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Antoni's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Antonis, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself and tell my story.

    My name is Antonis, I am 24 years old, 6ft tall and weigh 167 pounds. I am from Cyprus and currently live here in a seaside town called Paphos. The latitude here is 35th parallel north.
    I found Jack Kruse about 6 months ago and ever since then I have been trying to follow his protocols the best I can.

    Below is a picture of the sunrise today

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  2. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Here’s a little bit about my past:
    I’ve always been into outdoor activities and sports since I was a kid. I played a lot of video games when I was young. I suffered from severe acne when I was a teenager and took pills for it. The therapy took 6 months. From the age of 12 I started playing tennis and competed in tournaments in my country and in Europe. I stopped playing at 17 when I had to join the army and complete mandatory military service. This I did for 18 months and the routines and duties I had to fulfill were varied and at different hours of the day and night. Often I had to be up at 2am to be on night watch for example.
    After leaving the army I got back into sports and stared hitting the gym doing HIIT training. Sometimes did calisthenics outside. I also lifted heavy for a while.
    21-22 years old I was out in bars drinking alcohol most nights. I was still eating relatively healthy ie. whole foods, red meat, veggies but I wasn’t eating strict keto or paleo or anything. Sometimes I ate junk food like chocolate and cakes, maybe once a week if that.
    I followed many nutrition and fitness blogs and I tried different diet protocols such as intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast), carb loading, eat stop eat etc. They all felt good at the time but now looking back I know I wasn’t feeling the best I could be.

    In the past my sleep quality was ok but I never woke up feeling fully rested. My energy was ok but felt tired throughout the day. I felt a lot of stress about different matters in my life and that often made me feel foggy and unfocused.
  3. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    So 6 months ago, although I didn’t know if I was leptin resistant or not, I started following the Leptin Rx because it felt like the right thing to do. I following it properly and tried to do as much as I personally could to be optimal. I bought some blue blocker glasses and started to dim the lights at night. After a while I also did CT therapy with cold showers and icy face dunks. After doing this for a few months I felt a difference in the way my body felt and looked.

    Currently I live in a 2nd floor apartment right next to the sea. It’s quiet here, away from the hustle and bustle. The apartment backs onto some green protected land, which backs on the beach and I have 180 degrees view of the green land and sea. My balcony doors are always open so that I can constantly hear the sounds of the sea. During the day I sit on the balcony getting the sun - if the sun is out I can get it all day on the balcony. Cyprus has sun all year round. In the summer the sun is out all day long every day and in the winter it’s cloudier. Right now it’s a cloudy with some sunshine here and there.

    Here is my view from the balcony before sunset
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  4. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Now every morning I wake up just before sunrise and prepare my breakfast, which is normally protein heavy. After eating, I head out to the beach and walk barefoot on the sand and in the water. I usually spend around an hour walking on the beach watching the sunrise. I started this a month ago and it feels really good. I do some more grounding during the day where I can.
    I eat dinner around the time it gets dark and then after dinner I usually watch a movie with my blue blocker glasses on. Sometimes I read a book. There’s nothing else to do here so I do these things to pass my time until bed.
    Recently I bought some red lights that I use in my bedroom at night.

    I noticed a few things that are different. My sleep is so much better. I wake up feeling rested and not tired. I also fall asleep quicker. My energy levels are good too. I don’t have sluggish feelings and feel a bit more focused. I feel less stressed about things.
  5. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    I recently just started including seafood in my diet, which I never did before. I wasn’t a big fish or seafood fan. Currently I’m not eating it that often but when I do I try to eat oysters and fresh salmon. I’m eating nuts like walnuts on occasion. Meals are always freshly cooked, never processed and minimal carbs. I’ll eat sweet potato now and again and seasonal veggies occasionally but mostly I eat fats and protein.

