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Another wifi consideration

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by lioness7, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. lioness7

    lioness7 Gold

    Just a heads up to anyone with a newer furnace or thermostat....we had a new thermostat installed in the fall. My "new " thermostat died after four years requiring a new replacement. The technician was pleased to inform me that it was wifi enabled as a factory preset. Gee golly thanks....the old one was not wifi though programmable. He thought it was great to be able to set the furnace or a/c while anywhere in the world through one's phone....I told him to disable the wifi and he did not know how and that I would have to figure it out myself which I did within a few moments. Please check any of your newer equipment. Most are pre set for wifi whether hooked up or not....fridges, freezers, washers, dryers, printers, gaming systems etc. Ridiculous! Thankfully still missed on the radar for a smart meter....they will have to deal with my dog or worse yet , me...;-) ( no opt out here yet) I am sure most of you are aware already but for those who are not ....
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    So - to deal with your dog will be bad ..... But to deal with you will be far worse! I love it! You are a force to be reckoned with..... Just ask your kids!
  3. lioness7

    lioness7 Gold

    Caroline....luv you ! I figure if I don't feed the dog or the kids we will be a force with which to be reckoned..lol!!! my dh is just waiting for the confrontation and how I will manage it. ahhh...waiting for a bit of fun.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    How is your family? I have never forgotten that video you sent me....
  5. lioness7

    lioness7 Gold

    Thank you for asking Caroline ....they are all good and his highness is thriving (lots of lip and attitude/ treatment side effect due to growing up a tad quicker, though must admit a bit of genetics as well...but otherwise, so far no txt related side effects, though i would love a sock in his mouth every so often! switched schools for the last 4 to a non emf environment...no wifi etc...no phones allowed on the property (why do i have to pay for this ?)

    I had an emf scan five yrs ago....we were fine...but this spring I re did it as a result of a new tower going up. my only issue was the three yr old wifi printer I never enabled and was shocked to find out out it was factory preset. the thermostat issue really drove me over the edge...wth! we have promoted ourselves to incomptency...just because we can do something , doesn't mean we should.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    In Jack's EMF webinar - I think .... he talked about having old appliances rebuilt instead of buying new - exactly what you are talking about.

    That is so interesting about your son's new school ..... so some people are actually getting it.... You must have interesting conversations with other parents there? You are in North TO - right?

    I have told this story before about a woman I met with a daughter with a very serious genetic condition and her son who has lots of problems too - very bad asthma etc. He got very much worse when they changed to a school that is wified to the hilt. I gave her all kinds of stuff to read and links etc. I saw her the other day .... she is still taking him to the same Doc and he is still continually on antbiotics and she hasn't read anything. Altho, at the time, she told me she would do anything! She is obviously not a "Lioness"

    I have a lot of trouble understanding that ......

    Giving you a lot of lip??? sounds pretty life affirming to me!
  7. lioness7

    lioness7 Gold

    Not sure if people are getting it. The school's policy is more related to distraction than the health dangers of emf. Most of our friends and family think we are making a big deal out of nothing..."why don't you have cordless phones? omg , how do you talk around the house?" (duh, on a 25Ft corded one or speaker phone) "Oh but the wifi is so cool, you can start your washing machine from work with the app!" (so what, most washers have had timers for years.) "Why haven't you fixed the broken GPS on your car? " ; "If it was all bad for us, why would it be allowed?" (at which point I usually drop the topic), etc, etc.........

    Having very limited internet access for the last 10 years has certainly helped my kids to not become gaming addicts, social media teen freaks and make them use their time more wisely on the computer as well as to explore better ways to spend their free time. For now, they can only tether with their phones with a pre set GB limit, making them more aware of their unnecessary usage. One day I hope to be able to have hardwire access, but for now I don't.

    I will also continue to repair my appliances so that I do not have to purchase new ones or negate the warranty if I have to rip out the wifi they are pre loaded with!

    BTW....99 cents on kindle today: http://emfhelp.net/emr-survival-guide/
  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Lioness, I had a dream a couple nights ago in which 3 of us were trying to convince a few other people not to become enslaved to a futuristic society that catered to their every food, fashion, and fun whim. It was sorta like a combination of the movies Matrix and Wall-e (if you watch movies). Trying to convince them with logic was extremely frustrating and futile. At the end of my dream my two cohorts had converted to the other side and I was on the run... Hey, I just love these convoluted, drama-like dreams I've been having, Dr. K!

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