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Anxiety Gone Because of Leptin Rx

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Christopher, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  2. louise

    louise New Member

    and me......leptin rules, piling in animal and coconut fat, fatty fish and grounding and sunlight and water and and and oh yes blublockers and getting to bed earlier ( altho not quite there yet) has most significantly killed my anxiety
    its also much easier to focus on meditation and breathing exercises when I feel anxiety creeping over me........I would say that the protocols here have helped me get my life back and that goes for my partner ( ash from chronic pain in this section) who no longer is a grumpy misery guts with pain, fatigue and depression.
    but if you let your resolve slide then it doesn't take very long before you start to feel like rubbish again.....this needs determination
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  3. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Yes, getting to bed earlier is a tough one for me too. It seems that in the evening I am just starting to wake up! Makes it hard to go to bed when you are just starting to enjoy your day.
    But I really need to focus on that one. The problem is that my wife gets home at 10PM. If I go to bed earlier I don't see her all week.
    For me coconut oil seems to help a fair amount. It's not perfect but definitely takes the edge off at times. L-tyrosine also seems to help me at times.. has to be a higher dose (for me anyway). But I can't depend on them because they don't always work.
  4. WereBear

    WereBear New Member

    That's exactly how I felt! I got more energy the very first day!
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  5. Erik

    Erik New Member

    What is BAB
  6. BAB = Big Ass Breakfast. Typically containing 50-70 grams of protein, and is a crucial part of the Leptin RX.
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  7. oceanwild

    oceanwild New Member

    Maybe the 5-htp can do some help for you.

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