    Yesterday's dinner. I tried to make sashimi. Well, you can say am a chef but I tried :)

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  6. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Glucose 97 mg/dL (74-106)

    Uric Acid 3.5 mg/dL (3.5 - 7.2)

    Total Cholesterol 393 mg/dL (100 - 200)

    HDL 78 mg/dL (35 - 65)

    LDL 303 mg/dL (60 - 150)

    Triglycerides 59mg/dL (50 - 150)

    Urea 44 mg/dL (17 - 43)

    Creatine 0.70 mg/dL (0.67 - 1.17)

    Magnesium 0.86 mmol/L (0.73 - 1.06)

    Iron 82 μg/dL (70 - 180)

    TIBC 294 μg/dL (220 - 460)

    Ferritin 223 ng/mL (20 - 300)

    Total Proteins 7.8 g/dL (6.6 - 8.3)

    Albumin 5.2 g/dL (3.5 - 5.2)

    Globulins 2.6 g/dL (1.4 - 4.8)

    Sodium 139 mmol/L (135 - 145)

    Potassium 4.84 mmol/L (3.50 - 5.00)

    Bicarbonate (HCO3) 30.5 mmol/L (21.0 - 31.0)

    Total Bilirubin 0.60 mg/dL (0.30 - 1.20)

    Alkaline Phosphatase 88 U/L 30 - 120
  7. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    γ glutamyltransferase 19 U/L (9 - 55)

    Alkaline Aminotransferase 38 U/L (3 - 41)

    Aspartate Aminotransferase 35 U/L (3 - 38)

    Lactate Dehydrogenase 338 U/L (208 - 480)

    Creatine Kinase 158 U/L (26 - 171)

    IgG 988.00 mg/dL (700.00 - 1600.00)
    IgA 130.00 mg/dL (70.00 - 400.00)
    IgM 93.00 mg/dL (40.00 - 230.00)
  8. shiran

    shiran Curious

    Hi Antonis can you give some medical history of your mother and grandmother, which water you drink currently, did you get your vitamin D checked?
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  9. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Hey Shiran. I recently did a full hormonal profile test and I will have the results after Christmas. I will post everything soon.
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  10. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    The only family history I know is one of my grandfathers dying at his 75th from heart attack in 1993 due to blood pressure they think.
    My mother is fine, maybe a bit iron deficiency. No medical history, she is 58. Her mother is 84 and she is ok. She has a bit higher blood pressure but she controls it with pill. She has it since she was 48. She has very good memory and she lives with my grandfather in a village at higher altitude. Our village has e very healthy environment with no Emf. At least few. My other grandmother, my father's mum used to live in the same village like my other grandmother. But now she is in elderly because she was diagnosed with Alzheimer at her 80. Now she is 85 years old.
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  11. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    I drink "Saint Nicolaos" water. It is produced by KEO company from Kakopetria village next to Troodos mountains. It is mineral water with a history more than 300 years. It is coming through a rocks or stones.
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  12. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Hello Mitochondriacs!!

    Happy new hopefully sunny year to ypu all. Am sending my wishes from Cyprus.
    The last 2 days has been winter hanging out here and today suddenly I woke up with a sunshine!!
    Hope you enjoy your life where ever you are and share some love!!
    Wish you a great year ahead with full of knowledge amd transformations!!
    It's 10 am here now with clear sky while am waiting for my blood test results to arrive and I will give an update. :)
    Be outside as much as you can

    Have a great day!!
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  13. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Looks like fine water, and it's bottled close to you.

    Happy new year!
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  14. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Am glad you have research.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
  15. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    *A short update on my lab results.

    FSH 2.79 IU/L (0.95 - 11.95)

    Progesterone <0.30 nmol/L (0.00 - 2.50)

    TSH 0.876 mIU/L (0.350 - 4.940)

    Free T4 14.61 pmol/L (9.00 - 19.05)

    Free T3 3.67 pmol/L (2.63 - 5.70)

    Prolactin 65.3 mIU/L (72.66 - 407.4)

    Insulin 3.0 μIU/ml (2.0 - 20.0)

    VitaminB12 1236 pg/mL (187 - 883)

    Folate acid 4.20 ng/mL (3.10-20.50)
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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Progesterone <0.30 nmol/L (0.00 - 2.50)

    should be 1.4
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  17. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    So that could mean I need more sun or probably it is related to my stress..
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    make that
    progesterone should be 1.4 ng/mL=4.452 nmol/L


    That really means that you know you are screwed.
    To get more details that have more of actionable information
    get this:
    DUTCH Plus
    $499.00 Add to cart

    Also peruse my posts on all pages of this thread.

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  19. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

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  20. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    My vitamin B12 is 1236 pg/mL (187 - 883)
    Folate acid 4.20 ng/mL (3.10-20.50)
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