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Any suggestions on how to improve my hormones?

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by melrito, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. melrito

    melrito Gold

    Josh, great summary, thanks! I realize my brain is not working 100% when I read how well you understand everything compared to how I do, despite all the effort I have put into trying to understand it all.
  2. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Consider what other inflammatory drivers you may have that are affecting you. EMF is a constant focus and stressor; but parasites, viruses, food sensitivities, methylation issues exacerbating all of these due to SNP's and or low redox, etc. are plenty potent in tipping the balance and using up all of ones hormones for inflammation. The book, blog and forum discuss these at length. Tim's "Heal Your Hormones" webinar series went into it at length. The devil is as always in the detail.
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  3. Jude

    Jude Gold

    A really good summary......thanks Josh for this...:D

    Crystallized my picture of how everything falls apart.

    Light and or nnEMF prevent us from producing melatonin and effectively repairing our body.

    nnEMF is the same as bluelight in fooling the body into thinking it is still day so we never go into effective autophagy and apoptosis.

    Oxidative stress increases.

    All of our hormones go to cortisol to handle the inflammation we cannot quench with the melatonin we cannot make.

    We lose mass equivalence which further diminishes our ability to maintain our redox and make hormones.

    Our hormone panel reflects this with low levels of all hormones, elevated SHBG which turns things down when the going gets rough and its cousin rT3 which has a similar function.

    Inevitably, our adrenals run out of steam as the swollen mitochondria in them cease to
    effectively produce pregnenolone as a precursor to the cortisol necessary to handle the inflammation and all all other hormones if there is any left over from the inflammation fight..

    .....sounds like most of the clients I see over 18.....and myself thrown in for good measure.

    Yes, someone with a better redox due to all of the factors that we have learned here would take longer to succumb.

    It is axiomatic that everyone will be affected under the COE's.....
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  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Melrito, did you do all raw animal foods? For how long? Did it make you gain weight too?
    Was it only because taste reasons you went back to cooking?

    When you investigate your environment closer to look for the stressor, please share with us along the way what you find etc. It is so interesting to learn from others experiences :)
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Jude - did you listen to Dr. Hyla Cass? [sexy younger you webinar]
  6. melrito

    melrito Gold

    Inger, I ate raw animal foods and some raw vegetables exclusively and I did gain weight on that as well. I like raw animal foods, especially fish and beef, but do like to mix it up with cooked foods - and particularly like things like roast done in a crock pot. It's probably a seasonal thing since it is getting colder here, or a mental thing (wanting warm food in the wintertime, even though I don't find raw foods cooling).

    Josh, I have done parasite testing (using 2 different tests and then a retest after eradicating a parasite that was found), intestinal permeability testing (using the BioHealth 304 that Dr. Kruse recommended in his book) and have checked my methylation through my 23andme results working together with a specialist - there was nothing spectacular there. I have done several food sensitivity tests (IgE, IgG, and a mediator release test) and was sensitive to tons (even without testing I pretty much knew what was bothering me and testing backed that mup) and removed those foods. I have been able to add most of them back about a year later without problems, but still do not tolerate eggs at all or wheat/gluten (due to an IgE wheat allergy) and avoid all grains and legumes. I have added back raw butter from a local farmer and feel better when I eat some from time to time. I have done several hair mineral analyses as well as the cyrex array which tests for antibodies to environmental toxins. It's time for me to retest everything again since it has been about 6 month since last testing. I know there is something going on that I'm not finding (and the doctors and practitioners I have worked with haven't been able to find) that is holding me back - whether it's environment or internal - it's just frustrating to not be able to figure it out. I am considering trying to find another practitioner to help me, but I haven't figured out who yet.

    I really appreciate all the input everyone has had - it motivates me to go back over everything and be sure I don't leave any stone unturned.
  7. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Meirito--Have you tried renting any meters or having a consult with MIchael Nuert?
  8. melrito

    melrito Gold

    Hi JMO, I have a TriField Meter and have gone through the house with that several times. I have ordered a Stetzerizer microsurge meter which I should receive Tuesday and am anxious to see what that will show. If I understand the use of an RF meter correctly, it is used for detecting RF from devices like cell phones and wifi routers, so I don't have an RF meter because we don't have wireless internet or a cordless phone, there is no cell service anywhere near our home and we don't receive any TV/radio stations here with just an antenna (we're in a valley surrounded by small mountains). On antennasearch.com the nearest tower is 3.9 miles and nearest antenna is 3.69 miles. We haven't done a consult with Michael Nuert although that would be a good idea (I need to listen to the EMF bootcamp too). I am in the process of trying to switch out any electrical devices for manual ones wherever possible and we unplug everything else when we're not using it (except the refrigerator and dishwasher, which are luckily on the opposite end of the house from our bedroom). Our oven/stove is gas and we don't have any "smart" appliances or devices.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  10. Jude

    Jude Gold

    I didn't Audrey.....so hard to fit those extras in!.....what did I miss?

