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Anton's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Anton Chigur, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Anton Chigur

    Anton Chigur New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I am starting my own journal here, I have read Jack's book and key articles on the blog. The key takeaway is that my lifestyle is pretty fucked up in terms of light, EMFs. I am an office clerk so I stare all day at a blue computer screen. Hopefully, I drink water from my own well. I am 30 and do not have any particular health problems except chronic Epstein Barr Virus which leads to high level of chronc inflamation (I am ill at least 5 years). I took horse doses of valcyclovir for 2 months and the virus stepped back, now 2 months later it is in full play again. This bothers me a bit as EBV might lead to various unpleasant things and I would like to solve this. I also have chronic rhinitis due to EBV which causes allergic reaction. Suprisingly having cut out all carbs and fruits, my rhinitis got much better very quickly already and I can breath through my nose, that is a small win))

    So my near term goal is to get rid of EBV, my long term goal - I believe new lifestyle will allow me to make better choices, think clearer and I will leave my dull jobs and start my own project, I have a couple of ideas already.

    I will do Epi paleo (plus lots of protein for immunity), CT and will sort out mess with light and will let you know how the things are going on. Not a lot of seafood in Moscow but salmon roe is quite accesible so I will focus on it)

    I have done CT already, I did it in May and I am doing it now, unsuprisingly it is much easier to do CT when it is October and is snowing outside, so I can do 40 minutes in 10 degress C and I do not even tremble afterwards ang get warm, but in May it was much tougher.
    Up to the point CT has given me flare up of the virus as I have a sore throat but the sleep is increadible.

    Soon I will also install floating chamber in my house and this will be very beneficial I hope.

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