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Any way you look at it, this "corona" nonsense is absolute insanity

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Daulatwant, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    New management system of humanity.

    You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.
    What kind of power will be taken from this situation?

    All those comments also apply to the creators of this video.

    ACCEPTABLE levels of poverty and death.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020
  3. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

    @JanSz :)

    as an aside, In the early 90s a high end Washington salon manager described a prominent Clinton aide who overly-patronized the salon for body waxes. Enough hints were given to deduce the person as being Rahm Emanuel - ever since then my husband and I refer to him as "Hairless Rahm"

  4. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    I just feel stupid, cause I'm totally getting spoon fed cheap kibble from all sides here.
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    it is really weird that Japan have no issues and they have had no lockdown.
    Ideas why, anyone?
    I read a article about that viruses are kind of electromagnetic disease. So "pandemies" like this tend to come when humans mess up with electromagnetic stuff also radiowaves etc. Spanish flu was from this, it said.
    So Japan´s ground is very magnetic, which protect them from the nnEMF issue and the virus will cause no ill effect there. Which it has not.

    Why are not scientist looking at this? I read no where in the newspaper about corona, anything about Japan, its huge pop.density and how they have no issue with corona and no lockdown. That should be of interest, no?
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  6. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Look at Ukraine. Population half the size of germany, and only 162 cases. Here in lithuania we have < 3million people and more cases than in Ukraine with 15x the population.

    Maybe Japanese haven't overreacted and are capable of dealing with this as any normal outbreak.

    I saw a few videos in German talking about this. And supposedly about 2200 people die everyday in Germany. The "corona" killed 239 people in 18 DAYS. Don't know if any of these numbers are accurate, but once you put it into perspective like this smells fishy.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020
  7. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

  8. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

  9. Tara.P

    Tara.P Gold :)

    I read that article too Inger. So interesting. Was it by Arthur Firstenberg?
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    JanSz said:
    All those comments also apply to the creators of this video.

    Glad you have picked that up.
    kibble from all sides

    figure out which one is gold and which one is fool's gold
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  11. Ibrahim

    Ibrahim New Member

    Look into the works of David Icke.
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Do not panic.
    No need to panic.

    New York City is an epicenter of virus
    hospitals still have available beds and ventilators (contrary to some FAKE NIEWS)
    and by Monday whole new fully loaded military hospital/ship will be docked there.
    But keep listening and watch
    remember that at election time.
    ..... upload_2020-3-26_20-39-10.png
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020
  14. Awainer1

    Awainer1 New Member

    watched the whole hour video. Everyone else needs to take the time to watch it. Scary shit man.
  15. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    Here is the truth uncensored. Jack may remove this.

    Look up the shutdown of the Fort Detrick (United States Army Medical Command) back in August of 2019. Now look up the first death of so-called vapping which also occurred back in August of 2019. Notice the higher than normal flu levels during the 2019/20 influenza season which are even higher than during the H1N1 swine flu pandemic. In the U.S corp on the 15th Nov 2019 there were job adverts for PANDEMIC ADVISERS for jobs to start within February of 2020. It’s time to start connecting the real dots and do the math. Why did the US military do so poorly in the rankings at the Wuhan military games back in October of 2019? Would you not expect the US military to be in at least the top five positions? It’s very interesting how the IRGC of Iran were also there in Wuhan and how the Coronavirus hit hard in Qom supposedly causing questions to how to arrived in the region. It should be noted that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is based in Qom. Who detests Iran?

    This pandemic is just a diversion from the micro-managing of a planned collapse of the global economy which has been due since September 2019. You only have to ask the truckers what the real state of the economy has been. Truckers have been in panic for quite some time now as they’ve seen dramatic losses well before the pandemic issues. You cannot have a good economy when you’re artificially propping up stock markets/economies across the world and daily/weekly quantitative easing. The idea of this diversion is so the bankers get away with their devious crimes against humanity and instead the blame goes to the pandemic. The people get fooled for years that the economy is fine and then during a crises they’re fooled that the banks are helping the situation. A pandemic will also allow them to force majeure out of contracts making them null and void. The shutdown isn’t for your safety but it’s really just to shut down mass commerce kind of like a shut down ready for an audit. You yourself are a vessel/corporation and so shutting you down makes sense now doesn’t it?

    The tests that are being used for this and other viruses are totally flawed and will give masses of false positives. These positive tests will keep the media and fear-porn going and thus scaring the people. When people are frightened they’re hindering the performance of their kidneys which has numerous knock-on effects with viscera health but it will immediately hinder their brain and ability to think with clear thoughts and common sense. If a virus is killing people you should be able to easily find samples of the virus as it would be in large amounts. These PCR tests are a fraud and they have to magnify to identify the virus if you even believe in the mostly fake viruses.

    You should want to find out what they’ve been aerosolizng over your heads (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering/Injection) for years and right now damaging your immunity. They can easily put a chemical into that aerosol which copies the symptoms of so-called coronavirus. The Ebola crisis in Africa years back was another con job where people were caught and arrested for poisoning water wells with formaldehyde which gives some symptoms of Ebola. Now back then the Ebola agenda was to aid allowing the British and US takeovers of those areas in an attempt to buffer the new paradigm expansion of China’s New Silk Road in Africa. It’s all a con and geopolitics/economics. The British Empire 2.0 Treasure Island Inquisition forces are cornered rats on a sinking collapsed ship so they’re willing to sacrifice the goyim to try to survive.
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  16. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

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  17. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    This guy says riots will be the next move. The riots will be the next excuse to lock people down in their homes.
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  18. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

  19. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

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  20. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

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