, “Well, hang on. We’re putting the rat in an empty cage under artificial light. It has nothing to do and it is doing it in bad light. Let’s try this a bit differently.” So the wise built Rat Park and Rat Park is like heaven for rats. Everything a rat could want is in Rat Park. Lovely food. Lots of sex. Lots of darkness because rats are NOCTURNAL. Other rats were present to befriend. Colored balls. Plus both water bottles, one with water and one with drugged water. But here’s what's fascinating: In Rat Park, they didn’t like the drugged water any longer. In fact, They hardly used it. None of them overdosed in this experiment. None of them use drugs in a way that looks like compulsion or addiction. What did the wise show? They showed that both the right-wing and left-wing theories of addiction are wrong. The right-wing theory is that it’s a moral failing, you’re a hedonist, you party too hard. The left-wing theory is that it takes you over, and your brain is hijacked. It turns out the connection or lack of connection to our native environment is the missing piece to addiction. The wise say it’s not your morality, it’s not your brain; it’s the cage that becomes your prison that is the key to why you are addicted to something. Addiction is largely an adaptation to your environment due to a lack of entanglement or connection. This leads to a desynchrony of how things operate in your cells and this changes your behavior.
    Now, we created a society where significant numbers of us can't bear to be present in our lives without being on something, drinking, drugs, sex, shopping... We’ve created a hyperconsumerist, hyper individualist, isolated world that is, for many of us, more like the first cage than the bonded, connected cages we need.
    The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection or entanglement. And our whole society, the engine of it, is geared toward making us connect with things, not people. You are not a good consumer citizen if you spend your time bonding with the people around you and not stuff. In fact, we are trained from a young age to focus our hopes, dreams, and ambitions on things to buy and consume. Drug addiction is a subset to living a life without proper entanglement.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    addiction and mental illness more evidence of a dyssynchrony or not enough entanglement
  4. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Love this ^^^

    The whole clip is a golden nugget but for those that like speed he sums it up best at 1:55. Ironically Brad Pitt gave up cigarettes to play this role so he would be more erratic and jumpy.
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  5. Sharon Coste

    Sharon Coste New Member


    Thank you very much for your input and well wishes!!!

    I bought an erikhill emf meter. The walls are flashing red alert high but only when pointing the meter directly and close to the wall. My bedroom around the bed and interior is a low reading with or without the power circuit breaker on which is relieving. Although the walls are reading sky high wherever electricity is!!!. My living room tv is high whether plugged in or not which I find odd and my router and modem are high too. I really don't have a clue how to read or use this meter and what to do about the high readings expect turn everything off. My son and his gf live with me and they use wifi for many devices. I turned off theirs while they are sleeping through an xfinity app on my phone. They kinda freaked out when I unplugged the router before I went to bed because his gf stays up late on her phone or gaming so I had to be sneaky about it. lol I don't watch tv much anymore, maybe a half hour to an hour a week. I found a building biologist whom lives fairly close to me . He responded right away and since I live so close the cost is $300 and I take notes and he'll try to video record so I can go back over and add to my notes anything I may have missed or $600 and I get a printout of a full report of everything . He told me he is 1 of the top 5-6 Certified Building Biologists in the country. I also a Certified Electro Magnetic Radiation Specialist. and I may be able to afford him in the coming months even though food and gas is way up, I am not buying cigarettes daily so I might be able to swing it.
    Mold could definitely be a likely contributor since I have lived in 21+ different homes or apartments in my life, the likelihood of one or more of them having mold is high. Places of work are likely as well. There is no way to ever pinpoint where I may have been exposed, One house was an old farmhouse, we lived in it for a couple years and that was over 10 years ago, and I do remember a moldy smell being in parts of it. One of my boyfriend's homes that I stayed the night at frequently about 14 years ago had a flooded moldy basement. I have tinnitus too, the ringing in my ear, since covid back in November. Also, my ear canals become blocked for months and months at a time with fluid making it difficult to hear. My head will feel all blocked up but no movement of fluids, running nose, sneezing etc. I wonder if that is mold related. I just started drinking coffee again and now that I think about it my ears and head are blocked again. I didn't realize coffee is moldy. I think it might be worth looking into what are binders and doing more anti-fungals and just assume I have mold issues. Finding a good practitioner seems like finding a needle in a haystack and then the issue of my disposable income being reduced in this economy makes it very difficult affording anything other than my necessities right now and I have already started using credit cards that I haven't used in years to buy some extras to facilitate my n=1. I am assuming you are referring to a naturopath doctor that insurance doesn't cover. My allopathic doctor is good for prescribing meds for every issue I have. She would probably give me everything under the sun except the one med I am used to and comfortable taking, which I only take when necessary, and that is xanax and I have to practically beg her for it not because I am addicted but because it has been my crutch and saviour for the last 30 years. It brings my brain back to normal and I can think clearly and relax without irrational fearful thoughts and I don't have to take it daily. I can go months without needing it at all or I could need it 2 times a week for months. Without it I think I would have committed myself years ago, lol. My panic attacks can last hours and to have to suffer like that even once a month would be more than I can take. I have tried every supplement, behavioral technique, breathing trick I have come accross. Some will work but just for a short time. She says she understands but there is no way she could unless she lived it. If she understood she wouldn't limit my xanax so I have to ration them and only use after I am in full blown terror. Instead of figuring out why I have the issue and what will help fix it my doctor is trained to prescribe anti-depressants and not just 1 but more than 1. She truly believes in them. It's difficult conversing with her because her belief and thought process is sound and grounded in her education. I have been able to get some of the labs tests done that are recommended in a these blogs or forums through her at no cost by using my insurance. I am working on posting my lab results if I can ever finish writing them up. ugggh!
    thank you again for your input!!!
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  6. Sharon Coste

