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Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Tom Win, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Tom Win

    Tom Win New Member


    My wife wrote this.

    I desperately need help. Feel very bad since June.

    In the morning I am feeling nauseous, cant eat anything because I have no appetite. I wake up very anxious and scared every morning for no reason. Lost 6kg.

    Also when I take a nap even for 20 minutes I wake up feeling the same.

    I am Tired. Dr said I have anxiety and prescribed Citalopram 20mg. I am taking it for 6 weeks.

    I am also taking Lansoprazole because I have stomach inflammation. I also take Peptac.

    From week to week I am worse . Don’t know what to do.

    Wanted to do Leptin reset but have no appetite and think it cant affect my stomach negatively.
  2. There's a lot going on there. Have you read - https://optimalklubs.com/trigeminal-and-glossopharyngeal-neuralgia/ - it sets a foundation for understanding.
  3. This may seem like a mouth full; but here it goes,
    Dr. Jack Kruse wrote, "low O2 = Low NAD+/NADH ratio = NAD+ drops in people with
    blue light exposure = elevated ubiquitin rates = low levels of electrons = electron density in tissues is a function of
    the DHA concentrations = low EZ size in cell water = dehydration = higher positive charges (protons) in proteins
    making them less hydrophilic = low intracellular pH = low redox potential = cell and mitochondrial swelling
    (cyto c release) = lowered magnetic and electric fields in mitochondria = low ATP levels = a lot of carbs and protein electrons on ECT = altered melatonin, serotonin and dopamine levels
    in the retina and frontal lobes = NT release tied to calcium efflux = calcium controls voltage gated channels,
    NMDA, and glutamate excitotoxicity= low DC electric current = low tissue DHA = altered perceptions of reality
    and depression/anxiety and just about any other disease you want to understand."
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2020
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  4. Tom Win

    Tom Win New Member

    Thanks John. Only You responded.
    This is all very complicated. But basics are gonna be always most important. Thing is to take precise steps to manage this condition. First I think we need to focus on stomach. Think it is cause of loss of appetite and huge constant pain. She is almost suicidal. Its tough.
  5. You can also put in a request for a consult with Jack ->
  6. Tom Win

    Tom Win New Member

    Been here on the forum for a while now and never seen this link. Thanks again. Gonna do whatever it takes.
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  7. In preparation for that consultation, may I suggest - A Patient History

    Stratify your findings into: urgent, critical and needs improvement

    Quantify your health history - Where have you lived, for how long,
    • Latitude, city, state, country, zip code
    • Did you symptoms progress from location to location?
    What were the environment(s) you’ve lived in:
    • Are you sleeping (at home) or are you working (at the office) in an nnEMF toxic soup? Have you had these environment(s) tested?
    • Is there mold in your “home”, apartment, or wherever you spend most of your time?
    • Have you been “exposed” to viruses, bacteria’s, which maybe currently “dormant”?
    What are your “health practices”
    • Nutrition – what goes in your mouth
    • Exercise – when, where, what type and how much?
    • Recovery – what is the quality of your sleep?
    Grandpa John
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Please start a journal in the optimal journal section and give Dr. K some health history. Also your Mom's and Gran's.

    Where do you live? work?
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    And get your answers in writing (since you will never be able to remember them, and you will need to read them every day).

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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It is very wise, If you are doing a Skype consultation, To have it recorded. It is impossible to remember all the details.
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  11. Tom Win

    Tom Win New Member

    Seriously Thanks for all advice and preparation for the consultation. Its all time consuming. Gonna record it of course. Really appreciate your help.
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  12. Things that reduced my chronic anxiety the most:

    chucked my mobile phone away last year.

    sleep grounded (not recommended by JK - he favours magnetico sleep pads. I will graduate to one when i can afford it. my grounding sheet is connected to the cold water pipe (NOT the house wiring!))

    ground barefoot for min 2-4 hours per day outside in nature

    be present outside at sunrise for min 2 hours (topless for min 3 minutes).

    spend as much time outdoors as possible during the day.

    be present at sunset for min 1 hour.

    blueblockers after sunset.

    leptin reset.

    my anxiety has reduced tremendously but not fully. Next steps:

    spend more time outdoors in the daylight.


    candles/fire after dark.

    magnetico sleep pad.

    wifi off at night.

    electricity off at night.

    think about faraday canopy over sleep space.

    eliminate screens completely.

    check out these two links. the first states that the effects of screen time can mimic almost every psychiatric disease (gotta scroll down). The second shows how residents in a block of flats in Okinawa, Japan recovered from various diseases following the removal of a wifi antenna from the roof of their building.


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  13. @Matt Fowler - Question: How's your melatonin & dopamine levels?
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  14. im not sure to be honest. On clear sunny days in the summer I feel almost fully recovered - but then on darker days I relapse considerably. Sleep is still difficult because of my anxiety levels. Ive had a dizziness condition for 5/6 years with a whole range of debilitating symptoms.

    I am thinking that when my environment is totally nnemf/blue light free then I'll make some better progress.

    My main issue so far is the crappy UV index over here in the uk. I feel great in the summer but its not long enough to make lasting progress. Need to get to the tropics, or closer to it.
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  15. Can you fly south for the winter?
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  16. not this year, im still looking after my old dog. Hes coming up to 13 and has some terrible joint issues - another testament to the crappy environment we live in. Next year I will probably be in a better position, as long as the covid madness doesnt get any worse - Ive heard reports of airlines making vaccinations mandatory for travel
  17. BrunoB

    BrunoB New Member

    Hello, anxiety can be due to heavy metal pollution and also EHS caused by environmental pollution. Among other causes.
    Look this paper and video,for exaple.
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  18. jrobertson1984

    jrobertson1984 New Member

    I know what you're talking about because this anxiety has hurt me too
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  19. Interesting video. The NHS says mercury vapour from amalgams is an insignificant risk - the video proves otherwise. This summer I had all 5 of mine replaced with ceramic amalgams. I have noticed a decrease in depression and an increase in general well-being.
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  20. grounding, all day sun exposure (including chilly mornings with shirt off), avoiding artificial light when possible and paleo diet are all helping me.
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