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Antoni's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Antonis, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Last night I slept in the jungle with camp fire. It was really amazing. No nnemf there. Swam in the river while the sun was shining to me. You could survive in the jungle. The only thing I was concerned about was the sunrise. I couldn't watch it in there with all trees and hills around although I was awake since sunrise. I was looking at that direction tho and I was in the sun the rest of the AM light. Can't these people who live in the jungle be optimal because thy can't watch the actual sunrise? Am really wondering.
  2. Ted

    Ted New Member

    Your mitochondria sense the time of day based on the color temperature of the sky.
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  3. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Thanks buddy!
  4. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    I am spending 6 days in Lake Toba under the strong light. So far I can tell that you won't see a change until you change your environment. There is still emf here but not 5G yet. Its low populated area and there are not many tourists as it is rain season. You can balance the nnemf with the strong sun and swiming in the lake. Lots of lakefood here. Next I want to find out if the lake water is ddw lol.
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  5. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    I'm currently in Bandung. Not the best place in Indonesia but it is much better than Jakarta. Came here for couple of nights because it was a connection city. Tomorrow am heading to Pangandaran. It's a small area known for the quality of seafood and surfing. I am going to chill around the beach get as much sun as possible to knock out the bad effect that I had in the cities.
    My sleep didn't improve yet. Am shaking a little bit like I have a circadian mismatch. This was happening when I was home too.
  6. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    I had amazing time in Indonesia and I look forward to visit it again. Gili islands was awesome. I loved Lovina because it was a low populated area. I went swimming with the dolphins which was the best feeling I have ever had. I deeply connected with nature and got emotional while I was swimming.
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  7. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    To be honest I did not feel more optimal than here in Cyprus. Felt the same. Its full of nnemf in Indonesia and you can only avoid them by staying in low populated places.
  8. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Another good feeling was when I met 2 young members Matt Maruca and Mitchell Sturevski. We had great time and pork ribs
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Indonesia is one of the most populated places on Earth given is small land mass.
  10. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    But the whole 2 and a half months were beautiful enjoying our adventures with my gf.
  11. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Looking forward for new adventures in Mexico. Planning to stay long there and go to Mexico member event too. Can't wait to meet many of you there :)
  12. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    True. I didn't feel good at all.
  13. drezy

    drezy Gold

    MMMmmmm pork ribs.
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  14. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    An update on my labs

    Glucose 95 mg/dl (75-110)
    Uric Acid 5.0 mg/dl (3.5-7.2)
    Total Chol. 330 mg/dl (100-200)
    HDL-C 66 mg/dl (35-65)
    LDL-C 252 mg/dl (60-150)
    Triglycerides 61mg/dl (50-150)

    Blood Urea 15.68 mg/dl
    Creatinine 0.85 mg/dl (0.67-1.17)
    Calcium 10.3 mg/dl (8.8-10.6)
    Phosphorus 3.8 mg/dl (2.0-4.5)
    Magnesium 0.87 mmol/L (0.73-1.06)
    Iron 104 μg/dl (49-181)
    TIBC 295 μg/dl (220-460)
    Ferritin 122.9 ng/ml (30-400)
    Total Proteins 7.3 g/dl (0.0-8.3)
    Albumin 4.9 g/dl (3.5-5.2)
    Globulin 2.4 g/dl (1.4-4.8)
    Sodium 141mmol/L (135-145)
    Potassium 4.7 mmol/L (3.50-5.0)
    Chloride 104 mmol/L (90-110)
    CO2 29.4 mmol/L (21.0-31.0)
    Total Bilirubin 0.62 mg/dl (0.30-1.20)
    Alkaline Phosphatase 49 U/L (30-120)
    γ-glutamyltransferase 8 U/L (9-55)
    HS - CRP 0.02 mg/dl (<0.5)
  15. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Alanine Transaminase 29 U/L (3-41)
    Aspartate Transaminase 31 U/L (3-38)
    Lactate Dehydrogenase 308 U/L (208-480)
    Creatine Kinase 229 U/L (26-171)
    Creatine Kinase-MB 7.3 U/L (0.0-25.0)
    IgG 967.00 mg/dl (700.00-1600.00)
    IgA 118.00 mg/dl (70.00-400.00)
    IgM 92.00 mg/dl (40.00-230.00)
  16. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Hormonal Profile