    Sharon Coste New Member

    Thank you for your input and information Jack!!! As usual you are speaking a tad above my intellectual understanding at this time ;-), and I will reread this over quite a bit and maybe search the site for further understanding....but what I gather you are relaying to me is to be more vigilant on when and what types of light / darkness are in my environment!!! I have started dreaming again over these last few months and I knew that was a good sign. Now I don't think I am dreaming once again or at least I can't remember if I am dreaming.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Distilled down: Your environment sucks way more than you know.
  8. Sharon Coste

    Sharon Coste New Member

    Yes, I think you are correct that going full carnivore right now isn't for me and I feel good having your input to validate my thought on that. I am not dealing with high inflammation in my body I have in the past and know the signs and my gut health, digestion and elimination are fine as well. I am eating very similar to what you are and an occasional bite or two of something decadent food from my former eating habits so I don't feel deprived . When I started eating in a window of sun up to sun down and eliminating processed foods, wheat, grains, gluten, soft drinks etc and eating only every 4-5 hours it took some time for my cortisol spikes and blook sugars to become more balanced. Last night I did eat late within a couple hours of bedtime for the first time in I don't even know how long ,more just as a soothing comfort meal as this quitting smoking and my high anxiety has me at my wits end. I think that may have been a big reason I was up for hours in the middle of the night when I have been starting to just look at the clock or go pee and back to sleep. I don't think I'll eat late again, I learned my lesson on that. lol I was doing breathing the first few days of quitting smoking. I will focus on continuing that. Thanks so much you are invaluable!!!
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2022
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  9. Sharon Coste

    Sharon Coste New Member

    Much appreciation for the DD!!!
  10. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    E N V I R O N M E N T
  11. Sharon Coste