    ......now...there was something you were saying about stevia and its bad effect on our gut flora?...Did I get that right?...ruins it???

    Need to check out your previous check lists for beginners................have you booked marked any of yr best?:)...Have a couple of keen beginners coming over for the day:eek: and am trying to put together some easy check lists and links to start up blogs...they want to see the red lights! and have a day chatting about JK's protocols. DH's 3yr maintenance of new physique really clinched the go ahead for the guys at a party:cool:..they all want bacon and eggs for breakfast:rolleyes: and are convinced they 'll have no trouble eating fish 3xweek.. land lubbers....we'll see;)
  11. margo

    margo New Member

    I would say its important to be happy. While you fell disharmony in your life you don't feel comfortable, you are not confident, you are depressed. When I had similar situation to yours, my doctor told me to do at least 40 mins of physical activities a day. I have started to dance and now I feel amazing.
  12. louise

    louise New Member

    that's scary stuff ........melrito had done so much and yet her health was suffering
  13. melrito

    melrito Gold

    If anyone hasn't listened to it yet, Jack's recent podcast with ePhysiologix was fabulous (http://jackkruse.com/dr-jack-kruse-podcast-episodes/) - for me it really helped sum up some things I hadn't yet fully understood (no doubt a sign my brain isn't functioning optimally yet).
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It was quite good......and it ties to Tensegrity 5 and the next blog coming.
  15. geopathic stress zone is a possibility here too
    this is absoliutely the case where i used to live, as discussed in the july Q and A where i pose the question...
  16. this is such a fucked reality hey :\
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  17. BTA

    BTA New Member

    That and Ley Lines are a major factor that effect us. Ley lines are so powerful all churchs are built in proxy to them. Even the great Pyramids are in harmony with Ley lines. Vortex fields will really mess up your reality. In an area where there is a Vortex - you can see water run uphill! Interesting to study gravity & magnetism at a Vortex :confused: I don't see Jack mention the effects of a Vortex on Quantum Physics. Light is bent by gravity. The laws of gravity go out the window.

  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Jack has mentioned it many times...........and the quantum levitation video I showed links mitochondrial density to the ability to vortex water.
  19. BTA

    BTA New Member

    water vortex is different than an actual vortex on Earth. Laws of Physics are upside down. Is the earth a gigantic crystal that resonates at 7 Hz with harmonic focal points at specific equidistant points. Ancient people knew that wherever the earth's energy gathered into a vortex was a sacred place. These strongly charged areas of the globe have also been the places where people have chosen to build churches, temples and other centers of spirit and learning. Places like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island, and so on are well known as vortex spots. There are three main types of vortexes - all three are replenishing and supercharged with high quality energy.The three vortex types are:
    • Electric - stimulates and energizes, activates
    • Magnetic - attracts energy to the area
    • Electromagnetic -both activates and attracts energy

    There are powerful vortexes scattered around the globe that are, in essence, the Earth's chakra system. Earth has both a major and a minor chakra system, just as people do.

    There are 4 areas of the Northern Hemisphere near 31.7 North that are Positive healing Energy Vortices:
    • Between Sedona, AZ & Sonora, Mexico (31.7N 112.8W) - Hopi & Yaqui Indian, Hohokom waterworks, Sedona Healing Vortex (& magnetic anomalies at Torreon, Mexico?)
    • The calculated Vortex Focus is near the Papago Indian Reservation, W of Tucson, AZ, S of Pisinimo/W. of Cowlic/Vamori/Little Tucson
    • Egypt - Pyramids (focus Energy)
    • Himalayas, N.E. of Lhasa (Tibet) - Center for Tibetan Enlightenment - also, not far from Xi'an Pyramids in China. Home of the Panda and ancient irrigation systems and Midway Island
  20. Janette Layne

    Janette Layne Status Nominal AFU

    What happened to this link?

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