    Testosterone 33.57 mmol/L (5.8-30.4)
    DHEA-SO4 11.34 μmol/L (0.50-16.10)
    Androstenedione 1.8 ng/ml (0.6-3.7)
    IGF-1 143 ng/ml (88-537)
    IGFBP3 3170 ng/ml (3500-7600)
    Growth Hormone 0.453 ng/ml (<5.000)
    Serum Cortisol( 8AM) 169.0 nmol/L (138-690)
    Insulin 4.9 μIU/ml (2.0-20.0)
    SHBG 45.7 nmol/L (13.0-71.0)
    FSH 2.78 IU/L (0.95-11.95)
    LH 2.84 IU/L ( 0.57-12.07)
    Progesterone 0.30 nmol/L ( <0.318-0.636)
    Estradiol(E2) 28 pg/ml (11-44)
    Prolactin 99.3 mIU/L (72.66-407.4)
  17. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Thyroid Panel

    TSH 1.29 mIU/L (0.270-4.20)
    Free T3 5.03 pmol/L (3.1-6.8)
    Free T4 15.0 pmol/L (12-22)
    Anti-Thyroglobulin <10.0 IU/ml (<115)
    Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase 30.3 IU/ml (< 34)
    Thyroglobulin Level 14.1 ng/ml ( Up to 77)
  18. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Vitamin D(25-OH) 97.5 ng/ml (30-100)
    B12 821 pg/ml (197-931)
    Folic Acid 5.90 ng/ml (3.10-20.50)
    Homocysteine 10.2 umole/L (5.50-16.20)
  19. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Red Blood cells 5.74 x10^6 (4.2-5.8)

    Hemoglobin 15.3 g/dl (13.2-17.1)
    Hematocrit 46.9% (38.5-50)
    MCV 81.7 fl (80-97)
    MCH 26.7 pg (26.6-33.55)
    MCHC 32.6 g/dl (32-36)
    RDW 12.0% (11-15.5)
    Platelets 152 x10^3/μl (140-400)
    MPV 7.8 fl (6.0-11.0)

    White Blood Cells 5.09 x10^3/μl (3.9-11)

    *Total Neutrophils 52.1% (40-75)
    *Total Lymphocytes 36.9% (20-45)
    *Total Monocytes 7.4% (2-10)
    *Total Eosinophils 3.0% (1-5)
    *Total Basophils 0.6% (0-1)
    *Absolute Neutopills 2.65 x10^3 μ/l (1.5-6.5)
    *Absolute Lymphocytes 1.88 x10^3 μ/l (1.2-3.4)
    *Absolute Monocytes 0.38 x10^3 μ/l (0.1-0.6)
    *Absolute Eosinophils 0.15 x10^3 μ/l (<0.5)
    *Absolute Basophils 0.03 x10^3 μ/l (<0.2)
  20. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    My routine has changed since last year as

    -Am lifeguard and I spend 12 hours at the beach. Am in the sun 8-10 hours starting from sunrise.
    -Mostly Epi paleo diet
    -Swimming in the ocean and working out in the ocean
    - Blocking blue light after sunset(still using my phone sometimes with filters, airplane mode and blue blockers)
    -No WiFi after sunset
    -Waking up with no alarm
    -Grounding every day at the beach
    -Recently started CBD oil

    However I still don't feel very optimal. I don't sleep well. I wake up during the night and I sleep talk. I feel I have some sort of stress. When I wake up in the morning I feel fatigued. I even measured my room with my cornet and it shows low readings. Bad sleep has been happening for the last 5 years. I have the sleep talk issue since kid. My dad sleep talks too.

    Possible causes(according to me)
    -Technology during AM
    -Too much thinking
    -some environmental stressor or emotional stress for some unknown reason.

    I am quitting on coffee now and am tech to see how it goes.

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