    Sharon Coste New Member

    Now this I understand clearly!!!! Thanks!!
  12. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Hi Sherry,
    Congrats on taking the steps to understand your environment and the "invisibles" that surround you. The ERIKHILL meter that you bought measures Electric and Electromagnetic Fields, so seeing the red as you move the meter around your space is helping you to understand way more than you did before. Be sure to check the field in the center of your bed and the floor under and around your bed.
    Also, great that you're talking with a Building Biology Expert--He should have all the different meters that can help you see not only the Electric fields, but also the Radio Frequency signals from all the WIFI stuff going on around you--maybe he has a time payment plan.
    Since your bedroom seems pretty clear of Electromagnetic Fields except at the obvious places like walls' wiring, switches, appliances, etc., it's likely that it's the WIFI stuff that's really messing you up. Until you are able to have the B.B. guy come out and survey your space, it could really help you to get the simple Acousticom meter to help you see what's going on that is hurting you. You can walk around outside and explore your building, & neighborhood with either or both meters to help you to understand.
    Note that you can distance yourself much of the Electric stuff, but the WIFI signals are designed to penetrate everything to get those signals through. You need ALOT of distance or special shielding material to avoid them, or to simply disconnect from the devices under your control.
    By the way, mold loves WIFI.
    You can do this.
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  13. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I'm going to stick my head above the parapet :D and say that getting circadian rhythm right, avoiding artificial light, wifi etc are still critical but that is the environment "out there" impacting the internal environment, but we can still work on the internal environment so that we can make better decisions about how to handle what's directed at us from "out there" and be more confident about joining a human equivalent of the Rat Park. :D

    Because you mention a soothing comfort meal, I'll report to you about a hack I'm doing about eating foods in a certain order, because the book about it mentions that it can be very beneficial in reducing things like anxiety, and because I noticed a change in my sleep almost immediately. Same food, different order of eating .....:cool: My dreams appear longer and are much more detailed, and when I wake I can remember the last one clearly and start making connections as to why something came up in a dream much more easily.

    Jack has said about dreams
    I think its possibly that by eating the foods in such a way contributes to metabolic flexibility so that the body can switch into ketone and fat burning mode overnight much more quickly and easily during a carb rich long light cycle, which in turn improves sleep and the ability to dream. :)
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  14. Sharon Coste

    Sharon Coste New Member

    You've got my attention! I did a quick google search and there are a few different recommendations for what order to eat your food. Would you please elaborate on the order in which you are eating your foods?
  15. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I watched a video on youtube of someone interviewing Jessie Inchauspe, which prompted me to watch a couple of her other interviews and start the first thing, which is eating salad/veges first, then protein and fat, and then carbs last. I then added the ACV hack, one tablespoon in a large glass of water before meals, drunk through a straw. There's another 8 parts to the hack, so I picked up her book yesterday, Glucose Revolution. Its been written so that its easy to understand, but the references are there. What swung it for me (apart from how easy and cheap a hack it is) is that the research has not been done on (to my knowledge) or the results reported by people in "perfect" environments. Eating this way won't trump a bad environment, but I think its worth looking at anything that helps someone cope with an environment they can't escape from at this moment in time - this info would have been useful for me during covid lockdowns for example. :)
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  16. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Sherry this is a possible low hanging fruit which I think - if its done with sunlight or firelight - fits with the becoming more entangled with the environment that Jack mentioned, and would get the mitochondria working more naturally, which I doubt taking a melatonin supplement would do. The cells of the body make melatonin in response to NIR, so if you get plenty of time outdoors, your cells should make melatonin, even if sat in the shade. This system is called subcellular melatonin, and the cells give up unwanted melatonin into the general circulation. This paper is worth a read right through, and although its using an artificial source, there's mention of a study with athletes in this paper under section 3, https://www.melatonin-research.net/index.php/MR/article/view/19/213

    "In this study not only were the circulatory/serum melatonin levels increased but the test subject’s sleep quality and athletic performance levels also improved significantly. This data is consistent with the hypothesis of this review in that the treatments stimulated high antioxidant levels in a large percentage of the athlete’s cells right before sleep (similar to sitting around a campfire) thereby reducing the amount of circulatory melatonin that was needed to be extracted from the blood during the night."
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  18. 8Phoenix

    8Phoenix New Member


  19. LillianVaughanws

    LillianVaughanws New Member

    Yes, I had problems with my sleep, and after practicing therapy for 3 months now, I encountered my problems. You can do this at home as well. But a specialist will help you the most. I lost my sister in a car accident. She was the closest person to me, and I couldn't imagine life without her being a part of it. I was having problems with stress and a lack of sleep. I have used the services of https://www.counsellinginmelbourne.com.au/is-counselling-the-best-option-to-deal-with-grief-and-loss/ to help me to overpass this difficult period in my life.
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  20. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

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